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August 25, 2016

Advocacy Group Files FTC Complaint Over Kardashians' Instagram Ads

The group Truth in Advertising has filed an official complaint saying members of the Kardashian/Jenner family engage in deceptive advertising practices on social media. If the FTC acts on the complaint, the sisters — or the company whose products they're selling — could be fined.

Negotiation Communication Style

In order to have a successful negotiation, negotiators need to understand how they communicate. There are four communication styles. Each style of communication has certain strengths and weaknesses. Also, conflict often develops between negotiators with different communication styles because there is a lack of understanding of the other style. This quiz will help you identify your communication style, which can help you learn how to better communicate in a negotiation.

Which First Lady Suite Character Are You?

Michael John LaChiusa's First Lady Suite explores the role of the "First Lady” through fantastical snapshots of some of the great U.S. presidential wives of the 20th century and showcases how those women struggled for, negotiated, and asserted power in their lives and in history. Take our quiz to see which one of these iconic women you are, and check out Circle Theatre's production of First Lady Suite opening November 5th! You can get your tickets here

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