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August 23, 2016

Flying Budget Airlines!

Everyone loves traveling.But who wants to drill a hole in their pockets in doing so.Today we will be going through how to fly on a budget!

One Stop Online Shop For Your Footwear Needs

Footwear is the most important item on our shopping list. We try to look around various malls, special factory outlets and many other stores that are located at distant places in a cluster. After shopping for good two to three hours, still we may not find the exact shoe, sandal or accessories that we are looking for in accordance to our size and taste. At times, the footwear gets highly expensive too. However, we try we do fall prey for the various luring advertising campaigns these footwear manufacturers come up with and end up spending more than we were set out to.

As tretas que você NÃO viu no debate da Band

A tranquilidade do líder Russomanno era tanta que alguém se aproximou e perguntou bem baixinho: "O sr. tomou algum calmante?" O BuzzFeed Brasil conta o que você NÃO viu no debate da Band.

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