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November 13, 2014

How Well Do You Remember "Game Of Thrones" Season 1?

Can you identify these lesser-known Season 1 characters?

The Bizarre Gitches & Bugs From Assassin's Creed Unity

The next-gen Assassin's Creed game launched with some of the most bizarre bugs and glitches caught by gamers. Also SPOILER ALERT!!!

55 Missing People Who Need Your Help

The #FindAMissingPerson hashtag was created to bring awareness to the thousands of people who go missing in the U.S. each year. We challenge you, the internet at large, to help find these 55 missing people.

43 Reasons You Just Can't Go Out Tonight

Let's not and say we did.

Secret Service Agent Chatting On Cell Phone Missed White House Intruder

A new review points to a series of Secret Service failings as the reason Omar Gonzalez managed to penetrate the White House in September.

Walmart Workers Stage Sit-In At California Store Ahead Of Black Friday

The sit-down protest was the first of its kind by members of OUR Walmart, a group seeking better working conditions and pay for workers. A Walmart spokesman said the union-supported protest does not reflect the views of its other workers.

Which Biblical Hero Are You?

Find out where you fit on the God Squad.

The Tinder Job Interview: Swipe Right To Apply

Eoin Conlon’s Art Director left him (for another agency). So he turned to Tinder to find a new (creative) partner. Here are his top ten tips for finding a (creative) partner on Tinder.

Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?

Are you more sugar, spice or everything nice?

It Turns Out Hedge Funds Make Pretty Great Attack Ads

Dan Loeb has moved from the pen to the screen with Third Point's new video aimed at Dow Chemical, a target of the hedge fund. It reads just like an attack ad from a heated political race.

Serial + Miley Cyrus = Amazing

Adnan Syed came in like a wrecking ball.

15 Steps To Schooling A Basic Bitch (with Help From Beyoncé, Naomi, The Queen And Mariah)

'Tis the season to tell a bitch the truth about her/himself.

54 formas para hacer que tu cubículo sea menos desagradable

Tu segundo hogar no debería sentirse como una cárcel.

Driven Local Reviews | Sonos

Driven Local Reviews is a brand new animated web series by Driven Local.

What It's Like Living In Los Angeles

Sometimes it's a struggle - sometimes it's a joy.

Can You Match The Quote To The Disney Character Who Said It?

Let's separate the fans from the masters.

How Gross Are Your PDA Habits?

You're not alone.

19 Year Old Rocks Carrie Underwood Hit

Mary Sarah, 19, covers "Something In The Water"

New Politics' "Everywhere I Go" Music Video Is Mind Blowing - Literally

Watch the Danish alt-rockers new action packed clip. It features breakdancers, fire, professional skater Ben Hatchell, DCD2 Records label mate LOLO and Christian Serratos, an actress from The Walking Dead.

CEO In Charge Of West Viriginia Mine That Killed 29 People Could Get 31 Years In Prison

Don Blankenship is facing conspiracy charges for his role in the worst U.S. mining disaster in 40 years.

How Well Do You Know Teen Slang?

Are your eyebrows on fleek? Can you even? Find out now!

Awkward Moments Only Girls Will Know

Anything involving liquid eyeliner. It's IMPOSSIBLE.

Key GOP Senator Says He Thinks Obama's Attorney General Nominee Will Be Confirmed

Sen. Orrin Hatch, a member of the Judiciary Committee, added, however, that the confirmation hearings should wait until the new Senate takes office in January.

How Many Cooks Is Too Many?

Sure, it takes a lot to make a stew. But what is "a lot"?

29 Of The Toughest Parenting Questions Answered

Shaming? Spanking? Circumcision? BuzzFeed Life asked parents where they stood.

A Touching Perspective Of Life In Vietnam

Photographer Gianpaolo Arena represents daily life in Vietnam with a sensitive and sincere eye.

