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November 18, 2014

This Plane Crashed Into A House And Avoided An Elderly Couple By Inches

The small twin-engine plane left Midway Airport in Illinois on Tuesday morning, The Chicago Tribune reported.

The Verge Staffer Ellis Hamburger Is Joining Snapchat

The journalist covered Snapchat and other mobile apps for the website.

Kim Kardashian Shows Rove The Champagne Glass Trick Cannot Be Taught

The only thing that's breaking is champagne glasses.

Police Confirm Dwight Howard Is Being Investigated For Child Abuse

Sports Illustrated reported Tuesday Georgia police confirmed the the Houston Rockets center is under investigation.

Take This Poll On Dating Dealbreakers

"Rules." (They say they're meant to be broken.)

23 Ways To Deskill The Self

Social media are meant to help us express ourselves by saving us the trouble of it. Here, some key tips to enjoying an automated personality

"Slender Man" Stabbing Suspect Not Fit To Stand Trial, Attorney Says

Morgan Geyser's attorney said Tuesday she still believes fictional characters are real. Geyser and Anissa Weier are accused of plotting to kill a classmate to please the fictional Slender Man character.

Senate Democrats Block Keystone XL Pipeline Approval

Vote on controversial pipeline came as Louisiana's Mary Landrieu fights a quixotic battle to keep her Senate seat.

Who Really Should Have Won "American Idol"?

We love you Ruben, but that was Clay's year.

12 Facts You Won't Believe Are Lies

It's time to get honest about a few things.

Elizabeth Banks & Jennifer Lawrence Discuss How Badass They Are

Spoiler: they're the most badass that is physically possible for any human being.

12 Cookbooks Every Book Lover Needs

One "Are You There God? It's Me, Margarita" coming right up.

10 datos alucinantes que todo niño de los 90 querría saber

¿Te imaginas a TLC cantando "...Baby one more time"?!

This "Save The ABC" Petition Will Stab At Your Heart

The senior government minister moves petition ahead of massive cuts being announced

24 Times Tim Curry Was The Very Most

I see you shiver with antici...

How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To “All I Want For Christmas Is You”?

It's been 20 years since Mariah Carey released her Christmas classic. But have you been singing the right lyrics all this time?

If We Were Honest On Instagram

I took 23 selfies before I posted this one.

29 Things Winter Lovers Will Understand

Being really into the summer is so basic.

Mentally Ill Woman Killed During Altercation With Cleveland Police

A 37-year-old Cleveland woman died while in police custody outside her home last week after officers slammed her head on the pavement, her family said.

The Most Difficult "Would You Rather" Game: Canadian Edition

Testing your kind Canadian patience one poll at a time.

Pirelli Calendar Features Plus Sized Model For The First Time In A Decade

Candice Huffine is bringing all the curves to the yard.

Este tatuaje de ilusión óptica es absolutamente increíble

Si vas a hacerte un tatuaje, más vale hacerlo bien.

17 Perfect And Adorable Uses For Your Cat

Who says cats aren't good for anything?

People React To Head Massages In Slow Motion

Watch people get tingled by a wire head massager in super slow motion.

Definitive Ranking Of Sexy, Shirtless Vampire Diaries Hunks

Past, present and sexy. TVD hunks shirtless, ranked from hot to scorching.

Who Said It: Leslie Knope Or Walter White?

One is an upstanding politician, the other a ruthless drug dealer. But can you actually tell them apart?

A Huge Year For M&A, But All Good Things Must Come To An End

This years' staggering surge in mergers and acquisitions, with activist investors leading the charge, faces the threat of quantitative easing coming to an end. Will the deal pipeline slow as a result?

Is This Accent Real Or Fake?

Dialect coach, you're fired.

