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    Drake And Rihanna Performed "Too Good" Together For The First Time And It Was Glorious

    "Don't you see RiRi right next to me."

    Drake and Rihanna have given us so much goodness in the last couple of months.

    From that brilliant "Work" video.

    Vulture / Via Giphy

    To Drake popping up in random cities to support Rihanna on her Anti World Tour.

    And then to Rihanna returning the favour by flying to Toronto, mid-tour, to perform at Drake's OVO Fest.

    She SLAAYYED her look as usual and performed "Needed Me" and "#BBHMM".

    And because Drake and Rihanna are the gifts that keep on giving, they both got on stage and performed "Too Good".

    It was the first time the pair performed the song, and it was just perfect.

    They flirted.

    They danced.

    And the cutest thing happened when they both started laughing mid-performance.

    Youtube / Via Giphy

    Drizzy introduced the song by telling Rihanna, "For being here tonight and for anything and everything else, you are way too good to me.” So beautiful!

    We are not worthy!

    Aubrih forever!

    Giphy Studio Originals / Via

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