24 Truly Heartbreaking Moments From Your Mexican Childhood

Seriously, though... those last ten minutes of Selena... ::sniff::

23 Personas que merecen un premio por no complicarse la vida

Porque no hay ningún problema que no tenga solución.

This Is The Muscle On A Man That You Never Knew You Loved So Much

The trapezius is perfect in every single way.

18 Reasons Why Evolution Is Totally And Completely Fake

If evolution does exist, then why are these dingalings allowed to keep muckin' everything up?

25 situaciones que solo entenderás si has tenido una relación a escondidas con alguien

Estás en una relación, pero sin los beneficios de estar en una relación. Que comiencen los altibajos de las emociones.

Kate Middleton And Prince William Meet One Direction

It's unclear whether the U.K. will ever be the same.

13 Root Vegetables That Look Like Rupert Murdoch

We know your secret, Rupert. High starch content.

Le classement des films gays et lesbiens les plus torrides

Parce qu'il y en a marre des films où il faut attendre un petit bisou pendant deux heures.

Introducing The Hot New Trend Among Men: "Lumbersexual"

It's like metrosexual, only the opposite.

Can You Guess The Celeb's Age?

He/she is in their ... late twenties? Actually, no clue.

The 32 Most Ridiculous Reasons Real Couples Have Broken Up

Everyone has a little George Costanza in them.

The Definitive Ex Survey

Got a long list of ex-lovers / They'll tell you I'm insane.

Proof Charli XCX Has Perfect Taste In Music

She just gets it. And by it, I mean music because this is a post about her favorite music. Duh.

21 Cats Who Will Make You Want To Live Better

If they can do it, so can you!

11 fotografías inspiradoras de una competencia de baile en silla de ruedas

Éstas son del 'Campeonato europeo de baile deportivo en silla de ruedas' en Lomianki, cerca de Varsovia, Polonia, el 9 de noviembre.

Committee Recommends Relaxing Ban On Gay Men Donating Blood

HHS Advisory Committee votes 16-2 to let men who have not had sex with a man within one year to donate blood.

The Terrifying Truth About Being Single

Unless you'd rather be drinking toilet wine...

27 dicas para quem quer ter plantas em casa e não tem "dedo verde"

Você não vai conseguir matá-las tão fácil e elas vão deixar sua casa confortável e estilosa.

27 Faces All Lesbians Will Recognize Immediately

The classic "analyzing your alternative haircut from a distance" face.

29 Vintage Images That Show A Different Side Of Pakistani Life

There's so much more to Pakistan than what's shown on the news.

Immigration Activists On Executive Actions: It's Not Enough

They acknowledge the lives Obama will affect with long-awaited executive actions to slow deportations, but say parents of DREAMers must be protected.

What's Your Trick For Beating Writer's Block?

I hear handstands get the blood flowing to your brain.

Why You Should Go See Seth Rogen's "The Interview" On December 25th

A Seth Rogen movie about a Kim Jong-un assassination attempt?!

Jennifer Lawrence Sang On Letterman And She Was Hilarious, Obviously

This girl could burp for an hour and people would love it.

27 Things All '90s Kids Were Thankful For

Mainly for when your Furby shut up.

19 Things That Happen When You Date A Smoker

Sometimes we love people despite their habits.

No Jail Time For Teen Who Took Photo That Led A Rape Victim To Commit Suicide

The accused was ordered to register a DNA sample, apologize to Rehtaeh Parsons' family, and it was suggested that he take a sexual harassment course.

Which One Tree Hill Couple Is Your Ideal Relationship?

Always and Forever, or do People Always Leave?

21 Foolproof Ways To Instagram A Chestnut Praline Latte

Everyone STAY CALM and keep Instagramming.

16 Reasons Gugu Mbatha-Raw Is Slaying The Scene

The star of Beyond the Lights is the best British import since Cumberbatch.

Can You Make It Through These 25 Sam Winchester GIFs Without Swooning?

