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May 15, 2009

Spit & Vinegar

This makes me wish we had more note-based flame wars in the BuzzFeed office fridge.

Pearl Jam Bassist Mugged On Video

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament was mugged by 3 masked ninja-like men when pulling into his Atlanta recording studio. Popeater reports the ninjas got away with with $3,000, two laptops and the rocker's passport. This is actual footage from the incident.

12 Funniest Celebrity Commencement Speeches

Here is a collection w/ videos of the 12 funniest commencement speeches by celebrities. Basically Harvard gets all the goods. And yes, that is Chuck Norris. I'd want Chuck Norris over someone like Will Ferrell and Sascha Baron Cohen anyways. Screw Harvard.

Racist Camera

"As I was taking pictures of my family, it kept asking "Did someone blink?" even though our eyes were always open."

Tupac's Iconic Style

It's been 13 years since he died. Is it too soon to address WTF was he wearing in this photo?


A new TV drama about a group of misfits in a high school glee club that features burst-into-song musical numbers.

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