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The Entire Indian Internet Is United In Support Of OP Jaisha, The Olympian Who Didn't Get Water

"Blaming athletes? Seriously? Athletics Federation of India should be dissolved."

The recent news of O.P. Jaisha collapsing right after finishing the women’s marathon at the 2016 Rio Olympics has become a national topic of discussion. Jaisha claims that she collapsed because Indian officials did not provide her with enough water during the race.

“I don’t know how I managed to finish without getting enough water to drink. The organisers provided water and sponge only at 8km intervals. The water from these stations lasted hardly 500m and it was almost impossible to run after the 30km mark under the scorching sun,” Jaisha told the Times Of India.

Although the allegation by Jaisha has been denied by the Athletics Federation of India, the Indian internet has fervently been on Jaisha's side, and prompted the emergence of multiple hashtags.

Under the biggest hashtag, #RioApathyRun, people began questioning the officials in charge, and insisting that this situation should not be swept under the rug.

Others attacked the AFI for transferring the blame to Jaisha, and for accusing her of lying.

While others just tried to defend the athlete's claims, and just offered their support.

Whatever the case, everyone was in agreement on one thing.

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