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    Pokémon Go Fans Are Really Mad At The New Update

    More like Pokémon No, amirite?

    If you opened up Pokémon Go in the last 48 hours and noticed something different, it's because there's been a big update.


    At first, things seemed good. You can now re-customize your avatar!

    Cartoon Network

    That's super helpful for those of us whose clothes didn't match our team color.

    But people quickly noticed something was amiss: The tracking footprints, which have been bugged for days, are now completely gone.

    That means we have no way of telling how close a Pokémon is to us, and no way of tracking them down. It's possible that Niantic just decided to remove the feature until it's fixed, but there's been no communication on that point.

    What's worse, tracking sites like Pokévision — which helped trainers find nearby Pokémon since the footsteps feature was bugged — are mysteriously shutting down.

    According to Pokévision's Twitter, their shutdown was at the request of Niantic and Nintendo.

    People are a little upset.

    Pretty much how everyone feels about #PokemonGo update and #NianticLabs

    Actually, they're a lot upset.

    What niantic thinks when they update the game.. #PokemonGo (u/zylld)

    In fact, the average rating of the app on Apple's App Store have plummeted as one-star reviews flood in.


    People are even requesting refunds from iTunes and Google Play for in-app purchases due to the tracking changes, and users are reporting that their refunds are being granted.

    #PokemonGO players are reportedly able to receive refunds for their in-app purchases via the iTunes refund program.

    It's getting a little dramatic.

    let's have a moment of silence #PokemonGO

    1. How do you feel about the new update?

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    How do you feel about the new update?
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      The update is fine, but taking down tracking sites is pretty bogus

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