MEOW MIX! Kittens & Cats Meowing

Cole & Marmalade meowing as kittens/cats in this cute and funny compilation! *When we first rescued Cole we decided he was a girl and named him Destiny… then the following day at the vets we discovered his trouble nuggets and realised she was a he! :)

22 Sick Futurama Tattoos

Futurama first left us in 2003, then again in 2013. But these superfans' tattoos (okay, and reruns) will ensure its memory lives on.

18 Adorable Puppies On Their First Day Of Work

Life on the job can be exhausting.

Esto es para todas aquellas personas que pierden la cabeza por Oscar Isaac

Es un galardonado actor y cantante, pero, aparte, es despampanante.

Senate Democrats On Keystone Vote: Why Are We Doing This Now?

Progressives are upset the Senate will vote on Keystone, and red-state Democrats who lost say it wouldn’t have made a difference in their elections. “It doesn’t help anybody now.”

Loki And Kamala Khan Are Going On A Valentine's Day Brawl

Nothing says teenage crush like crashing a high school dance and hair pulling. A sneak preview of the Valentine's Day issue of Marvel Comics' Ms. Marvel.

23 Things That Inevitably Happen When Your Family Gathers For The Holidays

Brace yourself, the relatives are coming. As told by National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

All Of The Reasons Fall Is A Cruel Lie

Cancel brunch plans. Today will freeze your bones.

A Heartbreaking Look Into The Battered Women Of Rikers Island

The Battered Women section of Rikers Island houses the inmates whose crimes are related to the physical and sexual abuses they've experienced.

18 Personas que tuvieron la última carcajada

"Aquí yace mi mujer, fría como siempre".

This "Blank Space" Video Perfectly Spoofs Misheard "Starbucks Lovers" Lyrics

Could have sworn it was those Starbucks lovers telling everyone she's insane.

Can I Relate To You ?

I am female and this is my way of seeing if you can relate to me or not.

23 Spice Girl Etsy Items To Spice Up Your Life

If you "Wannabe" nostalgic, you gotta get with this stuff.

22 Things You Never Realized About Emojis


McConnell Leaves Defunding Obama's Immigration Executive Actions On The Table

But noted President Obama has a big trump card: veto.



Denver Signed Champ Bailey To A One-Day Contract So He Could Retire As A Bronco

The 12-time Pro Bowl cornerback spent ten seasons with the team.

11 Songs You Inexplicably Know All The Words To

Some songs just wash over you when you hear them on the radio or dance to them at a club. Others work their way into you subconscious and hide there until the day you discover that you remember every single lyric. Here are some examples from my life I think you'll be able to relate to:

These Dancing Seniors Pose The Compelling Question, "Turn Down For What"!?

These 'young at hearts' put the rest of us to shame as they show us that they won't turn down for anything!

24 Healthier Thanksgiving Recipes That Are Actually Delicious

Nobody will ever know that butter isn't on the table.

Here Are The Most Popular Disney Princesses

Any idea which princess people <3 the most?

Barbie's "I Can Be A Computer Engineer" Book Is Almost Laughably Sexist

"It'll go faster if Brian and I help," offers Steven. *Slams head against desk*. Update: Mattel has apologized and pulled the book from Amazon.

Uber CEO Condemns "Terrible" Comments

"We should lead by inspiring our riders, our drivers, and the public at large," Travis Kalanick said in a 13-tweet Twitterstorm this afternoon.

As Online Storage Prices Race To Zero, Dropbox Turns To Business

Today, Dropbox said it was rolling out some new tweaks for its business service. But it has a long way to go.

19 problemas que solo entiende la gente que odia la leche

Es jugo exprimido de los pezones de una vaca. Escalofrío.

A Definitive Ranking Of The Fifty Hottest Men On "One Piece"

Disclaimer: This ranking consists of anime characters, not real people. Just enjoy the hotness. Spoilers ahead!

Premiere: Jillette Johnson Promises "I'll Be Home For Christmas"

The sultry singer-songwriter brings the mistletoe and snow on this Christmas standard.

