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August 29, 2016

Can YouTube Help Us?

Can YouTube become something more than a Social media website? That's what I try to figure out as I interview three people to see how YouTube affects the public and you might be very surprised.

RE: BuzzFeed Application: Girls With Black Hair Going Mermaid Hair.

Everybody knows one of the biggest trends now, is the famous mermaid hair. They are amazing looking, but when you have a very dark natural hair color, the struggle is real, and all the work, and money to achieve and maintain the look you want, I have to say, is not that fun.

10 Reasons European Companies Fail To Enter The US Market

We have seen many companies set out to conquer the US, brimming with confidence and convinced that they will be the next big THING in their industry, riding the US expansion to world domination. Unfortunately, there are very few real success stories to tell. The ten reasons below give some insights as to the reasons.

Yale Graduate Students Prepare To Unionize

After a case ruled in favor of graduate workers at Columbia and the New School, Yale's student teachers ask the National Labor Relations Board for union certification.

Read Like A Writer In Six Easy Steps! (You Wont Believe Number 4!)

Everyone could use a hand in writing, but maybe it's your reading that needs an upgrade. These tips will boost your reading skills so you can write more effectively. (All information displayed on this list was gathered from the article "How to Read Like a Writer" by Mike Bunn)

"Cool Girl"

How being a "Cool Girl" has left us single AF

Coffee Is Your Worst Enemy. 7 Ways To Defeat It

The best coffee typically arises from a coffee press. Prompt espresso is over-processed and tends to flavor terrible, while entire bean espresso gives the very best aroma and taste. Once you grind it on your own fresh new, you can be shocked at the big difference. Working with a press delivers out every one of the best notes, much too!