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August 5, 2016

MLK Jr. Memorial Foundation Slams Trump In New Video

"Our goal is to sound the alarm to remind people of the vigilance required to safeguard against the erosion of MLK's dream for this country and just how fragile our experiment of democracy can be," Gerard Bush, co-chief creative officer of Bush|Renz said.

FDA Approves Mutant Mosquito Experiment In Florida Keys

US officials concluded a field test in the Florida Keys of mutant mosquitoes engineered to kill off their disease carrying kin wouldn't harm the environment. Florida officials still need to approve the experiment on an isolated island.

What's Going On Around The World Today?

Activists in the UK have blocked traffic outside London’s Heathrow Airport as part of a UK-wide nationwide Black Lives Matter protests. What it's like to watch hate and fear grow after the attacks in Nice, France. And the 2016 Olympic Games officially kick off with the opening ceremony in Rio tonight.