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May 7, 2009

9-Year-Old Joy Ride

A mother was arrested after this video was released of her 9 year old son riding on the hood of her car. She told investigators she thought it would be “fun” to have her son ride on top of the car for the "short ride" to her house.

Caught Masturbating

Rule #1: Don't leave the sunroof open when you're doing this. Oh wait, no. Rule #1 is don't ever do this under any circumstances.

Jelly Towers

Stack the jello blobs so that the monsters can enjoy their favorite food instead of eating you.

Let's Be Friends

Chris McVeigh befriends chipmunks in his garden and (as any reasonable person would do in such a situation) poses them for photos with his Star Wars toys.

Money People Ad

NSFW Creepy German ad uses origami money to remind investors to screw around in as many foreign markets as possible.

Gawker Media Promo Reel

Gawker's made a video reel featuring influential people like Buzz Bissinger, Matt Lauer and Bill O'Reilly to woo potential web advertisers.

My Little Pony the Movie

Here's the trailer for a My Little Pony doomsday flick, like Transformers meets G.I. Joe except adorable and psychadelic.

Donkey Basketball

The eccentric sport of basketball-but-mounted-on-donkeys is now being banned in most American states.

Porn Rehearsal

What an apathetic porn script run-through might look and sound like.

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