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11 Ways Miss Piggy Will Conquer This Breakup

Kermit may have a new flame, but Miss Piggy will always be on fire.

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ICYMI, Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog recently separated after nearly four decades of being together.

And Kermit was just spotted with a new fling, Denise.

But Miss Piggy has been and always will be a champ, and this is why she'll emerge from this breakup feeling better than ever:

1. She's good at keeping her mind healthily occupied with fun social activities and friends who love her.

2. She knows how to treat herself.

3. She'll use this whole thing as an excuse to revamp her image and make herself feel damn good.

4. She'll be able to focus even more on her already-rad career.

5. She's the be-jealous-of-me selfie QUEEN.

6. Not that she needs a new man right away, but if she wanted one, she's got options.

Oh hey, Tom Hiddleston.

7. Girl's got GAME.

8. She's had worse problems than a breakup hurled at her, and she's always emerged intact.

9. She's a hell of a strong woman, in every way imaginable.

10. She'll remember the good times, because 40 years is a lifetime of important memories, and an end to a relationship doesn't mean those go away.

11. But she'll just keep moving forward and be the remarkable woman she is.


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