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17 Times Parents Nailed It When Shopping With Kids

Learn from the pros.

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5. Choreographing the shopping experience.

Instagram: @oonahrose

Looks like they had this planned before they got there.

7. Just stacking the kids around the boxes.

Instagram: @noucki83

Maybe they can figure out how to put together Ikea furniture.

8. Knowing that food is always the best distraction.

Instagram: @annienunes

Who's paying for this anyway?


10. Pulling the little ones behind you.

Instagram: @kaseyharris2077

Pull the kid, push the cart, repeat.


13. Creating a secret hideout for them.

Instagram: @nadja_roth

And telling them they have to be real quiet or it isn't a secret hideout.

14. Knowing three carts are better than one.

Instagram: @arbethke

The ringleader in the middle needed a pit stop at the Little Debbie section.

15. Turning the shopping cart into a mini playpen.

Instagram: @adam__barta

You can use the basket for your grocery items.

16. Giving the kids their own baskets to pull.

Instagram: @eediary

Just make sure to sneak out any unwanted toys they throw in.

17. Letting the older kids chill on the bottom shelf.

Instagram: @debbienny

Hey, maybe someone will buy them.