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    John Krasinski Cooks For Emily Blunt Every Sunday Because He Lost A Bet

    "I'm an impressive dude at home."

    Last night, John Krasinski stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to chat about his new movie, The Hollars.

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    Naturally, the conversation turned to John’s home life with his wife, Emily Blunt, and their two girls, Hazel and Violet.

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    That’s when John dropped this bombshell:

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    Yup, he literally just learned to cook this year!

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    The reason he learned? It was a Mother’s Day gift for Emily!

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    John was dead set on making her a roast — a difficult choice for a beginner cook. Emily tried to warn him not to, but thankfully it all worked out!

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    As for how often he cooks — he recently lost a bet to Emily, so he’s supposed to cook every Sunday. The bet was over Leonardo DiCaprio’s age — which, random — but basically, John said Leo wasn’t over 40 and Emily said he was.


    John lost because Leo DiCaprio is indeed 41 years old. Although it doesn’t sound like he’s holding up his end of the bet!

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    Well, you're an impressive dude in other ways, John!

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