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    9 Reasons Why Amy Is Pretty Awesome

    "and a huge jerk."- Andy Yaco-Mink

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    1. Meetings always start on time with Amy.

    She's in meetings all day long but manages to get everything done.

    2. She organizes everything happening

    while smiling and doing yoga poses

    3. She pays attention in meetings

    so we don't have to.

    4. She's basically like our mom.

    5. She's originally a California girl,

    which basically makes her a celebrity, jerk.

    6. When Amy goes on vacation

    everything falls apart.

    7. She's doesn't even need an appendix!

    unlike us mere mortals.

    8. She has a roof deck.

    That she never invited us to, jerk.

    9. Amy is friend to the animals

    View this video on YouTube

    She's vegan, meaning she doesn't harm nature's beasts.

    Happy Birthday Amy!

    you da best!

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