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November 20, 2014

13 Celeb Siblings Who Are Honestly The Same Person

It’s time to compare precious Hollywood DNA… Inspired by this post!

Michael Brown's Father Asks For Calm As Ferguson Awaits Grand Jury Decision

"No matter what the grand jury decides, I do not want my son's death to be in vain."

15 Kinds Of People You Meet In Film Class

"Pain is cinema. Cinema is pain."

Thieves Have Stolen Hundreds Of Bras From A Tourist Attraction In New Zealand

The Cardrona Valley Bra Fence is a local attraction in New Zealand, but thieves have recently begun cutting off the bras and fleeing with them.

Nation's Largest Subprime Auto Dealer Hit With $8 Million Fine

The country's top consumer cop finds that DriveTime harassed customers, reported inaccurate information to credit bureaus, and refused to fix errors.

13 Reasons Olivia Pope Is Basically A Goddess.

Yeah. we know your secret, Olivia.

Accused Men Say The System Hurting College Sexual Assault Survivors Fails Them Too

Sexual assault survivors across the country say they were treated unfairly by their schools. An increasing number of men seeking legal action after being suspended for sexual misconduct say the process is also failing them.

The Best Vernon Davis Memes Of All Time

49ers TE Vernon Davis is a character. Which makes him perfect meme material.

Obama Expands Legal Status To Millions Of Undocumented Immigrants

More undocumented young people and the undocumented parents of U.S. citizens will get temporary legal status. How the decision to go ahead was made, and why the parents of DREAMers aren't included.

Block Of GOP Senators: Wait Until January To Fight On Immigration

"All the decisions we make between now and the end of the year will be under a microscope."

Iggy Azalea Offered A Sharp Defense Of Women In Music After Eminem Rape Rhyme

"I'm bored of old men threatening young women as entertainment."

Emily Thornberry Has Resigned From The Shadow Cabinet Over A Tweet

The shadow attorney general resigned following controversy over a picture she tweeted.

The Founder Of Sweet Peach Is Actually A Woman And She Doesn't Want Your Vagina To Smell Like Fruit

Update: A 20-year-old woman has come forward and said that she's actually the CEO of Sweet Peach — and that the company's mission was completely misconstrued.

Five Guantanamo Bay Prisoners Sent To Europe

The detainees have been transferred to Slovakia and Georgia as part of President Barack Obama's continuing efforts to close down the camp.

Lemony Snicket Sparks Outrage With Offensive Comments

The A Series of Unfortunate Events author has come under fire for making racist jokes at the 2014 National Book Awards ceremony.

The BuzzFeed App: Made With Material For Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop and Material Design represent a major shift for Android from both a design and technical implementation perspective and a brand new challenge for us as designers and developers.

18 Nightmare Creatures That Are Too Scary To Exist, But Do

If you're squeamish or scared of spiders, proceed with caution.

The World's First Stalker Drone Could Be Upon Us Soon

The Mind4 Kickstarter seeks funding for a smart drone to "follow any subject precisely".

How Gross Are You And Your Significant Other?

Peeing with the door open: totally fine, or the worst thing in the world?

Is This Golden Retriever Still Haunting Your Dreams?

This golden adorably failed his obedience test and won our hearts.

Tesco Will Change How It Displays Tabloid Newspapers Due To Pressure From Campaigners

Campaigning by No More Page 3 and Child Eyes has forced a change in the supermarket's methods of presentation.

34 Books By Indian Authors That Everyone Should Read

India is amongst the largest and most diverse countries in the world – here are a few authors who have made the most riveting attempts at the impossible task of capturing it.

Uber Sought To Hire Opposition Researcher To "Weaponize Facts"

A document obtained by BuzzFeed News points to taxi industry targets, not journalists. Bullet points, not bullets, a spokesperson says.

Child Finger Amputations Lead To Recall Of Nearly 5 Million Strollers

Child product manufacturer Graco has received reports of finger injuries, including six finger amputations.

