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    17 Ways To Dress Exactly Like Your Favorite Food

    "I feel the same way about clothes as I do about food: I want everything.” - Mindy Kaling

    1. This sweet-as-candy co-ord...

    @sophiehannahrichardson / Via

    Find similar leggings here.

    2. ... this adoraburger...

    @thecurvynista / Via

    Get a similar sweatshirt here.

    3. ... and this definite avoca-DO.

    @milliehall / Via

    Find the hat here, and the t-shirt here.

    4. This berry chic babe...

    @fancynancista / Via

    Get a similar style here.

    5. ... this fine-apple...

    @stylemeetstiffany / Via

    Pick up something similar here.

    6. ... and this brunch queen.

    @jessicker / Via

    Find a similar style here.

    7. This taco-mmitment...

    jessemanbque / Via

    Grab a pair here.

    8. ... plus this masterful macaron matcher...

    @gabi99x / Via

    Grab something similar here.

    9. ... and this sushi twosie.

    @giorgiacrivello / Via

    Get a similar set here.

    10. This apple-a-YAY...

    @winnipegstyle / Via

    Find a similar bag here.

    11. ... this pastry power move...

    @naughtcouture / Via

    Find a similar dress here, and sunglasses here.

    12. ... and these superfly fries.

    @theinbetweenie / Via

    Get a similar suit here.

    13. Plus this toasty trendsetter...

    @ireneccloset / Via

    Find a similar style here.

    14. ... and this banana mama.

    @missashbee / Via

    Get a similar necklace here.

    15. This lady who took lemons and, well, y'know...

    @annestikvoort / Via

    Find something similar here.

    16. ... this cone queen...

    @modaprints / Via

    Find a similar dress here.

    17. ... and last but not least, this extremely cheesy crew.

    @pizzaonesie / Via

    Get something similar here.


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