29 Hombres que son la prueba definitiva de que barba + moñito en el pelo = amor

Porque ya no solo es la barba, ahora también es que se amarren el cabello así.

20 Ways To Know You Were A Classics Major

Your bucket list just has a lot of really old buildings on it.

Can "Dragon Age: Inquisition" Be The Game To Finally Kill GamerGate?

A crazy theory that just might explain the incendiary movement.

Tinder Dudes Unknowingly React To Jaden Smith's Quotes

"I'm going to imprint myself on everything in this world."

This Doctor Looks Exactly Like A Dorky Drake

There's no logical explanation for this.

7 Things People Who Don't Use The Internet Are Tired Of Hearing

We GET it. We don't use the Internet. Relax.

18 "White Lady Saves The Day" Moments You Actually Need

Coming to theaters this fall, an uplifting and inspiring film about how people of color need a white person to teach them how to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.

California AG "Shocked" To Learn Her Office Wanted To Keep Eligible Parolees In Jail To Work

Lawyers for California Attorney General Kamala Harris argued releasing non-violent inmates early would harm efforts to fight California wildfires. Harris told BuzzFeed News she first heard about this when she read it in the paper.

9 Awkward Questions About Hair

"Can I touch your hair?" Featuring GloZell Green.

The Search For The Apple Watch's Killer App Begins

The company said WatchKit, its development tools for the Apple Watch, was rolling out today.

Anthony Cumia Green Screen Contest

The Anthony Cumia Show ( gave some green-screen images to its fans - here are some of the best photoshopped submissions. For more on the contest, click here.

Lemony Snicket And Neil Gaiman Will Compete To Give Away Books

The "Great Book Giveaway" will take place in New York City's Washington Square Park on Nov. 19. A series of very fortunate events indeed.

31 Breastfeeding Beauties And Their Babes

#BreakTheInternet #NormalizeBreastfeeding (Use judgment when viewing: Boobs ahead.)

14 cuentas de Instagram que debes seguir si te gusta la playa

Es como estar en la playa pero sin toda esa arena en el traje de baño.

Benedict Cumberbatch And His Co-Stars Cast Their Own Biopics

BuzzFeed News asked the cast of The Imitation Game who they would like to play them in a biographical film of their life on the red carpet of the film's New York City premiere.

22 Hilarious Stories That Prove Dogs Are Too Adorably Stupid For Their Own Good

These mischievous pups are guaranteed to make you laugh.

A Subtle Facebook Feature With 700 Million Users Gets Its Own App

The company launched a standalone Groups app. Still, the company has no plans to break it out of the main Facebook app.

Guy Fieri Without His Trademark Hair Will Forever Change You

This is not an exaggeration. This is not "clickbait." This is what people deserve and need to see.

Do You Sleep Normally?

Catch some Z's.

What Makes Someone Become A Lone-Wolf Killer?

Four people were killed on Tuesday in Jerusalem, in the deadliest attack the city has seen in years. Police say it was yet another in a recent spate of lone-wolf attacks — and they have no idea how to stop them. Sheera Frenkel talked to the family and friends of one lone-wolf killer to find out why he did it.

Ryan Gosling's Facial Hair Joins The Illuminati

Could there be any other explanation for his new facial hair?

21 Fun And Original Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy On Thanksgiving

There's a lot more to do than just crafts.

The 7 Most Mutually Agreed Upon State Rivalries

According to the BuzzFeed poll.

The ONLY 6 Things You Need To Survive Big City Life

Literally guys, this is it. This is all you need. Do you think you're even remotely ready for this jelly?

15 Willow Smith Books That Really Need To Exist For Real

"There’re no novels that I like to read so I write my own novels. And then I read them again, and it’s the best thing."

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Brooke Shields

The actress, model and author takes our Q&A.

16 Problems Only Women With Super Heavy Periods Will Understand

Blood sisters for life. Or at least until menopause.

