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November 25, 2014

Fight Club Flyer Found In NYC

"Looking for REAL Fighters (for a party)"

10 People You See In Every Facebook Debate

An overview of the many characters that come into play in Facebook debates.

13 Things You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Hilary Duff

The queen chats all about Lizzie McGuire, AIM screen names, and being adored by Taylor Swift.

Weird Things Girls Do When They're Alone

TBH, it's more boob holding than you'd imagine.

19 Regalos perfectos para esa persona amante de los emojis

*emoji de sonrisa con ojos de corazones*

21 Adorable Plus-Size Holiday Party Dresses Under $100

Black Friday is coming. GET READY.

19 Thanksgiving Experiences Only Children Of Immigrants Will Understand

Everybody loves a holiday where you eat delicious food with your family.

18 Undeniable Perks Of Being An Only Child

We're number one, we're number one!

17 Porn Parodies That Are Too Awesome For Their Own Good

X-rated should never be underrated. NSFW: Many porn covers ahead.

5 Genius Thanksgiving Leftover Hacks

Make Thanksgiving last all week.

10 Things Female NFL Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

We're forever tired of inexplicably having to defend our football fandom.

When Is The Right Time To Start Listening To Christmas Music?

Results are in! Fa la la la la la Christmaaaas.

Ferguson Library Sees Huge Spike In Donations Overnight

With an unexpected five figures to work with, the director of Ferguson Library has big plans to serve his ravaged community.

Emma Stone Looks Flawless In The "Cabaret" Musical


Haunting Aerial Photos Of Ferguson The Day After The Grand Jury Protests

Smoldering buildings and burned-out cars sit alongside the memorial for Michael Brown, photographed from above in Ferguson, Missouri, on Tuesday afternoon.

Chris Evans As Other Marvel Characters

He's played both the Human Torch and more famously, Captain America for Marvel. But what if Chris took on other Marvel roles? An illustrated investigation...

If Hermione Granger Had Instagram

#TBT to that time I turned myself into a cat.

26 Photos That Reveal What Life In Pakistan Is Really Like

“The Pakistan of my memory is filled with beach raves, transvestites, all night dance parties, and Pakistani MTV.”

45 Tips To Help You Join In On TV Conversation At Thanksgiving Dinner

Because are you really prepared to talk about football? WARNING: This post is filled entirely with spoilers!

23 Cosas que nunca podrás hacer

No importa lo mucho que te esfuerces.

"Not An Elegy For Mike Brown": Two Poems For Ferguson

Poet Danez Smith's "Not An Elegy For Mike Brown" and "Alternate Names for Black Boys." Republished with permission.

17 Cat Reactions For Every Thanksgiving Situation

Nobody likes going around the table to say what they're thankful for. Nobody.

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Kristin Chenoweth

The singer, actress, and all-around funny lady takes our Q&A!

Bill Cosby And The "Safe Black"

Thirty years ago, the Huxtables represented an ideal black family — successful, intelligent, and approachable. In the aftermath of Ferguson, today's America doesn't have much tolerance for those who don’t fit into the Huxtable mold.

Texas Court Refuses To Stop Execution Of Schizophrenic Man

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals denied a stay of execution on Tuesday for Scott Panetti, a man who says he is being killed for preaching the Gospel.

Why Lux Atkin Is So Important

Put your hands together for Miss Lux Atkin. The 3 year old legend that has won One Direction Fans and One Direction themselves' heart.

11 Momentos que hacen que la gente con las cabezas pequeñas se arrepientan de haber nacido

Este sombrero no es una expresión de estilo, sino la única manera en que puedo integrarme con la Gente con Cabeza Normal.

62 Thoughts Everyone Has During Thanksgiving Dinner

There's ALWAYS room for dessert.

46 Awesome Gifts For Every Animal-Lover You Know

If you have a cat-lover on your list, consider yourself lucky.

10 Celeb Siblings Who Are Basically The Same Person

It’s time to compare precious Hollywood DNA…

15 Thanksgiving Jokes Your Grandma Will Eat Up

Caution: Fowl language ahead!