27 cosas que las friolentas entienden

"Pongamos el aire acondicionado a lo Ártico".- jefes

A New Delhi Girl Was Murdered By Her Parents For Marrying Outside Her Caste

HT reports that the 21-year-old student was murdered by her parents and secretly cremated, just three days after she was wed.

Are You Ready For Winter Travel? Video + Quiz

Colt Sebastian Taylor goes over some things you should have in your car and a few other tips for winter travel.

25 Passive-Aggressive Notes That Belong In A Museum

Sometimes you want to be mean, but not like, too mean.

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Eric Andre

The comedian takes our Q&A!

Sheffield United Retracts Training Offer To Convicted Rapist Ched Evans

Following a string of high-profile criticisms, the club's offer was retracted this evening.

18 Secrets Jews Won't Tell You About The Holidays

Eighty-two percent of Jewish households have never had a Christmas tree. The 18% who do call it what it is.

25 Clubs You Wish You Could Join

Um...or maybe not...

16 Things It's Okay To Not Have Figured Out By Your Thirties

Dating, relationships, and human interaction in general. Illustrated by comedian Mo Welch's "Live From Lombard" cartoon series.

What's Your Worst Public Speaking Experience?

A toast! To offensive jokes and farting on stage!

17 Books For People Who Hate People

When you're done reading, gift them to someone who could use the paper cuts.

The Day I Stopped Believing In God

How learning about death changed everything.



Jamie Oliver Fed His 12-Year-Old Daughter An Ultra-Hot Pepper As Punishment

The celebrity chef reportedly tricked his daughter into eating a very spicy pepper by mixing it with her apple.

"Hunger Games" Star Willow Shields Reveals Which District Celebrities Belong In

Find out which District Taylor Swift would *actually* belong in.

A Dad Who Tied A Motorcycle To A Rope Swing Is Living The Dream

The rest of us can only hope to one day find this much happiness.

Here's A Really Great Video About Stanley Kubrick's Use Of The Colour Red

It was sent to us by Rishi Kaneria, who once did this awesome supercut of Pixar films.

18 maneras perfectas y adorables de dar buen uso a tu gato

¿Quién dijo que los gatos no sirven para nada?

What Beth From "The Walking Dead" Would Be Like In Real Life

Emily Kinney dishes all about what Beth would be doing if she wasn't living in a zombie apocalypse.

15 Things You Should Thank Your Parents For

Thank you for teaching me how to write a check.

Poll: When Do You Start Listening To Christmas Music?


We Found The White Van Man At The Centre Of A Political Storm And He's Confused

The Rochester & Strood resident is a bit baffled that Ed Miliband is discussing his flag arrangement. He's not planning to vote.

Ukraine Wants The Weapons The U.S. Has Promised

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will discuss potential lethal aid to the Ukrainian government in Kiev on Friday. Russia has already sounded ominous warnings.

43 Reasons To Wish Joel McHale A Happy Birthday

With all the laughs he's given us, it's the least you can do

Outrage After High School Principal Tweets “Every White Girl’s Father’s Worst Nightmare Or Nah?”

Assistant Principal Amy Strickland said she didn't find the tweet on interracial couples racist. Angry students staged a walkout.

20 De las más chistosas reacciones del pueblo mexicano sobre la mansión de la Primera Dama

Televisa les manda a decir que envíen su Currículo, que ellos le llamaran.

Mike Nichols' 11 Most Iconic Contributions To Movies

The filmmaker, who died Wednesday at the age of 83, was behind some of cinema's most famous moments and images.

Imagine A Remake Of The Movie "Big" With Evan Rachel Wood And Darren Criss

You don't have to. Tom Hanks would approve of this Funny Or Die sketch with Evan Rachel Wood playing the lead.