This Adorable Vine Is The Best Knock Knock Joke You've Ever Heard

Now, I don't want to ruin it for you, but the punchline involves Beyoncé.

This Is What I Learned When I Stopped Drinking For A Week

I spent an average week in London without drinking any alcohol to find out if it would really be so hard. It was.

New York Subway Officials To Shame People Sitting With Their Legs Spread

New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is launching a campaign to target man spreaders and backpack wearers.

Here's What Pixar Voice Actors Look Like In Real Life

Spoiler: The kid from Up is still adorable.

33 regalos de Harry Potter que solamente un verdadero fanático apreciará

"¡Qué lampara triangular tan genial!", dice el muggle ignorante.

West Virginia Students Prevail Over Principal To Create Gay-Straight Alliance

"GSA Club is a go!! ... Thank you for all your support!!!" Winfield High School Principal Bruce McGrew told a local newspaper that it would “create bullying.”

GOP Congresswoman Discusses Her Transgender Son's Coming Out

“Love your child because that person is your child whether it’s the person you wanted him or her to be or not," said Republican Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen in a CBS special with her transgender son.

9 Important Dating Deal Breakers

Everyone has them, even if they won’t admit it. There could be a super nice guy and he could be cute too, but if you’re anything like me, these deal breakers will make you change your mind without a second thought.

You Can Now Buy An 18-Karat Diamond Hashtag Ring For $825

This definitely don't seem like something you'd regret spending a lot of money on...

Obama Immigration Talking Points: It's Legal And GOP Can Supersede With Legislation

Administration talking points sent to activists and obtained by BuzzFeed News hammer the message that his actions are legal, other presidents have acted on immigration, and the GOP can pass legislation.

Como você lida com os dilemas que todos nós passamos nas redes sociais?

Clique na alternativa que lhe cabe e descubra o quanto a humanidade concorda com você.

The Top Ten Redheaded Men

The British Heart Foundation have come up with a list of the top ten male redheads. But are they right?

N.Y. Sues Man For Alleged Cemetery Flooding That Forced Families To Rebury Bodies

The State Attorney General filed a lawsuit against a property owner in Cortland County for desecrating a cemetery. "I went up to my wife's grave and it looked like a ten foot waterfall and we don't have waterfalls here."

Pentagon Distances Itself From Uber Executive

Uber SVP Emil Michael is a top advisor to the Pentagon's Defense Business Board. "Best practices from the private sector."

Just Four Groups Spread Most Of The World's Terror, As Deaths Jump By 60%

This according to a new report, released Tuesday, based on the most comprehensive database of terrorist attacks.

Reminder: Taylor Swift Does A Pretty Good Minnesota Soccer Mom Impression

"And I was late to pick Jimmy up and he's like, Mom, you're late, and he's just, you know, naggin' at me..."

15 avisos que poderiam muito bem estar no elevador do seu prédio

"Por favor, não utilize as paredes do elevador para higiene pessoal."

Baroness Warsi Criticised Tory Chairman Over Jerusalem Terror Attack

The current Conservative party chair, Grant Shapps, was criticised by former foreign office minister Sayeeda Warsi about an attack that led to the deaths of four rabbis in Jerusalem.

19 Intensely Annoying Customers Every Bartender Has Served

Hopefully not all on the same night, though. Inspired in part by this video.

54 Important First Times All Sisters Go Through

Sisters go through tough times.

23 Hilarious YouTube Videos That Are All Under 20 Seconds

Don't worry, you've got time to see these.

Dieser Bär auf Twitter wird Dir das Herz brechen

Wenn Du heute nur einem Bären folgst, dann folge diesem.

27 Illustrated GIFs To Improve Any Situation

Animations to make you smile no matter how dire the circumstance.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Took Our "Which Cheryl Are You?" Quiz

And she was very pleased with the result.

41 Pictures That Will Give You All The Feels

Sit down, because this might be too much to handle.

