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    Posted on Nov 20, 2014

    Without Using Any Words, This Video Perfectly Captures What It's Like To Be An Addict

    A perfect visual metaphor for chemical dependance.

    This poignant video was written, directed and animated by Adreas Hykade and really shows what it's like to be an addict.

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    One day you're walking along as usual, and something catches your eye. It beckons to you, but you keep moving, unsure if you should partake.

    But it comes around again, and this time you stop and debate what to do.

    Oh, what the hell! It'll be fun. And one time is harmless, right? And, oh! What a high!

    You keep thinking about it and going over the experience in your head because it was so magical and wonderful and ugh. And then, there it is again. Why not chase it a little longer?

    And the high is just as great, but you come down a little harder.

    But now you love it so much and you don't care, you're just running for the next high.

    Even though you don't get as high and the comedown is hard, it's still the greatest and you're left wanting more.

    Now you're fiending. Chasing that first high.

    Life is just grey and meaningless without it.

    And even though it doesn't get you high like it used to, you still crave it.

    You're stuck in this cycle.

    What now?