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    21 Of The Most Ridiculously Dad Things Dads Do Abroad

    *speaks in a random accent*

    1. Wear high-endurance sandals purchased from a hiking shop.

    Source Outdoor / Via

    To walk from the car to the beach. TBF they are very comfy.

    2. And long black dress socks with shorts.

    @RerunsWife / Via Twitter: @RerunsWife

    See also: white tube socks.

    3. Tuck his T-shirt into his trousers.

    Jewel Samad / AFP / Getty Images

    Business-casual dad.

    4. Bring a large sun hat that can’t be packed in a suitcase and then causes huge amounts of drama the entire trip.

    CarolinaP / Via

    Your dad, telling the stewardess that he can't put his hat in the overhead locker because it will get lost. Your dad, chasing his bloody hat down a beach after a surprise gust of wind blows it off.

    5. Wear extremely expensive wrap-around sports sunglasses even if the last time he did sport was 20 years ago.

    Shade Station / Via

    Dads are always prepared.

    6. Keep everything in a sweet money belt.

    SafariQuip / Via

    So every time he has to pay for an ice cream he accidentally shows his stomach.

    7. Insist on taking photos of you doing fairly dangerous things.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    "Sit on the edge of that crumbling cliff kids it will be fine." – dads

    8. And also make you pose for extremely embarrassing photos.

    ssimaniac / Endgame Entertainment / Via

    Usually in front of a town with a rude-sounding name.

    9. Spend a really, really long time inspecting the hire car for scratches and taking photos of them with his digital camera.

    @cox_tom / Via Twitter: @cox_tom

    "I'm not having them charge me a fortune," your dad says smugly as the rest of you roast on the tarmac.

    10. And spend ages at the hotel check-in asking a ridiculous number of questions.

    jrb0 / Via

    Dad, we know we're not going to use the gym there's no point wasting the poor woman's time asking about it.

    11. Absolutely live in fear of accidentally buying something from the minibar in the hotel.

    Lemon mass / Wikimedia Commons / Via

    Because your dad has fallen for that trick before and he's not falling for it again!

    12. Tell you off for petting local stray cats and dogs.

    @greengentlman / Via Twitter: @greengentlman

    Yes, there's a 50% chance you might get rabies, but then again there's a 50% chance you might just get to make a new furry friend. Swings and roundabouts.

    13. Get a phrasebook out to translate every item on the menu in a restaurant.

    xstitchcrazy2 / Via

    Even though you're definitely not going to order dessert wine, it's nice to know.

    14. Occasionally feign a slight accent when speaking to people who live in the place you're staying.

    NBC / Via

    Even though he doesn't speak the language.

    15. Ask the waiter to explain every dish in great detail.

    @Liz__Flora / Via Twitter: @Liz__Flora

    And then going with something like steak and chips because "at least you know what you're getting".

    16. And specifically ask questions about the provenance of the seafood and then not actually order it.

    camdoodlebop / Via

    Your dad would never do this at home.

    17. Ask for the bill by doing “the international hand gesture for the bill”.

    onasketch's channel / Via

    This is probably a more universally recognised symbol than the McDonald's arches.

    18. Get confused about the tipping and service charge policy abroad.

    spotter300 / Via

    Even though your dad printed off a webpage he found about local customs.

    19. Fall asleep in the sun and get super burned

    Liz Henry / Flickr / Via Flickr: lizhenry

    The horror.

    20. Get buried in the sand.

    Buried my dad in the sand.. Now it's a party 😂😁🙈

    21. Wear one of these shirts.

    @MattPlunkett / Via Twitter: @MattPlunkett

    The ultimate "dad on tour" shirt.

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