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    Posted on Nov 20, 2014

    10 Goals Every Squad Should Have

    SQUAAAAD UP because the crew has some goals to accomplish.

    1. Go on a restaurant road trip

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    Whether it be visiting every White Castle in the country ala Harold & Kumar or channeling your inner Guy Fieri and visiting well-known food establishments in a particular city, the squad should map up a legitimate cuisine project.

    2. Have a TV show and/or movie

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    ...and make it a good one because you guys are all committing to this work of art like a car needs gas. Having a show to look forward to every week or a movie all the members of the squad can quote like a prayer ensures tons of conversation and tons of heavy internet meme/fan fiction stalking.

    3. Get tickets to a trashy daytime TV talk show

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    This goal ensures a road trip, some scandal, a good laugh, and perhaps some free shit.

    4. Find a Friends inspired hangout spot

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    Whether it be a local bar, restaurant, or coffee shop like Central Perk, the squad should have a meeting ground.

    5. Make a meal together

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    Food is always the answer. You can always go out to eat, but actually finding a recipe, gathering ingredients, and cooking a meal will not only be a bomb bonding event, but it will also reveal much about every individual member of the squad (ex. patience, cooking skills, etc).

    TIP: Add alcohol; mimosas if it's breakfast/brunch, wine if it's dinner.

    6. Become roommates

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    Honestly, squadding up as roommates could result in the best OR THE WORST experience ever (it reaaaaally depends). Regardless, it beats living with the parental units.

    7. Have a social media stalkfest

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    With this goal, I am not encouraging being completely consumed by social media. It isn't really too productive and it's essential to live life to the fullest. However, having a social media stalk-fest every once in a while will have you all kept up with the Kardashians. While you may check up on people (mutual friends, high school classmates), I define a social media stalkfest more as a search for all the hilarious trends and memes that are floating around all the different social network channels.

    8. Get matching jackets

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    As the great Kevin Gnapoor once proclaimed, "WE'RE GONNA LOOK SO KICK ASS WHEN WE ROLL INTO SPRING FLING WITH OUR NEW JACKETS" Matching is too squad to function. It not only instills a new level of squad pride, but it also makes the squad look official AF.

    9. Throw a BANGER

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    The squad should be able to plan the logistics of a party and execute it efficiently. A party is another way to discover the different strengths within the squad. No matter how tight the squad is, planning will not always be rainbows and butterflies. By the time of the actual banger, nevertheless, any unpleasant technicalities will become a thing of the past and the squad will be stronger than ever. #theturnupwillbeREAAAL

    10. Travel together

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    It's time to PEACE OUT CUB SCOUTS!!!! Whether it be Spring Break, Winter Break, or legitimately planning a week where every member of the squad is free at any point of the year, squad vacays are A MUST. Traveling with a solid crew of people gives one a chance to escape the normality of day-to-day life, while tightening the squad's bond and creating life long memories.

    TIP: For the "life long memories" part, the squad should HEAAAVILY document the experience.