You already know Dean Winchester is swoon-worthy. But the younger Winchester brother is just as hot.

This Is What Popping A 20-Year-Old Zit Looks Like

Good-bye, old friend. NSFW or life. Or anything. Also, potentially triggering if you suffer from dermatillomania.

The Ultimate Facebook Drinking Game

*sees that someone is listening to Mumford & Sons on Spotify.* *takes a shot.*

Ed Miliband Calls On Premier League Teams To Offer The Living Wage During Facebook Q&A

In a Facebook Q&A, Miliband also said that his perfect Sunday would involve no work and spending time in the park with his family.

Bono's Private Jet Lost A Door Mid-Flight

"He was extremely lucky, the plane could have gone down." The U2 singer's private jet lost a door mid-flight en route from Dublin to Berlin.

Los 23 mejores carteles de la historia

Estas personas entendieron todo.

11 perros que se sienten muy felices porque están sentados en coches

En realidad ahora puedes comprar un libro repleto de fotos de perros en coches. Aquí hay 11 de ellos y las historias que los acompañan. Las cuales puede que me haya inventado.

Which '00s TV Show Are You?

Are you more Marissa Cooper or Veronica Mars?

When The Best Online Dating Starts Offline

Once a way to widen our romantic circles, online dating is turning to more familiar faces.

Garth Brooks Stopped His Concert Midsong And Gave His Guitar To A Cancer Patient

Brooks was performing his hit song "The Dance" when he spotted something incredible in the crowd.

The Wikipedia Pages You Read Could Help Predict Disease Outbreaks

Scientists have found that tracking visits to Wikipedia articles about some diseases can spot when outbreaks are happening.

This Turkey Duo Is Refusing To Go Down Without A Fight

The turkeys are coming! The turkeys are coming! H/t NBC Connecticut.

24 Reasons Why Elementary School Teachers Deserve More Appreciation

Do you know how long it takes to get sticky tack off a wall?

21 Beauty Tricks For Makeup Addicts In Training

Highlighter is gonna change your cheekbones' life. Inspired by our collaboration with Birchbox!

23 Reasons Why Scientists Have Their Priorities All Wrong

This comet thing is cool and all but...

Grandpa Joe From "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory" Is The Internet's Most Hated Man

A deep dive into one of the internet's most peculiar grudges.

Can You Identify These Famous Paintings?

Are you an art geek or an art novice?

17 Roommate Commandments To Abide By

Honour thy roommate, knock before entering.

The 37 Best And Worst Things About Winter

It's the most wonderful time of the year... except when it's not.

Top Republican In The Dark On New Military Force Authorization Plans

Sen. Bob Corker, the ranking member on the Foreign Relations Committee, says he hasn't spoken to Chairman Bob Menendez about any plan to vote on a new AUMF.

23 Faces Every Pizza Lover Is Guilty Of Making

NO, you cannot have a slice.

This Week’s Signature Songs, State By State

Here are the songs that defined America from Nov. 4 to Nov. 10, presented by BuzzFeed and Spotify. A state’s “signature song” is not its most popular, but its most distinctive — that is to say, the one that residents of that state streamed proportionally the most as compared with the U.S. as a whole.

23 Awards Every Twentysomething Actually Deserves

We should all get a little somethin' somethin' for checking our voicemails.

19 Unbelievably Laughable Book Fails

Obviously Twilight is a true story.

Lyft Will Begin Courting Corporate Clients With "Lyft For Work"

Lyft is launching a new service called Lyft for Work that companies can use to give employees a monthly Lyft credit to commute to and from work.

Florida Executes Man Who Raped And Killed His 10-Year-Old Stepdaughter

Updated: Chadwick Banks was convicted of raping and fatally shooting the girl moments after killing her mother. The Supreme Court refused to stop the execution.

Watch This Camel Steal This Guy's Lunch From His Car

A camel's got to eat when a camel's got to eat.

