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    This Celeb Shared A Brutally Honest Post About Parenting And People Loved It

    Many of the comments thanked her for making them feel less alone.

    Since she became a mum to Buzz in 2014, and then to Buddy earlier this year, Giovanna Fletcher has always been honest about the demands of being a parent. Like the time she had to type her latest novel one-handed.

    Or the excitement she and husband Tom felt at having both boys successfully moved into their own bedrooms.

    But yesterday Giovanna shared a candid photo and caption about how she felt like "a beaten woman" after trying to take both Buzz and Buddy out for the day.

    She began by saying that she hadn't yet taken both of her sons out by herself – when she did so, the first hour went perfectly.

    She wrote:

    Suddenly realised I rarely get a full day on my own with the munchkins but if I do I've tended to stay at home and in the garden... But today it happened. I took them out. We went to the shops. The first hour was fab - they were laughing and playing together. Then they napped... Brilliant!

    However, over lunch things "went to pot", with Buzz misbehaving and Buddy having a teething-related "full blown meltdown".

    We met the Willis' for lunch and it all fell to pot. Buzz didn't want to stay in his seat and wouldn't listen to me. Buddy continuously moaned and then had a full blown meltdown (I think he's teething.) Now we're home and they're laughing and playing again but I'm a beaten woman.

    She said it'd been one of those days when she really didn't feel like she was in control – but that she was trying to look at the positives.

    Read someone's Instagram post that read "You got this Mama." Today I don't feel "I got this." Although, if you think about it, only the last hour was a disaster and the rest was fab. So it was actually a 75% successful trip. Now time for dinner, bath and bed... The fun never ends! #mumlife #wouldntchangeit #ineedaliedown ❤️ xx

    Many people were quick to offer words of support to Giovanna.

    While others shared stories of their own eventful outings with kids.

    But most just thanked her for reminding them that they aren't alone. ❤️

    Chin up, Gi!

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