23 Musicians Share Their Thoughts On The Michael Brown Verdict

Artists didn't stay silent amid a wave of protests after a grand jury chose not to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of the unarmed teenager.

How Well Do You Know The "Teen Titans" Theme Song?

When there's trouble, do you know who to call?.

What Does Your Coffee Say About You? (infographic)

Thanks to to Griffiths Bros, you can now find out what roast and grind is best for you, and more importantly what it says about you based on how you enjoy that cuppa joe. Do you use an Aeropress, well then you're an entertainer! Find out what your coffee says about you.... Discover more coffee infographics online at

Ferguson's Pain For Three Generations Of Black Mothers

On truth and inching away from despondence, over generations.

7 Types Of People You Get Answering A University Phone Line

"Please wait while I transfer you" *hangs up phone*

What Book Are You Most Thankful For?

This year, give thanks for Gillian Flynn.

Holiday Dinner Disasters

Get through the holiday season with help from America's Funniest Videos. For more, visit

Ray Rice Reinstated As NFL Player

The Ravens running back has won his appeal of his indefinite suspension and will be reinstated, according to the NFL Players Association. The union argued he was punished twice for the same incident.

Uber Security Staffer Went Undercover At Taxi Conference

"They are simply a business that is not following the rules," says taxi boss. Uber defends the stealth move.

The Definitive Ranking Of Reality Show Elimination Catchphrases

The tribe has evicted you from being America's next top model.

8 Facts You'll Be Embarrassed You Didn't Know

Pterodactyls aren't dinosaurs.

19 Things Every Baby Boomer Will Immediately Remember

AARP asked Boomers which people, places, and things defined the generation, and rounded up the best in Boomers 101: The Definitive Collection. Here's a peek inside.

17 Reasons White People Riot

Pumpkins, disco, surfing. No, really.

50 Sexual Orientations That Should Exist If They Don’t Already

Sexual Orientation: Channing Tatum wearing sweatpants.

High School Apologizes For Teen Who Posted "Go Back To Africa" After Ferguson Verdict

The girl's tweet after Monday night's grand jury verdict went so viral her school had to respond.

35 Life-Changing Things Anna Kendrick Tweeted In 2014

Or, why Anna Kendrick is the greatest human on Twitter and also in the world.

Why We Eat What We Eat On Thanksgiving

It truly is an All-American meal.

Premiere: Let Young Ejecta's "Your Planet" Beam You To Your Happy Place

Get lost in the Brooklyn duo's latest italo-disco confection. WARNING: NSFW artwork.

What Member Of Sabotage Are You?

Saddle, up partners, you’re about to ride a horse named Sabotage. No need to worry, it’s a gentle steed. The kind of steed that will probably introduce you to a warlock and a few friendly bears, and then take you out for some Clams Casino. It’s a delicacy, trust us. You’re about to go on a mystical journey, so hold on tight. Find out which member of PHIT's goofiest improv house team you are. The good news is, no matter what you're a total babe.

Girls Look Amazing With Their Real Arms

Skinny arm pose < Real arm pose

Is Your Thanksgiving Dinner Normal?

Take this poll and tell us if your cran is canned.

Soup Sales Improve

Campbell Soup reported better-than-expected quarterly results Tuesday after soup sales rose for only the second time in the last 15 months, bucking pressure for premium and store brand soups. The company reported a 4% increase in revenue to $2.26 billion and a 36% gain in net income to $234 million, or 74 cents per share.

A Paintball Company Is Offering $60,000 A Year To Be A Human Target

Great for those with a "relatively high pain threshold."

19 Cosas que los erizos no son

"No soy un hablador nato. Soy un erizo".

16 Peter Pan Quotes That Will Make You Never Want To Grow Up

“I'm not young enough to know everything.” - J.M. Barrie

This French Bulldog Tripping On The Beach In Slow Motion Will Give You Life

The most action-packed 15 seconds of this dog's life.

South African Court Sentences Man To 30 Years In Prison For Rape And Murder Of Black Lesbian

The brutal murder of Duduzile Zozo forced the South African government to get serious about an epidemic of violence targeting black lesbians.