16 problemas que sĂłlo pueden comprender las mujeres con periodos sĂşper abundantes

Hermanas de sangre para siempre. O, al menos, hasta la menopausia.

15 Questions That Every Texan Gets Asked When Going Out Of State

The Stars at Night Are Big and Bright. Deep In the Heart of Texas.

This Teenage Avril Lavigne Look-Alike Wishes She "Didn't Have Sex With You"

"I wish I didn't have sex with you-uuu / I should've snapped your dick in twoo-ooo."

13 Charts That Perfectly Describe Living In Florida

That's not a dog; that's a mosquito.

My Lifelong Obsession With Pokémon Has Thrown Me Into Existential Despair

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are delightfully familiar. Not just because they're great games, but because they STILL don't address a million basic questions, like why nobody ever poops.

Your Choice: The History Of Women's Empowerment Through Birth Control

Throughout history, birth control has been a controversial subject.

Si todos fuéramos honestos en Instagram

"Solamente vine aquí para poner esta foto en Instagram".

23 Things Every Jewelry Store Employee Knows To Be True

Ma'am, I'm going to need you to back away from the diamonds.

How To Take A Coffee Nap

Sometimes you just need a nap. Here's how to make it count.

The Definitive Ranking Of The Parents On "Parenthood"

Which of these characters would you trust with your kids?

Live Video: Obama's Speech On Immigration

President Obama is delivering a televised speech on immigration Thursday at 8 p.m. ET.

Here Are The 2014 National Book Awards Winners

The winners were revealed at the 65th National Book Awards ceremony.

38 Random And Totally Bizarre Yahoo Answers About Gay People

Yahoo users seem to have some really serious questions about gay men and their lifestyle.

10 Meteorites You Can Totally Own (if You Have Lots Of Money)

Now you can own a piece of space matter. Fair warning: Space stuff costs a pretty penny...if you have a well filled with them.

14 Things All Holiday Babies Know To Be True

Oh, the agony of a Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's/etc. birthday.

Can You Guess Which Colleges These Famous Musicians Attended?

These musicians were just like us...before they went to tour the world and stuff.

Blowing People's Faces Off

This video will blow you away

Three British Terrorism Suspects "Planned To Behead A Member Of The Public"

Nadir Ali Sayed, Yousaf Shah Syed and Haseeb Hamayoon were arrested in the build-up to Remembrance Sunday.

17 Times Opossums Were The Unsung Heroes Of Cute

They deserve some lovin' too!

19 Dogs Who Have No Idea What They're Doing

Fake it 'til ya make it, amiright?

21 mapaches que te mostrarán lo que significa ser tierno

Son los chiquitines más adorables de los alrededores.

Are You Type O?

Enough of Type A and Type B, this is the quiz you want to take!

This Week’s Signature Songs, State By State

Here are the songs that defined America from Nov. 11 to Nov. 17, presented by BuzzFeed and Spotify. A state’s “signature song” is not its most popular, but its most distinctive — that is to say, the one that residents of that state streamed proportionally the most as compared with the U.S. as a whole.

39 Things That Look Like Boobs

(But are not actually boobs.)

Florida State Student Saved By Books During Library Shooting

An FSU student found bullets lodged in his library books following the campus shooting on Wednesday night.

Transgender Women In Ohio Are At The Heart Of A National Crisis

In Ohio, four transgender women have been killed in the past 20 months.

21 Things Only Girls Who Are Addicted To Nail Polish Know To Be True

*nail chips an hour after you just painted it* = life over.

25 Dinge, die jedes Mädchen kennt, dem ständig kalt ist

"Lasst uns mal die Klima-Anlage auf 'sibirisch' stellen." – Büro-Kollegen. Immer.

Can You Match These "Twin Peaks" Quotes With The Character Who Said It?

I have good news. That gum you like is going to come back in style.

10 Goals Every Squad Should Have

SQUAAAAD UP because the crew has some goals to accomplish.

