23 Jawlines Guaranteed To Get You Pregnant

    *grates cheese on these jawlines*

    We asked followers of the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite celebrity jawlines. Here are the swoon-worthy results.

    1. Matt Bomer

    2. Colton Haynes

    3. Henry Cavill

    4. Zayn Malik

    5. Johnny Depp

    6. Daniel Sharman

    7. Eddie Redmayne

    8. Sebastian Stan

    9. Rob Lowe

    10. Aaron Tveit

    11. Rami Malek

    –Jon-Michael Poff, Facebook

    12. Ian Somerhalder

    13. Louis Tomlinson

    14. Oscar Isaac

    15. James Franco

    16. Tom Hiddleston

    17. Anthony Mackie

    –Kayla Yandoli, Facebook

    18. Harry Styles

    19. Brad Pitt

    –Michael Blackmon, Facebook

    20. Godfrey Gao

    –Cates Holderness, Facebook

    21. Steven Chevrin

    22. Cillian Murphy

    23. Robert Pattinson

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