I Just Realized These 16 Actors Wore Wigs In Their Major Roles, And I Can't Get Over How Good They Look

    Hair today, gone tomorrow.

    Wigs have been an integral part of many iconic TV and movie costumes, from Miley Cyrus's Hannah Montana disguise to Halle Berry's icy locks as Storm. However, some wigs actors have worn were a little more subtle, and you may not have noticed they were wigs at all!

    Here are 16 actors who wore wigs in their iconic roles:

    1. In order to film Leatherheads, John Krasinski needed to cut his hair, so he wore a wig to film a few episodes of The Office Season 3.

    Jim's signature choppy bowlcut

    2. Tessa Thompson wore a wig to play Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok because her hair was still short and neon orange from Sorry to Bother You.

    Valkyrie has long, dark hair that's intricately braided

    3. Claire Danes wore a wig throughout Romeo + Juliet, and she even had a specially made aquatic wig for the pool scene.

    the aquatic wig stayed on while Claire swam underwater

    4. Vera Miles shaved her head for 5 Branded Women, so she had to wear a wig when she played Lila Crane in Psycho.

    a perfectly coiffed bob

    5. While doing reshoots for Breaking Dawn: Part 2, Robert Pattinson had to wear an orange wig.

    6. Scarlett Johansson wore a wig when she played Natasha Romanoff in Iron Man 2 and in every subsequent appearance in the MCU.

    Natasha's signature red hair was always a wig

    7. When she played Regina George in Mean Girls, Rachel McAdams wore a blonde wig because she wasn't able to fully bleach her hair.

    Regina's long, straight blonde hair

    8. Sean Connery wore a hairpiece in every James Bond movie because he started losing his hair at an early age.

    Bond's perfectly styled hair

    9. While playing Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife, Julianna Margulies wore a wig to save time and prevent continuity issues that might have resulted from styling her naturally curly hair.

    Alicia had long, straight hair

    10. Director Quentin Tarantino originally wanted Jules Winnfield to have an afro in Pulp Fiction, but when an assistant accidentally brought Samuel L. Jackson the wrong wig, the actor transformed it into an integral part of his character's look.

    he wore his hair in Jheri curls

    11. The bowl cut Noah Schnapp has as Will Byer in Stranger Things Season 2 is made from extensions because his real hair was too short when filming started.

    bowl cut

    12. Javier Bardem donned a platinum blonde wig to play Raoul Silva in Skyfall.

    platinum blonde wig and bleached eyebrows

    13. Bored of sporting Hanna's blonde locks, Ashley Benson dyed her hair brown in 2013, so she wore a blonde wig for Pretty Little Liars Season 4.

    blonde, shoulder-length waves

    14. After dying her hair fire engine red for four seasons of Victorious, Ariana Grande wore a wig to reprise her role of Cat Valentine on Sam & Cat.

    long, bright red hair

    15. Each and every elaborate hairstyle Elizabeth Taylor wore as the titular character in Cleopatra was a wig.

    dark bob with beads and fancy ornamentation

    16. And finally, Tom Hiddleston grew his hair out for the first Thor movie, but he wore a wig to reprise his role as Loki in The Avengers because he'd cut his hair short for two other films.

    the "greasy Christmas tree" look was a wig