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    Watch Margot Robbie And Jimmy Fallon Fail Hilariously At The “Jinx Challenge"

    Guavas, hectogons, and meat pies. Oh my.

    Margot Robbie joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to play the "Jinx Challenge" and it's my new favourite game.

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    It involves the two putting their hands together in a joint glove, Barbarella-style, attempting to say the same word at the same time in a provided category.

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    Basically, they want to "jinx" each other.

    Things started off terribly, similar to when Margot failed miserably at Jimmy's whisper challenge.

    Slowly but surely it seemed like the two were starting to get the hang of it.

    And then things went to shit.

    I've listened to this clip about 100 times, which is ironic because a hectogon is a 100-sided shape, practically indistinguishable from a circle. Why didn't she just say circle? Did she mean hexagon? She probably meant hexagon.

    And things got even worse over the culture-clash of what makes a great pie filling.

    It really is an Australian thing, and it's fucking delicious.

    Even though Margot was terrible at the Jinx Challenge, we'll always have this gif:

    And honestly, that makes us all winners.

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