Last Week Was Lyft's Biggest Ever

As Uber came under heavy criticism last week, its biggest competitor thrived.

Senior Year, As Told By The Grinch

Because college probably makes you a little...Grinchy.

FDA Unveils National Calorie-Labeling Rules So You Can Now Feel Super Guilty About That Second Margarita

The new standards will affect everything from chain restaurants to movie theaters. Also, booze.

20 questões fundamentais levantadas pela repórter entrevistando o "acidentado"

Ninguém saiu ferido durante a reprodução desse meme. Foi apenas uma simulação de segurança.

13 Things Women Want Catcallers To Know

"It's not a compliment."

33 presentes diy que você pode fazer em menos de 1 hora

A única coisa melhor do que um presente feito à mão é um presente feito à mão que você pode fazer a qualquer hora.

Democratic Congressman: Opposition To Executive Action Result Of "Person Of Color Being In The White House"

"So but again, this is just a reaction in Bennie Thompson's words to a person of color being in the White House."

22 situações que toda garota com cabelo curto irá entender

Eu estou bem, mãe. Eu apenas gosto muito de cabelo curto, OK?

17 Dogs Dressed As Turkeys

"Gobble gobble, bitches." —These dogs

If "Friends" Episodes Were About Twentysomething Problems

"I'll be there for you... if there's free pizza."

Soup Sales Improve

Campbell Soup reported better-than-expected quarterly results Tuesday after soup sales rose for only the second time in the last 15 months, bucking pressure for premium and store brand soups. The company reported a 4% increase in revenue to $2.26 billion and a 36% gain in net income to $234 million, or 74 cents per share.

Here Are The Most Powerful Photos From The Ferguson Protests

Stores and police vehicles burned, dozens of people were arrested, and protesters clashed with police after officials announced that a grand jury would not file charges against Officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting Michael Brown. Here are some of the most stunning, powerful images from Monday night into Tuesday morning in Ferguson, Missouri.

Ídolo teen com mais de meio milhão de seguidores sai do armário e oferece ajuda

Ex-colírio da Capricho, Federico De Vitto postou vídeo falando sobre sua orientação sexual e se disponibilizando a apoiar outros jovens LGBT.

32 Struggles Every Single Law Student Will Understand

"One does not simply do the required readings until exam season." From the brilliant (and over-stressed) Law Student Problems.

Key Signature From Con Man’s Ebola Firm May Be Fake

Bio-Recovery, the firm New York City hired to clean up Ebola, has a “chief safety officer” who is a con artist and convicted felon. Now, BuzzFeed News has learned, there are questions about the CEO’s signature on a corporate document. And the con artist has changed his name.

23 desafios que as crianças de hoje dificilmente terão o gostinho de vencer

Assistir televisão até o fim das transmissões.

5 Awesome Women Of Science

Hacker Barbie? These are the real women of science!

Twitter's Latest Feature: A Cash-Back Button On Tweets

The company said it was rolling out "offers" today for Twitter advertisers.

First "Pan" Trailer Promises An Action-Packed Peter Pan Origin Story

Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund, and Rooney Mara join newcomer Levi Miller in a reimagining of the classic story, which files into theaters on Jul. 17, 2015.

9 Comments All Single People Will Hear At Thanksgiving Dinner

"Maybe by Christmas you'll find someone, dear."

Squirrels Got Talent!

Whilst out on a rescue we stumbled upon this chap who was happily playing some music in the woods on his flute...

22 coisas que você nunca reparou nos emojis


Happy Dogs-Giving!

These dogs know how to do Turkey Day right! Happy Thanksgiving!

Las 22 coletillas más repetidas de las series de televisión españolas

Repetidas hasta la saciedad, forman ya parte de la cultura popular. Algunas más recientes y otras más antiguas, con todas nos hemos partido la caja en innumerables ocasiones.

14 Times Rafael Barba From "Law & Order: SVU" Was The Man

Bow down to the King of the Courtroom.

Benedict Cumberbatch's Left Shoulder Is Now Back In The New "Sherlock" Photo

UPDATE: That bad photoshopping situation has been remedied and all is right with the world.