There Are 37 New Emojis Being Considered And One Is A Taco

Other highlights include "face with rolling eyes" and a crab.

The Cutest Game Of "Would You Rather": Hot Guys Vs. Animals

Either way, you'll basically be in the bone zone.

So bekämpfst Du den Winterspeck

Du willst was für Deine Fitness machen? Klasse! Hier sind Leute, die Dir Tipps geben können, wie es gelingt.

Scientists Have Discovered That A 10-Second Kiss Passes On 80 Million Bacteria

Here's something to think about next time you pucker up.

Man Tests Positive For Ebola In Delhi: India Officials

An Indian man who was treated and cured of Ebola in Liberia showed traces of the virus in his semen. He has been quarantined at the Delhi airport.

14 #WorthWearing T-Shirts

T Shirts are one of the best way to carry your ideas around. here is the 14 tee that will make your day and make you feel to do your own.

How To Make A Customized Maneki-Neko

A.K.A. those cat statues with the waving paw!

BREAKING! Banksy Is Revealed....and You're Not Going To Believe Who He Is.

ALERT! He's a rescue dog from Puerto Rico named Charlie Chicken. This is his story. TRT: 3 min. [Official selection] Puppy Pound International Festival. A film by Edward David

Wie man einen Hamster in einer Minute plättet

In weniger als einer Minute!

Ninth Undocumented Immigrant Joins Church Sanctuary Movement

Angela Navarro, a Honduran immigrant with a family of U.S. citizens, has been facing deportation for more than a decade. By moving into a church in North Philadelphia, she is adding to a growing movement of immigrants seeking refuge in churches across the country in defiance of federal deportation orders.

14 comptes Instagram pour vous évader pendant l'hiver

C'est exactement comme être à la plage, sans le sable dans le maillot de bain.

18 choses incroyables qui étonneront tous les enfants des années 1990

Pouvez-vous imaginer TLC en train de chanter « ...Baby One More Time » ?!

Premiere: Relive Summer Glory With Popcaan's "Love Yuh Bad" Video

The dancehall singer's new music video is the stuff island dreams are made of.

Do You Think These Things Are Sexist?

Is it sexist to expect a woman to shave her legs?

17 Problemas que solo una persona zurda entenderá

¿Por qué nunca hay un escritorio para mí en la escuela?

Jessica And Ashlee Simpson Kissed Their Husbands A Bunch At The "Mockingjay" Premiere

I'm not saying that this wasn't the right venue for so much PDA, but: maybe this wasn't the right venue for so much PDA?

"Dragon Age: Inquisition" Will Not Be Released In India Because It Has A Gay Character In A Central Role

Simon Smith-Wright, Regional Marketing Director, Asia Pacific at Electronic Arts stated to NDTV Gadgets, that the release was pulled in order to avoid a breach of local content laws.

24 Gorgeous Castles From The British Isles You Can Actually Visit

Stunning architecture, phenomenal landscapes, and amazing history.

25 Caras que solo un adicto al café conoce a la perfección

No tienes un problema con el café, tienes un problema con no tomarlo.

Danny Alexander Challenges Alex Salmond To Stand Against Him

"People come to the Highlands to retire, I'm happy to help Salmond with that," said the treasury secretary.

The Hardest "Scrubs" Quiz Ever

Acing this quiz counts for class credit at most medical schools

17 People Who Had The Last Laugh

"I told you I was ill."

Let's Settle These Linguistic Debates Once And For All

The meaning of "nonplussed"? The pronunciation of "GIF"? Pedants unite: the definitive vote is here.

19 ingeniosos e increíbles patrones de tricot y crochet

Porque el viaje debería ser tan divertido como el destino.

Adrian Peterson Suspended Without Pay For Rest Of NFL Season

The Minnesota Vikings running back won't be considered for reinstatement until April 15, the NFL said. He has been charged with reckless assault for abusive discipline of his son.

