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I Tried To Look As Tall As Humanly Possible For A Week

I wish I was a little bit taller.

I'm a short person. See below.

What Worked the Best

The biggest surprise was that platform heels don’t have to be painful. I still won't wear them often, because they make me look a like a baby horse learning to walk when I go down the stairs. But, like, a confident baby horse.

I feel guilty for caring about how tall I am. My body works really hard every day with all its organs and stuff to keep me alive. And that’s amazing. Wishing it looked different feels ungrateful. I’m sorry, body. I appreciate you. But it’s hard to ignore the standards of beauty that are shoved down my throat. And it’s hard not to wonder whether people take you less seriously if they’re literally looking down at you.

But I learned that looking taller is rarely worth the effort. I’m just too lazy. Laziness is perhaps the fastest path to self-acceptance. And the best method for looking and feeling taller is just trying my best to straighten my spine.