Rachel Johnson Gets Hacked, Calls David Cameron An "Egg-Faced C*nt" On Twitter

Johnson, the sister of London mayor Boris, claims she was hacked. The tweet has since been deleted.

29 Dinge, die Kinder heute nicht mehr kapieren


Bill Cosby Biographer Admits He Should've Included Sexual Abuse Allegations

"I was wrong to not deal with the sexual assault charges against Cosby," Mark Whitaker tweeted Monday night.

Here's What Twitter Looked Like During The Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

People around the nation either mentioned Ferguson or used #Ferguson in their tweets.

12 German Proverbs Translated Literally Into English

Remember: "Only the hard come in the garden".

If Online Media Covered The First Thanksgiving

So much #fresh #content in the new world.

90 pessoas que visualizaram o seu perfil

Pode contar. O meme surgiu no Twitter por causa de um bot que publica a automaticamente a mensagem "status: x pessoas visualizaram seu perfil" em algumas contas.

21 animales increíblemente adorables con sus mejores amigos

Porque los animales son el mejor tipo de amigos.

"Game Of Thrones," Other HBO Shows Coming To China

Under a deal a struck with internet conglomerate Tencent Holdings, HBO shows such as True Detective, Newsroom and others will be available for streaming in China for the first time ever.

17 Celebs Who Dyed In 2014

These stars hit the bottle hard.

Two Female Suicide Bombers Kill Dozens In Northern Nigeria

The blasts hit a crowded market in the city of Maiduguri.

50 Designers Are Reimagining All 50 State License Plates

Ever wish you had a say in what your license plate looked like? Fifty graphic designers dared to dream.

42 Reasons Dogs Will Always Be Better Than Cats

This is why everyone should be a dog person.

11 Pensamientos que surgen cuando ves el nuevo rostro de Doña Florinda

Cómo ha cambiado la esposa de Chespirito con los años. (Y las operaciones, claro está.)

56 Lessons We Learned Speed Dating With Paper Bags Over Our Heads

Apparently this is how people date in NYC now.

17 Questions High School Seniors Are Tired Of Hearing

Shhh, every adult. Shhhhhhhhhhhh.

A Family Listens To Son’s Heart Beating In Another Man

The 21-year-old student's heart was donated to a Vietnam veteran.

Privacy Groups Say David Cameron Wants To Make Social Networks An "Arm Of The Surveillance State"

The approach was "dangerous from a civil liberties point of view," the director of the Open Rights Group Jim Killock told BuzzFeed News.

How Many Hours Of Sleep Should You Get?

Are you getting enough? Find out for sure.

Kate Burton Was In "The First Wives Club" Before She Was A ShondaLand Star

And, unlike Sally Langston, she was getting frisky in bed.

34 photos marquantes des protestations de Ferguson

Les protestations suite à la décision de ne pas poursuivre Darren Wilson ont eu lieu dans plusieurs villes américaines.

« The Walking Dead » S5E7 : le recap en GIFs et en images

Pour des survivants de l'apocalypse, ces gens-là sont quand même bien crédules.

Then And Now: The Cast Of "Freaky Friday"

Spoiler alert: Chad Michael Murray is still hot.

28 Celebrities Who Made 2014 The Year Of The Bob

Just try to make it through this without wanting to cut your hair.

What Song Has Gotten You Through A Hard Time?

"Everybody needs inspiration, everybody needs a song."

21 problemas que solo la gente que habla demasiado entenderá

No es nuestra culpa que tengamos tanto que decir.

21 Reasons You Should Be Thankful For Your Dog

Dogs are the best kind of friends.

17 Dirty Jokes That Are So Filthy You'll Need A Shower

Muahahaha. WARNING: Very inappropriate (and hilarious) language ahead.

Les célébrités réagissent après les protestations de Ferguson

Les protestations ont repris cette nuit à Ferguson et un peu partout aux États-Unis, suite à la décision du grand jury de ne pas poursuivre le policier accusé d'avoir tué Michael Brown.

Police Warn UK Viner Over B&Q Silly String Prank

Essex police visited Brad White at his house on Monday morning to hand over a warning in relation to one of his Vines. But he says it won't stop him causing mischief in public.

