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16 Photos Showing The Difference Between '00s Formals And Now

Remember baby doll dresses?

1. Dresses in the '00s:

2. Dresses now:

3. Heels in the '00s:

Pointed toe, kitten heels, or heels with thin straps were a fave.

4. Heels now:

5. Style icons in the '00s:

6. Style icons now:

7. Hairstyles in the '00s:

8. Hairstyles now:

9. Makeup in the '00s:

10. Makeup now:

11. Boys fashion in the '00s:

12. Boys fashion now:

13. Boys hair in the '00s:

14. Boys hair now:

15. Must-have accessories for '00s formals:

Flip phones, sparkly clutches with a strap, and Juicy Tube lip-glosses for all your touch-up desires.

16. Must-have accessories now:

Small, classic clutches, a matte lip cream, and of course a light-up phone case for 🔥🔥🔥 selfies.