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    People Are LMAOing At Varun Thakur's Snapchat Stories As Struggling Actor "Vicky Malhotra"

    Vicky Malhotra deserves way more than 10 seconds.

    This is Vicky Malhotra, a struggling actor from Mumbai played by comedian Varun Thakur.

    He has been Snapchatting the ordeals Malhotra for a while now.

    Facebook: video.php

    "Malhotra" narrates or acts out daily situations that he faces, and Thakur switches between the actor and whomever he encounters. And uses a lot of filters.

    Facebook: video.php

    From his dating life to the people from the industry he meets, Thakur's character is pretty much a douche in all the snaps. But that's okay, people seem to love it.

    Facebook: video.php

    Like really, really love it.

    Just to make it a little easier he shares all his Snap stories on Facebook.

    Facebook: video.php

    But if you want minute-by-minute hilarity, then you should definitely follow Thakur on Snapchat @ varunthakur.

    Facebook: video.php

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