16 Times Tumblr Perfectly Described Life As A Third Wheel

"It'll be fun they said. It won't be awkward at all THEY SAID."

We Asked Brits To Label The United States Again, Because It's A Thanksgiving Tradition

Last Thanksgiving we asked our London office to (try to) label all 50 states. The results were varied at best. A year on we decided to see if they've learnt anything since then. Spoiler: They have not.

10 Lame Excuses To Not Be A Feminist

Feminism is for everyone; not just loud-mouthed, short-haired, lesbians who have a victims complex.

22 Difficulties Every Over-Thinker Will Understand

The worst case scenario always come true. Well, sort of. In your head.

Hedge Fund Manager Phil Falcone Leaves Conglomerate With $20.5 Million Severance

Falcone became on the country's highest earning hedge fund managers because of his bet against subprime mortgages in 2007, but soon became mired in legal troubles.

21 formas de mezclar diseños como una blogger de moda

Sin que parezca que te hayas vestido a oscuras.

Lady Gaga's Latest Outfit Is The Craziest Yet

It truly is a sight to behold.

53 Thoughts You Have When Your BFF Gets Engaged

I can't believe I'm really at that "marriage and children" part of life.

David Cameron Attacks Facebook For Allowing Terrorists To "Plot Murder And Mayhem"

The prime minister says US social network and other internet companies must "do all they can" to alert the authorities to potential terrorists because their "networks are being used to plot murder and mayhem".

Parents Warned To Avoid Potentially Harmful "Frozen" Bracelets At All Costs

Nottinghamshire County Council has said the counterfeit snap bracelets could cut a child's wrist.

College President Blames Sex Assaults On Too Much Alcohol And Casual Sex

Donald Eastman III, president of Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, sent an email to all students saying assaults were "always preceded" by heavy consumption of alcohol, and that “virtue in the area of sexuality has its own reward.”

19 Tiere, die keinen Bock auf Menschen haben

Von wegen "der beste Freund des Menschen" …

La verdadera razón por la que hay dobleces en los peleles de los bebés

Este truco para padres cambia por completo las reglas del juego.

19 sehr grenzwertige Motivtorten

Und zwar nicht, weil sie so schön sind!

20 Reasons Why Lorelai Gilmore Reminds You Of Your Own Mom

"Mom, what's for dinner?" "Mom, where's that one shirt I wore that one time?" "Mom, my stomach hurts." "Dad, where's mom?"

The Hardest "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Quiz You'll Ever Take

Can you stand against the questions, the trivia, and the forces of darkness?

Recordatorio: los chicos de "Harry Potter" han crecido

Y por "crecido", me refiero a que están buenos y sin camiseta.

48 Reasons You Should Never Leave Cornwall

Come for the pile of stones. Stay for the other piles of stones.

39 Devastating Moments In The Life Of A Barista

"You look too young to be a barrister." "That's because I'm a BARISTA."

Russia Is Trolling The U.S. Over Ferguson Yet Again


Clinton Shadow Campaign Gets Ready For The Real Thing

How three groups plan to raise unimaginable money, duel Republicans, and deliver a huge email list to Hillary Clinton. A big shift is coming after an unprecedented year.

YouTube Star Zoella's Book Is Finally Out And It's All A Bit Too Much For Her Fans

Those who haven't got their copy yet are getting pretty frantic.

Was die Deutschen nur Google zu fragen wagen

Manches wird Dich überraschen. Und manches auch nicht.

It's Four Years To The Day Since Lenny Kravitz Went Out In This Ridiculously Massive Scarf

A scarf of such magnitude it's caused the internet to lose its mind.

Erdogan: "Männer und Frauen können nicht die gleichen Jobs machen"

Recep Tayyip Erdogan richtete die Bemerkungen an eine Gruppe von Aktivistinnen während einer Konferenz über Frauen in der Demokratie.

Lee Rigby's Murderer Sent Messages Saying "Let's Kill A Soldier"

Michael Adebowale "expressed his desire to murder a soldier in the most explicit and emotive manner" in an online message. The messages were not passed to the authorities.