Fellas, Take Notes

My boyfriend Kris likes to surprise me with flowers every once and a while. Every time he does it, he nails it! Just today I received a beautiful bouquet of roses along with a YouTube link on my card. ...Fellas, take notes.

Obama Executive Action To Protect 5 Million From Being Deported

President Obama plans to use executive actions in order to overhaul the nation's immigration enforcement policies. Republicans said he is cutting them out of the policy change and will work to oppose it.

Kentucky Democrat: Grimes Lost Votes By Not Admitting She Voted For Obama

"I think that — people, voters want to know where you stand, where you are, and they want to feel they can trust what you say."

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Alyssa Milano

The host and actor takes our Q&A!

What Food Network Stars Looked Like When They Launched Their First Show

Like fine wines, some chefs get better with age.

Kim Kardashian Needs Some Linda Belcher In Her Life...ASAP!

Move over, Kris... enough of this nonsense, time for some MOM-sense. Alriiiight!

A Farewell To Arms? Walmart Unveils "New Black Friday"

The retailer says it has a whole new kind of Black Friday — five days of deals. It's a move away from the late-night stampedes and #WalmartFights.

BuzzFeed WKND: 11.16.14

Let's get this weekend started.

8 Things Only Loud People Understand

Whisper?! What does that even mean? Starring GloZell.

People Have A Lot To Say About The Scientist Who Wore A Shirt Covered In Half-Naked Women During The Comet Landing

And now a journalist who tweeted about it is being told to "jump off a cliff." Because of course.

10 YA Retellings Beyond Fairy Tales

You can’t enter a bookstore without tripping over a modern day Cinderella or Snow White. But with a little looking, you can also find Romeo and Juliet, Robin Hood, and Jane Eyre as well. Here are 10 of our favorite young adult literature retellings – beyond the fairy tales.

This Disturbing Video Shows How Unlikely We Are To Intervene When We See Domestic Violence

It's another social experiment, but this one really works: What would you do? Contains NSFW language and distressing scenes.

The World's Best Version Of Speed Dating Takes Place In The Niger Desert

It's part beauty contest, part dance-off, and entirely woman-led.

The World's Different Reactions To Kim Kardashian's Butt

Looks like the plan to "break the Internet" is working.

23 Dogs With Better Blowouts Than You

Step away from the blow dryer.

21 caras que todas las personas solteras reconocerán de inmediato

"¡Por lo menos no hay nadie que me distraiga de terminar esta pizza!"

The "Gilmore Girls" Are Reuniting And Our Hearts Can Barely Take It

Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino are doing a Gilmore Girls reunion at the ATX Television Festival in 2015.

14 Gems Of Wisdom From Eric Matthews In Real Life

Will Friedle, aka Eric Matthews from Boy Meet World, recently joined the Twitter world, and we're all better off for it.

The Ben Carson Super PAC Is Pretty Lucrative If You're Running It

The Draft Carson campaign has spent millions this year on fundraising, and paid close to $236,000 to Vernon Robinson, the effort's campaign director.

Brown's Family Criticizes Gov. Nixon For Not Addressing Police Brutality In Ferguson

"Law enforcement should have been equally condemned by the governor," lawyers for the Michael Brown's parents said on behalf of the family.

12 Important Life Lessons Kevin Malone From "The Office" Taught You

A mistake plus keleven gets you home by seven!

How Well Do You Know World War One?

Time for a history test.

How Much Of A Megalomaniac Are You?

Is power your major goal in life? Do you believe you're worthy of a monument? Do you spend your evenings planning how to conquer the world? Well, maybe you suffer from megalomania!

New Tape Of ISIS Leader Appears To Prove He Was Not Killed In U.S. Airstrike

In the recorded audio, Baghdadi promises to expand the Islamic State across the Middle East.

Dr. Oz Asked Twitter For Health Questions And It Backfired Spectacularly

"What has been your most profitable lie for money so far?"

