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    Behold, The Most Awkward Moment In TV News

    This hurts.

    Channel 9 Melbourne weather presenter Rebecca Judd is about to take some time off on maternity leave. Good on her.

    Tonight we temporarily farewell our wonderful weather presenter,@becjuddloves. All the best from the #9News team!

    Channel 9

    But when a few of her colleagues tried to say farewell, things got awkward af.

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    Channel 9 / Via

    Let's take a look at that on instant replay.

    Channel 9 / Via

    Here's the close up.

    Channel 9

    Aaaand here's the breakdown.

    Channel 9

    On Instagram, Judd said things "didn't go to plan", backing it up with a classic cry-laugh emoji.

    @BecJudd / Via

    While her colleague, Tony Jones, could only say one thing.

    Well that was.... #awkward @becjuddloves

    Sure was, Tony.

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