This Indian Dude Is Going To Visit 12 Countries In 12 Months, And Do 12 Things That Scare Him

Sachin Bhandary is saying BRB to his job and life in Mumbai in favour of a bigger adventure.

16 Schauspieler, die sich für Ihre Rollen komplett verändert haben

Von Gewichtsverlust bis zur Prosthetik haben diese Schauspieler alles getan, um ihre Rollen komplett einzunehmen.

13 Everyday Awkward Moments For Girls Who Wear Glasses

Yes they're real. Please don't try them on.

24 idées de cadeaux pour les amateurs de musique

« La musique est la langue des émotions. »

11 Important Reasons Why Mangoes Are The Most Superior Fruit

You'll have better sex if you eat a mango. True fact.

Facebook Still Has High Hopes For Its Apps That Flopped

New mobile apps launched by Facebook's Creative Labs have mostly been busts. Facebook Product Manager Josh Miller says it's a learning process.

Unruhen nach Urteilsspruch in Ferguson

Nachdem eine Gruppe von Geschworenen verkündete, dass der Polizist Darren Wilson nicht dafür belangt wird, dass er den Jugendlichen Michael Brown erschossen hat, gingen viele Menschen auf die Straße, um gegen dieses Urteil zu protestieren.

23 personnes qui aimeraient bien pouvoir remonter dans le temps

Ils passent sans doute une pire journée que vous.

19 Things Every Londoner Learns When They Move To Bristol

Pirate fancy dress is now the norm.

Peaceful Protesting In Beverly Hills

As protesting erupts all over the United States following the Grand Jury's verdict on Darren Wilson's hearing, watch video coverage from one of the many protests that broke out across Los Angeles, California.

19 Hong Kong Dishes You Have To Try Before You Die

Our favorite HK eats, with a twist.

People Absolutely Love This Imaginary Game Of Ping Pong On The London Underground

Next Tube in 3 minutes? Time to get out the imaginary bat and ball.

23 étapes émotionnelles que l'on traverse après une coupe de cheveux drastique

La coupe garçonne a un coût émotionnel (en plus du prix du coiffeur).

Congressional Black Caucus Slams Grand Jury Decision On Ferguson

The Congressional Black Caucus has strongly denounced the decision late Monday out of Missouri that set off the latest round of protests against the shooting death of Michael Brown.

29 des meilleures photos jamais prises sur des montagnes russes

Certains pleurent sur les montagnes russes, d'autres débordent d'imagination.

Officer Wilson: Michael Brown Looked Like A "Demon" During Confrontation

The officer, who is just shy of 6 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs about 210 pounds, told a grand jury he felt like a 5-year-old holding onto Hulk Hogan during the struggle.

25 Reasons You Are Definitely Kim From "Kath & Kim"

A Cherry Ripe is definitely fruit.

18 Joys And Struggles Of Having A Ridiculously Common Indian Name

We're looking at you Rahul, Yash and Pooja.

21 Things That Could Only Happen In Brisbane

Flooding and swearing. That's about it.

Macklemore Marched In The Seattle Ferguson Verdict Protest

The Seattle-native rapper was spotted marching with other protesters Monday night.

Protests Erupt Across The U.S. After Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

Protesters took to the streets Monday night after a grand jury decided not to charge Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.

10 Struggles Of Being A Whovian

The Who reboot just finished its 8th Series and it's been nothing short of emotional. These are the top 10 reasons we hate to love this show.

Former New Zealand MP Asks If Lorde "Has Epilepsy"

Tau Henare is currently facing backlash for his Tweet aimed at the singer.

An Australian Guesses What Thanksgiving Is

Turkey and alcohol, I guess?

How To Win In The World Of App Dating

Whether you're a seasoned Tinder pro or a first-time user, you're definitely going to want to use this article for source material.

Photos Show Officer Darren Wilson's Bruised Face After Michael Brown Altercation

Photos from the evidence considered by a grand jury showed the Ferguson police officer at a hospital after he fatally shot the unarmed black teen. Medical records showed he was advised to take Aleve if he felt pain.