23 Pleasing Things Every Shy Person Loves

Do you hear that? It's called silence.

17 Dogs Who Just Experienced Their First Snow


Three Experimental Therapies To Be Tested With Ebola Patients In West Africa

There's no control group, so every patient at a research site is eligible for experimental treatment.

Hilary Swank Returns — And Kicks Ass — In "The Homesman"

"People will say, 'Why don’t we see more of you?' Well, because there’s a lack of scripts that are interesting to me," the two-time Oscar winner told BuzzFeed News.

Esta mujer prepara comidas asombrosamente hermosas para sus hijos

Anne Widya crea pequeñas obras maestras para sus hijos.

Ces croquis des créatures de « Harry Potter » sont à couper le souffle

Et vont hanter vos pires cauchemars. À retrouver dans le livre Harry Potter : The Creature Vault.

56 Thoughts Everyone Has While Shopping At Bed Bath And Beyond

What do every single one of these candles smell like?

10 Comet Finds You Can Own

If all of this news about The Rosetta Landers successful hook up with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko has has sparked a desire for a few Comet items, we've got you covered.

Prueba definitiva de que tus artistas favoritos son illuminati

Tarde o temprano la verdad siempre sale a la luz.

Father Sings To His 3 Day Old Son

Chris Picco singing Blackbird to his 3 day old son, Lennon.

Do You Know What Your Favorite NPR Hosts Actually Look Like?

Brought to you by the Herman Miller Aeron chair. Now available in True Black.

14 Things All Musical Theater Nerds Need In Their Lives

Defy gravity all you want, but you can't defy these.

10 Shows On Netflix You Should Have Watched Already

Also, all of these shows have already ended, so you don't need to worry about keeping up with them on your DVR! Yay!

21 Juicy Burgers That Will Ruin You For All Other Burgers

AKA a step-by-step guide to getting blessed by the burger Gods.

22 Socially Awkward Situations For Single People

Remember: You are not a third wheel – you are a unicycle and they are your training wheels.

35 regalos personalizados perfectos para obsequiar este año

Regalos tan únicos como las personas a las que vas a obsequiárselos.

If We Were Actually Honest On Snapchat

I'm using words to cover my zits.

Tories Prepare To Outspend Labour As They Receive Over £500,000 A Week In Donations

The Conservatives received nearly £7 million in donations between July and October.

28 Faces All Cats Will Recognise

You know what it's like when your human looks at other cats on Instagram.

20 grandes dilemas abordados pelo programa "Fala Que Eu Te Escuto" no Twitter

Spoiler: a terceira alternativa geralmente é a resposta.

Here's How Big The Comet We Landed On Actually Is

It's probably a good thing the comet we landed on won't be paying a visit to Earth.

"Tiger" On The Loose Near Paris Is "Not A Tiger," Authorities Say

Police and fire officials have been searching for a creature after reports of a tiger on the loose in the Seine-en-Marne district.

28 raisons pour lesquelles 28 ans est le meilleur âge de la vie

Vos parents commenceront peut-être à vous voir comme un(e) adulte. Mais probablement pas.

20 artículos con temática de gatos que necesitas comprar ahora

También podrías tirar todo lo demás que tengas.

Julien Blanc Will Not Be Allowed To Enter The UK

The pick-up artist, who teaches men they can pick up women by harassing and abusing them, is apparently planning to arrive in the country later this month. Updated: Sky News reports that his visa will be blocked by the Home Secretary.

Whose Butt Are You Anyway?

Oh my god, Becky.

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Buys Duracell From Procter & Gamble

Berkshire will exchange its Procter & Gamble stake for the battery business as the consumer products conglomerate seeks to shrink.

45 Reasons You Should Never Leave Cheshire

Two-tier shopping, beautiful countryside, and outstanding pubs. What more could you want?

13 choses que tous les gens avec des horaires bizarres comprennent

Vous ne pouvez jamais sortir avec vos amis, mais au moins, personne ne vous emmerde au bureau.

