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    22 Australian Animals That Have Lost the Fucking Plot

    Cockatoos smoking durries and throwing back tinnies? Must be 'Straya.

    1. This pack of loose cunts sharing a deck like all good mates should.

    @Animals smoking Durrys / Via Facebook: AnimalsSmokingDurrys

    2. And this solo rider going with the hand-rolled durry.

    @Animals smoking Durrys / Via Facebook: AnimalsSmokingDurrys

    3. This cheeky fuck that forgot it had wings which would really speed up its travel time.

    @kangaroosushi / Via Twitter: @kangaroosushi

    4. This goanna who doesn't know how the fuck doors work.

    @cobweb12 / Via

    5. These cunts who don't quite understand what toilets are for.

    @Central Station- Stories from Outback Australian Cattle Stations / Via Facebook: centralstationlife

    6. And this snake who decided to teach one a lesson.

    @windowlickee / Via

    7. This snake who doesn't realise shops aren't for goddamn reptiles, they're for clothes.

    @mouldybanana / Via

    8. And this dickhead who thinks it's some kind of human.

    @ItsCaptain0bvious / Via

    9. These kangaroos involved in this kanga-orgy in broad fucking daylight.

    @HiImTroyMclure / Via

    10. And these ones throwing hands in the middle of the fucking road.

    @ASongOfTitsAndWine / Via

    11. This loose cunt throwing back a tinny like it's nobody's business.

    @Mystraya / Via

    12. This lizard who needs a fucking reality check.

    @kjanmacka / Via

    13. And this cat who thinks it's a 14-year-old teenage boy ripping it at his local skatepark.

    @imjustheretobitchaboutpeople / Via

    14. This bad bitch daddy long legs with even bigger fucking balls.

    @DrunkAzSkunk / Via

    15. And this absolute wild one on a real keyboard-biting bender.

    @Zewzur / Via

    16. These terrified fucks who are shitting themselves after being busted nicking some free food.

    @cowmask / Via Twitter: @cowmask

    17. This dumb cunt who has clearly confused broccoli for trees.

    @jemmalee_lee103 / Via Twitter: @jemmalee_lee103

    18. And this kangaroo who had a real shit go because he ventured into the wrong area.

    @japes / Via

    19. These loose units who don't give a single fuck about your car protecting you.

    @gypsykarla / Via

    20. And this cunt who honestly doesn't give a single fuck about your helmet.

    @mattklarc / Via

    21. This really kinky-ass koala.

    22. And these horny roos with their fucking on-the-move root sesh.

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