22 Struggles Every Girl With Short Hair Will Understand

I'm fine, Mom. I just really love short hair, OK?

10 Lifehacks To Avoid Germs

Germs lurk in some unexpected places that are super common. Here are 10 places where germs love to reside but tips on how to evict those tiny bastards.

25 Gingerbread Treats To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

Sugar, spice and everything nice.ginger

Everest University Campuses To Be Sold To Controversial Student Loan Guarantor

The for-profit-college operator, plagued by complaints from students and regulators, is shutting down. But the planned new owner of its schools has problems of its own.

12 Astonishing Aerial Photos Of Brazil's Worst Drought In 80 Years

The severe dry season has left the Cantareira system – reservoirs that provide water to 8 million Sao Paulo area residents – with its lowest water level on record. Daily rationing is becoming common in the region's smaller cities.

After 39 Years In Prison Based On A Child's Lie, An Ohio Man Has Been Released

Ricky Jackson spent nearly four decades in an Ohio jail because of the false testimony of a 12-year-old boy. "I can’t believe this is over. I'm coming home."

Lebanon's Most Outspoken Politician Wants To Talk To You On Twitter

When Lebanon's Druze leader Walid Joumblatt joined Twitter three weeks ago, no one expected him to be such a hit. He tells BuzzFeed News about how his cheeky, irreverent tone has earned him a new audience.

An ESPN Student Reporter Is Under Fire For Making A Jameis Winston Joke During The FSU Shooting

The reporter, who is part of an internship-like program with ESPN, then claimed she got hacked and deleted her account.

Britain First Banned From Holding Conference

Paul Golding, the leader of the far-right group, says "left-wing fascists" are to blame.

El trailer de 'Pitch Perfect 2' es absolutamente perfecto

La espera finalmente ha llegado a su fin.

This Powerful Photo Series Contrasts The Daily Diets Of World Elites And Their Subjects

"Power Hungry", by artists Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin, brings inequality through history into sharp relief.

Here's How Many People Are Using Drugs In The U.S. Right Now

This real-time chart visualizes drug use in America.

University Of Warwick: Where Should I Live Next Year?

Looking for a house for next year, but don't know which area to choose? Take the quiz and find out where you should live in 2015/2016!

There's A Connection Between "Casper" And "American Horror Story" That Will Blow Your Mind

There's no way anyone noticed this. Also, this post contains spoilers for Season 1.

11 Suggestions We Wish Netflix Would Make

We could all use a little help from personalized algorithms.

17 ocasiones en las que los hermanos Hemsworth te han hecho desear estar saliendo con los hermanos Hemsworth

¿Hombre más atractivo del año?Más bien ~hermanos~ más atractivos de toda la eternidad.

9 Genius Tips To Save Your Color-Damaged Hair

It gets better! You probably won't have to buy a wig! (Probably!)

No Indication ISIS Is Recruiting In Our Camps, Says UN Refugee Chief

There no evidence of "meaningful recruitment" by ISIS in UN camps, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said on Thursday. But previous reports show that recruitment is definitely taking place in other camps.

25 Times Tom Hiddleston Stared Deep Into Your Soul

He's looking right at you, and only at you, always and forever.

Indiana Gift Guide: FTK (For The Kids)

The holidays are coming up: check out the greatest Indiana-made gifts Hoosiers could ask for!

Jay Leno Cancels Appearance At Newtown Group's Gun Show

Jay Leno decided to cancel his appearance at a firearms convention after learning that the sponsor is based in Newtown, Connecticut.

GOP Congress Member: No Military Authorization Before The End Of 2014

The lawmaker also said that this September's measure to train and arm Syrian rebels was mostly for show.

17 Everyday Things Made Instantly Cozy

Cozy is a lifestyle. Get your sweaters and hot cocoa ready!

No One Found Guilty In Egypt's First Trial Over Female Circumcision

An Egyptian Court handed down a not guilty verdict on Thursday, for a doctor who was believed to practice FGM. Human Rights Groups in Egypt say the verdict is a major setback.

