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    17 Times Parents Nailed It When Shopping With Kids

    Learn from the pros.

    1. Making a grocery store run during naptime.

    Torres / Via BuzzFeed

    He still smells like A1 Steak Sauce to this day.

    2. Doing the "push and carry."

    Instagram: @ankoontz

    It's for the specially trained parent.

    3. Running out of options and just letting them plank.

    But the fun stops when the cart moves.

    4. Abandoning the kids in the soda aisle is one way to make shopping easier.

    Instagram: @thelondonmummyreview

    No one's judging you.

    5. Choreographing the shopping experience.

    6. Carrying the cargo.

    7. Just stacking the kids around the boxes.

    8. Knowing that food is always the best distraction.

    9. Remembering, though, that cereal is never a good idea.

    Instagram: @angie_deboer

    Cleanup on aisle 5.

    10. Pulling the little ones behind you.

    11. Telling your kid you're going to the "grocery park."

    Instagram: @anechka_galkevych

    It's a jungle gym for hours.

    12. (Including the fun "monkey bars"!)

    Instagram: @heyisthatme

    It's good for you, kid.

    13. Creating a secret hideout for them.

    14. Knowing three carts are better than one.

    15. Turning the shopping cart into a mini playpen.

    16. Giving the kids their own baskets to pull.

    17. Letting the older kids chill on the bottom shelf.

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