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    This Baby Monkey Riding A House Cat Is The Animal Kingdom's Real-Life Falkor

    It's the story we never want to end.

    This is Rosinka, a 16-year-old cat in Russia. And she recently took on a sidekick.


    BEHOLD: Fyodor riding Rosinka like Falkor.

    PressTV / Via

    Rosinka and Fyodor became a duo after the newborn monkey was rejected by his mother.

    Tatyana Antropova, the director of Fyodor's zoo in Tyumen, Russia, told the Associated Press she brought Fyodor home a few weeks ago and was surprised when Rosinka allowed the tiny monkey to ride along and use her coat for warmth.

    She'll continue to nurse both the monkey and his fragile relationship with Rosinka for another month until Fyodor is strong enough to rejoin other squirrel monkeys at the zoo.

    Until then...


    Watch the amazing Russian news footage here:

    View this video on YouTube


    The cat in this post resembles Falkor the luckdragon, a character from The Neverending Story. A previous version of this post referred to the cat as being like Valcor, which isn't a thing.

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