Test Cricketer Phil Hughes Collapses After Being Hit By Bouncer

The 25-year-old was knocked out and CPR was performed on the field in a state game between New South Wales and South Australia.

The 20 Hardest Parks & Recreation Trivia Questions....ever...

How well do you really know the lovely little town of Pawnee, Indiana? Did you read the book Leslie Knope wrote about the town? Or have watched every single season on repeat, if so then you should be able to do pretty well on this quiz.

Which 5SOS Member Is Actually Your Soulmate?

You've got a one in four chance of ending up with one of them. It's MATHS.

97 Things To Do On Black Friday Instead Of Shopping

Don't get caught up in the hype: do these instead and stay away from the crazed masses.

Weird Ways Couples Say "I Love You"

Because nothing says you care more than a courtesy flush.

Watch These Amazing Huskies Serenade Each Other

Someone's been practicing in the shower!

Meet The Real People Being Affected And Displaced By San Francisco's Housing Crisis

As startups are moving in, longtime residents are being evicted at higher rates than ever before.

17 Times Miley Cyrus Liked Pizza More Than You

Knock knock. Who's there? #pizzaslut

What It's Like To Live Far Away From Your Family

Here's To Traveling Home For The Holidays!

Fall Out Boy Will Release A New Album In January

It'll be called American Beauty/American Psycho.

Live Updates: 44 Arrests Made On Second Night Of Ferguson Protests

Protests continued across the U.S. on Tuesday, a day after a grand jury did not indict Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot unarmed teen Michael Brown. Joel Anderson and Jim Dalrymple II reporting from Ferguson, Missouri, for BuzzFeed News.

Taylor Swift As Famous Cats

Taylor Swift is famous for loving cats and we love her as famous (cartoon) cats. Meow!

How "Friends" Told The Greatest Thanksgiving Love Story Of All Time

Screw Ross and Rachel. It's all about Chandler and Monica!

15 Christmas Costumes That Didn't Need To Be Sexy

Because why should Halloween have all the fun?

The Farmer From "Babe" Totally Bossed It On "Q&A" Last Night

Who knew James Cromwell was such a badass anarchist?

Twenty Moments Every Woman In Her Twenties Knows To Be True

Like, cut us some slack. We're just figuring stuff out.

How Gay Sex On TV Went From Nonexistent To Primetime

Anal hasn't always had a place on television.

A Medal Of Freedom For Golf's Jackie Robinson

President Obama honored 92-year-old Charlie Sifford for the role he played in helping to desegregate the PGA Tour.

Karl Stefanovic Viral Suit Experiment Is Officially Over

The blue Burberry suit sold on eBay.

The Year's Most Inventive Horror Movie Will Awaken Your Childhood Nightmares

The Babadook combines an ominous picture book with a mother pushed to the breaking point, showing how creepy children's literature can be.

GoPro: Kitty-Whack-A-Mouse!

Cat enrichment normally starts with a box … Just add holes and a mouse! Cole & Marmalade sure enjoyed this game :)

Why The Government Supports Everest University's Controversial Sale

The troubled for-profit college chain is set to be sold to a student loan agency with no experience running university campuses. So why is the Department of Education celebrating the deal?

7 Awkward Moments Saved By A Good Relationship

Those hard moments where you realize you just might have found the perfect match.

Washington Bails On Demilitarization After Ferguson

BuzzFeed News on the quiet collapse of a bipartisan response to Ferguson.

Tinder addiction: identifying the 4 types of “swipe” addicts

Are you concerned about your own addiction? Worried you may have matched with an addict? Is your friend an addict? I’m no doctor, but this list should provide ample symptoms for an accurate diagnosis.

Leading LGBT Activist, Obama Donor Accused Of Sex Crimes With Teenager

Terry Bean, a real estate investor who co-founded the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, allegedly had sex with a 15-year old boy in 2013. Bean says he is "innocent of all these charges."

A Top Twitter Executive Just Had A Massive Direct Message Fail

It looks like Twitter's finance chief Anthony Noto thought he was messaging another Twitter executive about buying a company. Anthony Weiner, a prominent victim of the DM Fail, was quick to step in and offer support.

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