A Day In The Life Of An Agoraphobic

"I have two states of being: sheer panic and total atrophy."

20 Momentos incĂłmodos que solo una persona miope ha experimentado

No importa si son gafas o lentes de contacto, igual lo ves borroso todo. Mundo injusto.

21 ratons laveurs adorables qui égayeront votre journée

Il ne leur manque plus que la voix de Bradley Cooper.

BuzzFeed WKND: 11.20.14

Ready, set, weekend.

19 Cats Who Clearly Kept Up With The Kardashians

Quotes courtesy of the Kardashians, kittens courtesy of Cashcats.

21 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes For Lazy Cooks

Be thankful for slow cookers and crescent roll dough.

U.S. Will Not Deport People From Ebola-Affected Countries

People from the three West African countries who are residing in the U.S. will be granted temporary protected status.

33 regalos de bricolaje que puedes hacer en menos de una hora

Lo único mejor que un regalo hecho a mano es un regalo hecho a mano que puedas improvisar en un momento.

These Homeopathy Doctors Are Angry They Weren't Allowed To Treat People With Ebola

And people are angry with the newspaper that decided to air their views.

The First "Pitch Perfect 2" Trailer Brings Back Your Favorite Song

The sequel sends the Barden Bellas to the world championship! And the whole gang is back.

This British Truck Driver Who Hates Traffic Is Going Mega Viral

BuzzFeed meets Arthur, who does not like being stuck in traffic. Some NSFW language.

Thai Students Arrested For "Hunger Games" Salutes, Film Screenings Axed

Three university students in Bangkok were detained by police for the salutes — which have been adopted by opponents of May's military coup — on Thursday. At least two screenings of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I" have been canceled in the Thai capital.

Voici les montagnes russes les plus hautes du monde

« Allez-y, je vous attends ici ».

23 Things Only People Who Live With Their BFF Understand

"OK meet me in the kitchen in 10 seconds."

Rhapsody CFO: Taylor Swift Is Right — Free Streaming Is Bad For Music

"Freemium" services like Spotify send the wrong message to consumers, Rhapsody Chief Financial Officer Ethan Rudin says. "To artists and labels out there, if you want to be with a streaming service, go with a paid one."

11 Filipino Drama Cliches That Need To Be Stopped

SPOILER: The kontrabida becomes good in the end.

21 Britons Have Had Their Passports Confiscated To Stop Them Joining ISIS

The government can strip Britons of their passport on the grounds of public interest.

Sunken South Korea Ferry Operating Company Chief Gets 10 Years

The operator of the Sewol ferry had been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of more than 300 people.

Normcore Lives On: Gap CEO Stands By "Dress Normal" Campaign

Gap's soon-to-be CEO acknowledged the campaign is a "work in process," but the company is "really excited about elements of it."

Antes vs. Ahora: El elenco de "Moulin Rouge!"

¿Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?

23 Photos That Will Make Mechanics Angry Every Single Time

Customer states: they're probably an goddamn idiot.

Oscar-Winning Director Mike Nichols Dies

His career credits include films and shows such as The Odd Couple, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and The Graduate.

Haryana Police Finally Arrest 'Godman' Rampal After Two Week Standoff

After the arrest, five women and an infant were reportedly found dead in the Ashram.

21 images envoûtantes d'écoles abandonnées

Des lieux à la fois angoissants et fascinants.

18 Signs Drunk You Is Your Own Worst Enemy

Like the hangover wasn't enough of a sign.

TV-Sendungen, die Du nur kennst, wenn Du ein Ost-Kind bist

Ihr habt doch auch die DVDs zu Hause.