30 estágios pelos quais todo mundo passa ao tomar umas bebidas depois do trabalho

“Esta é de longe a vez que eu fiquei mais bêbado na vida.”

World Cup Inquiry Clearing Qatar And Russia Of Corruption Is Criticized

American lawyer Michael Garcia, whose 18-month investigation formed the basis of the inquiry, has disowned FIFA's interpretation of his report.

Dog Stories

Everyone love dogs. Read some of the best dog stories here.

19 pensamentos que todo mundo tem quando está sozinho em casa

A primeiríssima coisa... TIRAR a calça.

The One Book Every "Serial" Fan Should Read

Why Janet Malcolm’s The Journalist and the Murderer is essential reading for Serial listeners.

Deutschland, Land des alltäglichen Rassismus

Oder ab sofort und auf der ganzen Welt. Der Grund? Sie sind rassistisch und verletzend.

One Direction há quatro anos versus One Direction hoje

Quanta diferença alguns anos podem fazer.

33 Brilliantly Blunt Pub Signs That Will Make You Want A Drink

Let's not get too clever, we just want a pint.

Arkansas Governor Will Pardon His Son's Felony Marijuana Case

Kyle Beebe was charged with pot possession in 2003 and served probation. He wrote a letter to his father asking for a pardon.

Las 28 peores cosas que podrían pasarle a un fumeta

Calada, calada, calada, calada, calada, calada... ¡PÁSALO, TÍO!

What Combination Of Hogwarts Houses Are You?

Does your badger have the wisdom of the eagle? Is your inner lion subtle like the snake?

Brave Shopkeeper Fights Off Robber Armed With A Machete

"He got me three times, but I used the pole twice and got him once on the shoulder and he ran off empty-handed."

Top White House Adviser: "We Believe In The Process" On Keystone

In an interview with BuzzFeed News on Wednesday, Valerie Jarrett steered clear of telling Capitol Hill what to do on the pipeline. The White House said Thursday the administration has a "dim view" of plans to vote on Keystone.

No, The White Widow Was Not Just Killed In Ukraine, Despite What The British Papers Say

"There's more chance of confirming that Bin Laden was fighting there."

White House Makes Sharp Pitch For Men To Fight Campus Sexual Assault

Top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett in an exclusive BuzzFeed News interview on the newest iteration of the White House's It's On Us anti-sexual assault campaign.

Kim Kardashian Inspired One Of The Funniest Twitter Wars In Bollywood History

"I can't understand why no actress in Bollywood has butt like Kim Kardashian. It's totally disappointing."

27 Things That Will Happen At Every Jewish Wedding

The klezmer band turns up, the couple enters a tent, glassware gets broken, and we're off!

20 Reasons It's Impossible To Lose Weight Living In India

Caution: Indian food porn ahead. Side-effects may include uncontrollable drooling.

The Definitive Ranking Of Australia's Theme Parks And Water Parks

Since it's summer, you're definitely going to want to know which park is best.

Channel 4 News' Economics Editor Went On A Rant At Banks And People Absolutely Loved It

"I'm actually just sick of that corner. That corner over there, where RBS HQ is. I’m just sick of it – after six years, why do we keep having to come and do it?"

21 expressions faciales que tous les insomniaques reconnaîtront

Arrêtez de me dire que j'ai l'air fatigué(e) !

17 Struggles Of Having An Irish Name

It's spelled A-I-L-B-H-E. Yep, B-H-E.

This Professor’s Emotional Reaction To A Probe Landing On A Comet Is The Definition Of Pure Joy

“Sorry, sorry, now I’ll try and be a professional scientist…”

7 Gründe, nicht am November in Deutschland zu verzweifeln

Pullover-Figur schlägt Bikini-Figur. Immer. Vergesst einfach, dass wir einen Monat das deprimierendste Wetter des Jahres vor der Tür haben.

