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    Just 12 Pictures Of Mahira Khan Looking Like A Flawless Fairy Queen In A Gown

    Look Ma, I found my wedding dress.

    1. Mahira Khan, who is all set to make her Bollywood debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Raees next year, attended the Lux Style Awards 2016 in Pakistan, looking like a flawless Disney princess.

    2. She wore an embellished Shahira Lasheen gown to the show.

    3. She quite deservedly won the Best Dressed Actress award.

    4. 👸

    5. Dat train tho.

    6. Teach me how to highlight, Queen.

    7. Extra points for managing to sit like a goddamn queen with all those ruffles and not creasing even a little.

    8. She accessorised just the right amount.

    9. Look Ma, I found my wedding dress.

    10. In fact, I volunteer to set my entire wardrobe on fire and wear this for the rest of my life.

    11. You will hate on me for saying this. But I am gonna say it anyway.

    12. SLAY QUEEN. 🙏

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