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    18 Things You Know If You Want To Marry A Caramel Wafer

    Tunnock's Teacakes aren't the daddy of them all. Tunnock's Wafers are.

    1. There's no sight more beautiful in the world than an absolute shitload of Tunnock's caramel wafers.

    2. Your first, chewy bite of a freshly-unwrapped wafer is always borderline orgasmic.

    It's like taking your first steps on fresh snow. But with your mouth.

    3. You know that the only effective hangover cure is a can of 'Bru, a roll and slice, and a wafer.

    4. When people bring these magical wee tubs into your office, you lowkey want to kiss them.

    Flickr: techdavetv / Creative Commons

    "OMG mini caramel wafers! Pucker up Sandra, you absolute babe."

    5. But woe betide anyone who offers you an inferior product.

    6. And you think these horrors should be banned.

    Twitter: @genuineplacebo

    What. The. Actual. Hell.

    7. But when it comes to Tunnock's, you are accepting of all forms of wafer, regardless of creed or colour.

    8. There is no joy quite like the joy you feel when you find caramel wafers abroad.

    Twitter: @AdeleGoodfellow

    "Abroad" also includes London, obviously.

    9. You'll take caramel wafers to literally any event.

    Twitter: @nikkimcwilliams

    "Having a barbecue are you Sandra? Great. Count me in. I'll bring the wafers."

    "Can you bring meat instead?"


    10. And you know there's no better snack to help you on a long Scottish hike.

    11. You've been known to get creative in the kitchen.

    12. Your home is full of shit like this:

    13. If you got married, this would be your wedding buffet.

    Twitter: @lovemydressblog

    "But where are the savoury options?" "Shut the hell up Sandra."

    14. And this is your idea of a fancy appetiser.

    Twitter: @katyroxaline

    These are definitely all five of your five-a-day.

    15. But you don't approve of wafer-based tomfoolery.

    Twitter: @Clonehenge


    16. If someone gives you a teacake, you'll dutifully consume it. But you'll be thinking of wafers.


    17. You've also been known to have a brief dalliance with a Caramel Log from time to time...

    18. ...but at the end of the day, you always come back to your one, true, caramelly love.

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