The Sainsbury's Christmas Ad Is Absolutely Gut-Wrenching

The annual supermarket Christmas feels competition is possibly getting out of hand.

Paper Mag a publié une autre photo de Kim Kardashian entièrement nue

Apparemment, elle tient vraiment à casser Internet.

This "Shirtfront" T-Shirt Perfectly Sums Up The G20

The perfect gift for a man who won't wear a shirt.

Exclusive: Hear Snippets From The Veronicas' New Album

Spoiler Alert: The album is full of bangers.

20 Filipino Music Artists You Need To Listen Right Now

Time to refresh your playlist with awesome Original Pilipino Music artists of today! (NOTE: This is not a definitive ranking.)

24 Things All Young Adult Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

Back away from my reading habits.

Obamacare Architect Says Health Law Passed Because Of "Stupidity" Of American Voters

Economist Jonathan Gruber made the controversial comments at several different academic events. The White House says it disagrees with the remarks, and "they're simply not true."

56 Facts You Need To Know About Dubbo

Best town in the world, FACT!

Reasons Why You Should Keep An Eye On Aussie Comedian Frenchy

You may not want to take Frenchy's dating tips, but you can't deny his humour is one of a kind.

This Girl Found The Perfect Way To Help Her Sister With Cancer

When five-year-old Jordyn Miller was worried about her hair falling out her little sister Charli used a pair of tights to make her feel better.

What's Your Supervillain Name?

Everyone needs to unleash their inner Supervillain sometimes. I'm "The Dark Abomination" thank you very much.

13 Times Johnny Depp Looked Nothing Like Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has portrayed everything from a heartthrob to a Mad Hatter and many things in between. More often than not, his roles require layers upon layers of makeup in combination with very un-Depp-like outfits. Take a look at some of his most notable disguises through the years below.

21 Things Only People From The Gold Coast Understand

It's Australia's answer to Las Vegas... or something.

Celebs Reactions To Kim's Break The Internet Photo Shoot

What celebrities were thinking when they saw Kim's Break the Internet Photo Shoot.

What Is The Best Mr G Quote?

"Welcome to the magical world of drama!"

21 Things Nobody In Retail Wants To Hear On Black Friday

"Can you check if there are any left in the back?" *rolls eyes*

22 Things You Need To Know About Margot Robbie Playing Harley Quinn In The Suicide Squad

The 24-year-old Australian beauty is said to have been cast as one of the most famous characters in the DC Comics universe: Harley Quinn. And here's why it's great...

The Cast Of "Clueless" Then And Now

They are the polaroid of perfection. Inspired by this post.

15 Things We Learned From Dean Ray, Australia's Most Reluctant Pop Star

"I don't fit one genre. The genre that I write is sort of almost a genre of its own."

The Pros And Cons Of Being A Superhero.

Being a superhero might not be all that great.

Quiz: Are You Vegas Lancaster?

Slow down buddy. We're going to find out together if you are Vegas Lancaster from The N Crowd. Take both quizzes and find out.

The Cast Of "Clueless" Then & Now

They are the polaroid of perfection.

40 Thoughts I Had While Watching Maroon 5's "Animals" Music Video

This video brought me to a dark place...a dark, delicious place.

Poll: Home And Away Or Neighbours?

You can only choose one.

The Secret Reason "Criminal Minds" Looks Realistic

It's literally light bulbs. Behind the scenes of the Nov. 12 episode, "Hashtag." Mild spoilers for that episode.

Beautiful Retro-Inspired Posters For Season 8 Of Doctor Who

Artist Stuart Manning has created an impressive piece of art for each episode of the newest season. Keep scrolling for close-ups of each poster!

13 Times You Realized You Are Squidward

Best resting bitch face out there.

Is Your Penis Normal?

There's all kinds of penises out there — you might be more normal than you think.

This Is What The Cast Of "Family Guy" Looks Like

Yes, Cleveland Brown is voiced by a white guy.