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    "Thor: Love And Thunder", "The Hobbit", "Moana" And Other TV Shows/Movies That You'll Recognise The Cast Of "Heartbreak High" In

    So THAT'S where I've seen Ca$h's actor before!

    By now, I'm sure you've heard of Heartbreak High — Netflix's reboot of the Australian '90s classic that's gained fans around the world for its depiction of authentic and relatable teen storylines and the diversity of the show's characters.

    On top of that, people have been frothing over the cast of Heartbreak High, which is filled with a bunch of talented actors from Australia and New Zealand.

    This is the first major acting role for some of them, like James Majoos (Darren) and Sherry-Lee Watson (Missy) — which, by the way, is incredible because they put on a hell of a performance. But here's where you might recognise the rest of the cast from.

    1. Josh Heuston

    2. Thomas Weatherall

    3. Chloé Hayden

    4. Will McDonald

    5. Asher Yasbincek

    6. Rachel House

    7. Bryn Chapman-Parish

    8. Scott Major

    9. Stephen Hunter

    10. Isabella Gutierrez

    11. Jeremy Lindsay Taylor

    12. Maggie Dence

    13. And finally, Natalie Tran

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