22 cosas sobre los emojis de las que nunca te diste cuenta


26 Signs You've Been Single For Way, Way, Way Too Long

♫ Soaring, tumbling, third-wheeling ♫

Former Northern Uproar Guitarist Killed In Road Accident

Jeffrey Fletcher played on the band's hit "From a Room" and died in a road collision in Stockport on Monday.

Cette « Barbie normale » arbore cellulite, vergetures, acné et tatouages

La poupée a aussi des accessoires additionnels tels que des grains de beauté, des taches de rousseur, des points de sutures, des égratignures et autres cicatrices.

Regardez ces trois grand-mères fumer de l'herbe pour la première fois

Une vidéo qui prouve que tous les gens défoncés ont faim, peu importe leur âge.

So steckst Du Dich mit den gefährlichen Krankenhauskeimen an

Es ist schlimmer, als offiziell bekannt. Immer mehr Menschen in Deutschland sind durch die multiresistenten Keime bedroht. Das zeigen Recherchen der Journalisten von, der ZEIT und ZEIT ONLINE und der Funke-Mediengruppe.

How Two Rival Schools Became One In The Midst Of Tragedy

A well known rivalry between the University of Florida and Florida State University came to a pause early Thursday morning, all thanks to an anonymous app.

Which Henry VIII's Ex-Wife Are You?

Were you divorced, executed, or separated by death from that stud-muffin Henry?

The 22 Stages Of Going On A Road Trip In Australia

Trees, trees, paddocks, trees, silo, trees, cow, horse, trees.

23 choses que celles qui ont toujours froid comprendront

« La clim est en mode "Arctique" aujourd'hui ou quoi ? »

Watch This Indian Slam Poet Powerfully Capture The Lengths We All Go To For Validation

"The fear of being alone makes these hands and this mouth do a hundred dirty things."

25 Struggles Only Avid Readers Know To Be True

"I'd rather be reading" is your motto.

Three Injured And Gunman Killed In Shooting On Florida State University Campus

The alleged gunman was identified by the AP as Myron May, a lawyer and former FSU student. The incident took place in the Strozier Library while hundreds of students were inside. Update: One of the injured students was paralyzed in the shooting, and a friend started a fundraiser Sunday to help pay for medical expenses.

19 Reasons Rose From "Titanic" Is A Feminist Hero

Let's face it: Rose DeWitt Bukater is a social rebel and pioneer for equality.

Jim Webb Launches 2016 Exploratory Committee For President

The former Virginia senator is the first candidate of either party to launch an exploratory committee and accept direct contributions for a 2016 bid.

12 Times Blair Waldorf From "Gossip Girl" Spoke The Truth

Yes, this Queen B did spread more than just gossip.

28 Things "The Simpsons" Taught You About Australia

As seen in the iconic episode, Bart Vs Australia.

Buffalo Bills Ask Fans To Help Shovel Snow Out Of Buried Stadium, But It Could Take Weeks

The Bills made an offer to fans Wednesday after a record lake-effect snow event: come shovel the stadium for $10 an hour and get free tickets to the game.

Bill Cosby Pressured AP Reporter To "Scuttle" Interview Of Sex Assault Questions

"I would appreciate it if that was scuttled," Bill Cosby said during a recent interview after sexual assault questions were raised.

17 Places Worth All Your Vacation Days

Quit the job, sell the house, and dip into your savings because these places are waiting for you.

Things That Should Be A Thing

Changing the world, one BuzzFeed post at a time!

MTV's "Untitled Whiteness Project" Is Not What You Think

The documentary's director, Jose Antonio Vargas, spoke with BuzzFeed News following the backlash against one of its casting calls. "This is not the only ad we're going to put out there."

Read The Immigration Talking Points The White House Sent To Dems

"Taxes and background checks aren't amnesty. That's accountability. Doing nothing — that’s amnesty."

This Intense Re-Cut Of "Aladdin" Will Make You Want To Watch It Again

Proving that if you put serious music to anything it makes it 1000x crazier.

