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Do You Have A Reason Why Your Mom Shouldn't Be Allowed To Use Technology?

I have many.

Hi, I'm Lindsay and my mom is the best. Like, seriously you guys, THE BEST. But like all moms, she has unintentionally humiliated me on numerous occasions, all while trying to help.


These ~slip-ups~ have greatly interfered with my dating life and are usually done through her use of technology.

Let me explain:

One time she ~accidentally~ followed a guy on Twitter the day after we went on our first date.

Lindsay Farber / BuzzFeed

Needless to say, there were no further dates.

One time she tried to set me up with her friend's son and had a convo about it on her Facebook page, for all the world to see. My friends were amused, I was not.

Lindsay Farber / BuzzFeed

Recently, she accidentally sent a text to my boyfriend and family, referring to him as "on again, off again." While this is true, I could have done without the text.

Lindsay Farber / BuzzFeed

Thankfully he laughed and all is fine in the world.

I know I can't POSSIBLY be alone here, and if I am, so help me god.


Do you have a story of your mom embarrassingly destroying your dating life through technology, even though you know she was just trying to help?

Write about it in the comments below!