Watch Anna Faris In Air New Zealand’s Hilarious In-Flight Safety Video

    One big blockbuster of a safety message.

    Air New Zealand have had some brilliant safety videos, but their latest uses Anna Faris to create the ultimate blockbuster: Safety in Hollywood.

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    Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords) calls up his great friend Anna Faris to star alongside him in the latest AirNZ clip.

    The pair start off in a buddy-cop film.

    But after learning how to properly stow their luggage (donuts), and how to latch their seatbelt, Anna admits she's not feeling the whole cop schtick.

    But in trying their hands at a Parisian romance, the two become a tad Breathless and needed to rely on oxygen masks.

    They give the horror genre a bit of a spin, with Rhys playing a beautiful damsel in distress, obviously.

    But it was the wild west where they really hit their stride.

    Let's just hope none of your property goes missing on the flight...