The 41 Best Triple J Like A Version Covers

It's a Friday morning. You're listening to the Js. The hottest thing in music is about to perform a cover. Is it hot or not?

A Moderate Palestinian Group Struggles As Hope For A Two-State Solution Wanes

The American Task Force on Palestine cancels its annual gala and prepares to downsize as it faces an uncertain future.

A Definitive Ranking Of Taylor Swift's "1989"

Although the lyrically talented beauty released "1989" to uber success and the entire album is pure gold, let's rank the songs from best to worst (loosely speaking). If you disagree, then shake it off or comment below!

Summer Vs. Winter

6 Months can make a big difference.

Quick-N-Dirty Run-Down Of How To Use Bitly For Your Personal Branding Initiative

A short and sweet overview of what Bitly is, what it can do, how to use it, and what it can mean for your professional and even personal endeavors.

Clive Palmer's Poetry As Motivational Posters

Before turning to politics, Clive Palmer showed us there really is a heart of gold under that tough facade. Poetry quotes courtesy of

The Cast Of "Clueless" Then & Now

They are the polaroid of perfection. Inspired by this post.

13 Reasons Nathan Scott From "One Tree Hill" Is You First Love

Because there's only One Tree Hill and one Nathan Scott.

How Normal Are Your Porn Habits?

A pornucopia of questions.

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

Watch This Cockatoo Lose Its Shit

We'll have what she's having.

Uber CEO: Rapid Growth Responsible For Latest Employee Errors

The transit company has faced questions over how it safeguards its users' location data. BuzzFeed News reports from Las Vegas on CEO Travis Kalanick's keynote address at a conference on Wednesday.

The Secret To Nicole Richie's Success

After being thrust into the spotlight thanks to reality TV and tabloid journalism, the 33-year-old entrepreneur took her career into her own hands. Here's how Richie crafted a brand of which she could be proud.

Boy Shocked By Electricity Says He Has Superpowers Like Magneto

A Russian boy claims to have "magnetic powers" after an incident where he was electrified and thrown across the pavement.

This Is The Only Oreo-Dunking Hack You'll Ever Need

Can I submit this for a Nobel Prize?

27 Dogs Who Just Can't Get Enough Of The Snow

Sure, for their human companions the snowfall has been horrible, but for these dogs its all about fun!

NYU To Offer Scholarships For Undocumented Students

The pilot program is the first of its kind at the university, and will be available to incoming freshmen residing in New York beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year.

11 Pieces Of Advice For The "Real Housewives"

Dr. Obvious here, at your service.

13 Awkward Photos Of Families In Matching Outfits

These families brought picture day to a whole new level.

Can You Identify The Britney Spears Song From Just One Lyric?

Put those years of car karaoke to the test.

Republicans Warn Obama Not To "Circumvent" Congress As Iran Talks Deadline Nears

"Unless the White House genuinely engages with Congress, we see no way that any agreement consisting of your administration's current proposals to Iran will endure in the 114th Congress and after your presidential term ends."

The Try Guys Try European Swimwear

These swimsuits are experiencing some serious shrinkage…

18 Things Only Food Perfectionists Understand

Don't you fall apart on me, sandwich.

These Talented Guys Perform 26 Genres Of Music From A To Z

Bet you didn't even know some of these genres exist!

Billboard To Count Streaming In Top Albums Chart

For the first time, the Billboard 200 will include streaming data.

7 Creative Cardboard Crafts

Because you'll need to do something with all those holiday gift boxes

How Well Do You Know New York State?

Are you in an Empire State of mind?.

5 Other Times Kim Kardashian Tried To Break The Internet

Break the Internet? It wouldn't be the first time.

Are You On The Naughty Or Nice List?

Santa knows when you're awake (because you were stalking your ex on Facebook).

Sen. Al Franken Demands Answers From Uber After BuzzFeed News Report

The Minnesota senator called an Uber executive's remarks about targeting journalists "troubling."

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