15 Struggles Of Wearing All Black

Things People Who Wear All Black Are Tired Of Hearing...

8 Awesome Etsy Items For Any Archer Fan

Looks like these Etsy makers have entered the Danger Zone.

This Optical Illusion Tattoo Is Absolutely Incredible

If you're going to get a tattoo you might as well do it properly.

17 sinais de que você está realmente se tornando um adulto

“É uma merda! Você vai adorar.”

8 enormes diferenças entre ter um emprego aos 20, 25 e 30 anos

Trabalhar das 9 às 9, só para se manter vivo.

51 datos que probablemente no sabías acerca de Los Ángeles

Estás parado en un campo de petróleo en este momento.

Live Updates: Ferguson Braces For Grand Jury's Decision

St. Louis County prosecutor is expected to announce at 8 p.m. CT Monday whether the grand jury decided to indict police Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown. Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon issued a state of emergency last week, calling up the National Guard to assist local law enforcement.

23 manières originales de transformer un placard inutilisé

Pour ne pas perdre un centimètre carré.

22 Faces Every Londoner Will Instantly Recognise

Because there is NO better feeling than the tube doors stopping exactly where you're stood.

38 Filthy Sex Fantasy Confessions About British Politicians

All actual real confessions submitted by the great British public. From the amazing tumblr Dirty Politics Confessions. NSFW language.

How Well Do You Remember The Lyrics Of "S Club Party"?

Gettin' down tonight, a come on, yeah, gettin' down tonight, uh huh, everybody, get down tonight.

Here's How To Make A Totally Epic Thanksgiving With Fast Food

Nothing could be more truly American than transforming a bountiful array of tacos, nuggets, and curly fries into your holiday meal.

Kim Kardashian And Paper Still Haven't Confirmed Exactly What Was Photoshopped

Did she really balance that champagne glass on her butt?

Wenn Kool Savas Lyrics Motivationsposter wären

Fühl dich inspiriert vom neuen Album Märtyrer.

Labour MP Says The Party's Election Chances Are Helped By A Weak Economy

"Global economic clouds give us a second change to kill the myth that Labour created the recession," according to Graham Allen MP.

Wunsiedel hat die beste Art, mit Neonazis umzugehen

Die Stadt machte einen Aufmarsch der Rechtsextremem kurzum zu einem unfreiwilligen Spendenmarsch

21 Things Girl-Boy Best Friends Just Get

"Yes, I can teach you how to iron."

Japan's Prime Minister Dissolves Government, Calls For Elections

Shinzo Abe's decision came after data showed his country slipped into a recession.

17 tenues de mariage inspirées par Solange

Parce que le mariage de Solange Knowles était parfait.

"Unspirational" Is The Instagram Account For People Who Hate Inspirational Quotes

For everyone who cringes when they see "uplifting" words of wisdom clogging their social media timelines.

14 Confessions Of A Drag Cabaret Performer

London-based performer Michael Twaits tells BuzzFeed all.

46 Reasons You Should Never Leave Amsterdam

Beautiful architecture, oodles of culture and awesome people. Amsterdam is the best.

25 Things Hongkongers Visiting The UK Just Get

Oh 7-Eleven, where art thou?

German Town Plays Brilliant Prank On Neo-Nazis During Annual March

The event turned into the country's most "involuntary walkathon".

Terminally Ill "Simpsons" Co-Creator Saves Gay Bull From Slaughter

Sam Simon paid £5,000 to buy "non-performing" bull Benjy and send him to a sanctuary.

11 Reasons People Are Just Like Golas

Tan gola, mann gola, re gola. ♪ ♫

21 photos qui vous feront rire à tous les coups

[À regarder tous les lundis].

19 difficultés que tous les anciens losers ont eu à surmonter

Ce qui ne tue pas rend plus fort, et le collège vous a rendu(e) très très fort(e).

MasterChef India To Go Completely Vegetarian In Upcoming Season

According to STAR Plus, the decision was made with the goal of "celebrating vegetarianism."

