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    17 Pictures That Could Only Have Come Out Of Blackpool

    Blackpool: The Las Vegas of North-west England.

    1. When this set of traffic cones crossed the road.

    2. When this note had to be put up.

    3. When this delicious flavour of rock hit the market.

    4. And this one.

    5. When this guy took to the streets topless and riding a unicycle.

    6. When this sign became necessary.

    7. When a DIYer threw safety regulations out the window.

    8. When this store took convenience to a whole new level by selling both alcohol and medicine.

    9. When the entire seafront flooded.

    10. When this was a problem.

    11. When a funeral business came up with a beautiful, thoughtful, and punny name.

    12. When this shop opened with a name that is not-at-all similar to that of a famous ice cream brand.

    13. When Blackpool stadium sold every ticket they could.

    14. When a hotel went text-speak.

    15. When two people had court at 11am, but sunbathing at 11.30am.

    16. When all your takeaway could be bought for just 99p.

    17. And finally, when a tourist on stag do got a questionable tattoo.

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