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17 Times Arnab Goswami Was Too Damn Much For His Guests

Everyone deals with trauma in their own way.

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1. That time words weren't enough to sum up this panelist's feelings toward Arnab.

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2. And this other guest had pretty much the same feelings.

Times Now / Via Twitter: @RegaJha

3. That time a guest needed a drink to take the edge off dealing with him.

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4. That time Ram Jethmalani, one of the country's most ruthless lawyers, needed a drink to deal with this cross-questioning.

Times Now / Via Twitter: @AdityaTrivedi_

5. That time comedian Ashish Shakya had to resort to desperate measures to get a word in.

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6. And that other time talking out loud just wouldn't do the trick.

Times Now / Via Twitter: @Tofik_Shaikh_

7. That time a guest needed a smoke break in the middle of an Arnab rant.

Times Now / Via Twitter: @realbhartiya

8. That time a guest realised that taking a power nap would be more productive than trying to argue with Arnab.

Times Now / Via Twitter: @sumitsaurabh

9. That time Arnab made Dr. G. Balachandran just give up on life and everything else.

Times Now / Via Twitter: @riyapn

10. And that other time Arnab made Dr. G. Balachandran just give up forever.

Times Now / Via Twitter: @surnell

11. And the third time Arnab took on the doctor and took away his will to exist.

12. That time a new guest followed the lead and just didn't even try.

Times Now / Via Twitter: @GenNextIndian

13. That time a guest literally had to cup his hands and shout to get his point across.

Times Now / Via Twitter: @0birdman

14. That time a guest started daydreaming about a simpler time in her life, without all the shouting.

Times Now / Via Twitter: @ABL24

15. That time a guest got so intimidated by Arnab, he just didn't turn up.

Times Now / Via Twitter: @saket71

16. That time a guest from Pakistan didn't realise what he had signed up for and needed a drag to calm his nerves.

Times Now / Via Twitter: @amz360

17. And that time Arnab was just so damn Arnab, he made one of the country's most badass police officers walk out on him on live TV.

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