27 komplett überflüssig gegenderte Produkte

Achtung: Dies ist der Artikel für Frauen. Den für Männer findest Du hier.

The Ultimate "Titanic" Poll: Was There Room For Two?

"I'll never let go Jack!" *let's go*

If You Haven't Heard "Uptown Funk" Yet, You Need To. RIGHT MEOW.

Mark Ronson + Bruno Mars = Your new weekend jam

Five Killed In Terror Attack On Jerusalem Synagogue

Israeli police said two Palestinian suspects stormed into a Jerusalem synagogue with guns, knifes, and axes and attacked worshippers. At least eight people were injured and officers shot and killed the assailants. BuzzFeed News' Sheera Frenkel is on the scene in Jerusalem.

Do You Have What It Takes To Work At Olivia Pope & Associates?

Fill out this job application and see if you should be Olivia Pope's newest gladiator.

Bill Cosby Once Joked About Drugging Women's Drinks

The clip, from 1969, was tracked down by the Village Voice.

27 Ways To Step Up Your Pie Game This Holiday Season

'Tis the season to eat pie. Lots of pie.

The Emotional Stages Of Finding An Apartment In New York City

Say hello to "creative storage solutions."

Man Taken Into Custody In Connection With Fatal Push In NYC Subway Station

The fatal push appears to have been random, and police had asked the public's help in finding the man responsible for the death of 61-year-old Wai Kuen Kwok. Update: A man was taken into custody, and another man said he had also been the victim of a push.

PSA: Hoverboards Are About To Become A Reality

Despite a hoax from last year, they are on their way!

39 Times JB Hi-Fi's Games Staff Were Beyond Funny

"I don't know who you are... But I will find you and I will play Tekken with you."

76 Thoughts You Have While Stuck In A Sydney Traffic Jam

Traffic jams are the best way to really analyse the inner workings of your mind. Or at least find out if you have rage problems. (Feature:

Eight Women Testify Oklahoma City Police Officer Sexually Assaulted Them

Eight women testified in a preliminary hearing Monday that Officer Daniel Holtzclaw used his authority as a police officer to sexually assault them.

What Is The Best Ja'mie King Quote?

"I know how to text and drive! I'm not a fucking idiot!"

Gravity Defying Magic Tricks

Magic or science?

If Liz Lemon Quotes Were Motivational Posters

"Usually everyone around here makes me feel like Hitler, but today I feel like Hitler in Germany." #LizLemon4Ever

8 Struggles Adult YA Readers Know Too Well

It's not easy being a grown person who loves books for teens.

Everything Has Changed (COVER)

American Idol meets The Voice....

SNL's New Marijuana Policy High-Lariously Shows Reaction Of Pot Smoking New Yorkers

Pete Davidson and Woody Harrelson show how new Yorkers reacted to this new policy!

Adam Levine And Blake Shelton Weigh In On The Taylor Swift Vs. Spotify Debate

The Voice co-hosts reveal significantly different views on how artists should be compensated.

Can Joe Weisenthal Change Bloomberg Before Bloomberg Changes Him?

The hyperactive financial news addict made Business Insider a major destination for business news. His new challenge: Make Bloomberg's insular news operation a hit on the web.

Uber Executive Suggests Digging Up Dirt On Journalists

Senior Vice President Emil Michael floated making critics' personal lives fair game. Michael apologized Monday for the remarks.

Julien Blanc's CNN Apology Labelled "Full Of Shit" By Campaigners

Canada, UK and Brazil considering banning the "pick-up" artist for promoting abusive and manipulative behavior towards women.

This Adorable Cat Deserves A Black Belt

He is a ninja of the finest order.

Why “The Voice” Coaches Think The Show Hasn’t Produced A Kelly Clarkson-Level Star Yet

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine discuss why they think the hugely successful reality show has yet to find a "one in a million" recording artist.