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Top 10 Songs Of 2015

Have you been sleeping all year? Catch up on the best songs of 2013!

Andy Yaco-Mink 6 years ago


The original 'A Better Amercia' graphic preserved for posterity.

Andy Yaco-Mink 7 years ago

T.I.'s Hot New Album

Rapper T.I. is working on the most anticipated hip hop album since R. Kelly's On Bail Pending Statutory Rape Charges.

Andy Yaco-Mink 10 years ago

Translation Fail

Did you know that "Folding Aluminum Table" is "Spanish Here" in German? True story.

Andy Yaco-Mink 10 years ago

DIY Chicken Plucker

You are only one plastic barrel, one turntable, and a bunch of rubber nipples away from having your very own chicken plucker.

Andy Yaco-Mink 10 years ago

Goatse Auctions

Granite Bay High School's newspaper has a fascinating feature on the hot new online auction site

Andy Yaco-Mink 10 years ago

Robert Trugabe is a Crook

Australian McDonalds manager Robert Trugabe has a foolproof idea to drive up profits: occasional fraud! BuzzFeed bonus fact: both Eric and Tanner are former McDonalds managers and are always trying this with our lunch orders.

Andy Yaco-Mink 10 years ago

Duck [Spoilers] Peggy [Spoilers]

SPOILERS, BIG FAT ONES: Duck and Peggy [redacted] on last night's Mad Men, which is a real problem for any IRL fans of [redacted], as this pretty much [redacted]. Please enjoy a re-enactment in this post. (p.s. Amanda: "wtf people, watch the night of or don't read the internet")

Andy Yaco-Mink 10 years ago

AutoTuned Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking

I feel like my nerdiness is beautiful and profound all of the sudden, and as soon as this video is over I'm going to Flowers for Algernon all over the place, shawty. (via thedw)

Andy Yaco-Mink 10 years ago