27 Photos That Prove Chloe Kardoggian Is The Lost Kardashian Sister

    An ode to two of the baddest bitches out there.

    1. "Hungover AF."

    2. "A little bun in the oven. Your ass is gonna be so big."

    3. "Sisters tryna steal my shine. Good luck with that."

    4. "French said what"

    5. "Did my mom tell you to bring cameras into the shower?"

    6. "Come grown or stay home."

    7. "Hey Kim, Kim, try Googling yourself again!"

    8. "Was just feeling my look."

    9. (Outtake.)

    10. "Don’t go into the ocean while on your period because a shark is going to attack you."

    11. "Gains."

    12. "At the Playboy Mansion. #lifeofacelebrity"

    13. "Kourt telling me something AMAZING that she doesn't want Mom to know."

    14. "Want to spill the tea but secrets aren't safe in this family."

    15. "Side eye."

    16. "Oh I know that is not Amber over there."

    17. "I don't talk shit about him behind his back; I said it to his face."

    18. "#TBT with Lamar"

    19. "Your hair is, like, shorter than a vagina's bush."


    21. "CAN I LIVE"

    22. "Are you going to be a boring whore your whole life?"

    23. "I look good in these jeans, right?"

    24. "Tried taking a selfie but started to sneeze."

    25. "Sometimes a bitch snaps."

    26. "GET OUT OF MY ROOM, SATAN!!!!!"

    27. "Good girls go to Heaven. Bad girls go everywhere."