Another Celebrity Is Being Shamed For Breastfeeding

    It's the second time there's been uproar over her sharing photos of breastfeeding on social media.

    Sam Faiers has documented life as a new mum with plenty of photos and videos of baby Paul over the past six months.

    And last night was no different, with Sam posting this photo of her breastfeeding Paul on Snapchat.

    It didn't take long for people to take to social media to criticise her decision to post the image.

    It's not the first time Sam has been slated for sharing photos of her breastfeeding. This one, posted in April, caused a similar reaction.

    However, many people have spoken up in defence of Sam and praised her for helping to "normalise" breastfeeding.

    Well done @SamanthaFaiers for breastfeeding so publicly, which will in time normalise the most natural thing in the world!

    People who are offended by Sam Faiers breastfeeding on snapchat need to have a word with themselves, seriously. 🙄

    So much respect for @SamanthaFaiers and this is from someone who wanted to but couldn't 🍼👶🏻

    The snapchat of @SamanthaFaiers breastfeeding was beautiful. 😙

    So what if @SamanthaFaiers has a snapchat of her breastfeeding its natural #getoverit

    Either way, there's no denying that Paul is one healthy, happy baby. 👶 ❤️