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November 4, 2014

17 Secrets People Who Basically Live On Instagram Won't Tell You

There's no such thing as just taking one selfie.

Ebola Death Toll Rises In Sierra Leone After Virus Thought To Be Contained

Medical burials were reportedly underway for 30 new deaths on Tuesday in a mountainous area where the virus was thought to have been defeated.

The Life And Times Of Gough Whitlam Celebrated At Memorial Service

Australians come together to farewell the 21st Prime Minister.

13 Times Selena Gomez Slayed The Red Carpet

SLAYLENA IS BACK. And she is here to stay.

40 Thoughts You Have At A Sex Toy Party

Awkward. Just so much awkward.

24 Dogs Who Are Total Dawgs

Complete animals.

12 "How We Met" Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In True Love

A dozen meet-cutes better than a Kate Hudson rom-com.

Adam Pally Reacts To 19 Situations Every Jewish Person Has Been In

Now you know the perfect answer to when your Bubbe asks you if you've found that special someone yet.

Viola Davis Is Proud Of Her "How To Get Away With Murder" Sex Scenes

On Ellen, the actor explained how she — and her mother — get through her most scandalous scenes.

15 Facts That Will Change The Way You Think Of Poverty In America

Just because it can be hard to see doesn't mean it's not there.

Poll: What Are Your Views On Marriage?

Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a hooooorse and carriage... ♬ Or DO THEY?

Prosecutors Say Alex Rodriguez Paid Cousin To Keep Quiet About PED Use

The Yankees star allegedly paid his cousin nearly $1 million to keep his secret, according to documents filed in federal court.

Una clasificación definitiva de las princesas de Disney

Si no estás de acuerdo, ¡te invitamos a que las reclasifiques!

15 Things All Never Nudes Know To Be True

"I understand more than you'll... never know."

Everything You Need To Know About The US Election

David Leonhardt, editor of The Upshot, offers an animated look at the six states to watch...

Everything You Need To Know About The US Election

David Leonhardt, editor of The Upshot, offers an animated look at the six states to watch...

The 38 Stages Of Being A Film Student

Final Cut Pro = Death.

Watch Things You Wish You Could Say At The Gym

Um sir, your incredibly loud grunting is going to need to stop.

Watch Things You Wish You Could Say At The Gym

Um sir, your incredibly loud grunting is going to need to stop.

There Was A Late-Term Demon Abortion On "Sleepy Hollow"

A solid argument for being pro-abortion rights. Warning: Contains spoilers for "Deliverance" and also horrifying pregnancy GIFs.

The "Harry Potter" Cast At The First Vs. Last Premiere

Put on your Time-Turners, and be prepared to be blown away.

"Black Widow" Comic Writer Wrote 6 Pages Of A Hypothetical Black Widow Movie

Nathan Edmondson came out in support of a campaign Black Widow fans have started for a Black Widow movie.

39 Overly Adorable Kittens To Brighten Your Day

Not sure if you can handle this bomb of adorable.

Ariana Grande Has Officially Ditched "Cute" For "Hot"

"Love Me Harder" is Grande's newest (and hottest) music video yet.

Is It Too Early To Get Into The Christmas Spirit?

How soon is too soon to hear those sleigh bells ringaling?

23 Valerie Cherish Quotes You Need For Everyday Situations

Hello, hello, hello, Val! The Comeback comeback is nigh.

Poll: What Is The Best Sean Paul Song?

This is the vote that matters, America.

30 Deliciosas arepas que vas a querer comer inmediatamente

No hay manera de resistirse a este divino platillo tradicional de Venezuela y Colombia.

If Mark Corrigan Quotes From "Peep Show" Were Motivational Posters

"Frosties are just Cornflakes for people who can't face reality."

25 Pictures That Prove Love Is Real

Who cares who's watching when you're in love? Photographer Tommy Ga-Ken Wan captures those precious moments between lovers he's never met from around the globe.

42 de los más importantes cachorros de todos los tiempos

No hay nada más importante en el mundo que los cachorros.

27 People Who Clearly Know How To Party

Sure to spice up any occasion.

21 Photos That Are Basically Porn To People With Wanderlust

When you can't actually travel, dreaming about it is the next best thing.

Watch Lea DeLaria Of "Orange Is The New Black" Confront An Anti-Gay Preacher On The Subway

"Don't come at me because I went to f*cking Catholic school for 12 years and I know every line," the actor shouted at a subway preacher in a video obtained by TMZ.

32 Celebrities Who Want You To Get Out And Vote

You still have time! Let these celebs persuade you.

15 Books You Hated Reading As The Only Black Person In Class

Class discussion? How about not, though?

The Surfer Turned MMA Fighter Running For Mayor Of Kaua'i

Will Chancellor, author of A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall, remembers his childhood home of Hawaii and the first time he met the man fighting to save the "Garden Island."

Why The Candle Diet Is The Worst Diet Ever

You can't survive on Yankee candles. Even if they are America's favorite.

The Flynn-Friedman Wedding Final Countdown

No real details will be provided here. But you knew that, right?

Poll: Should Journalists Vote In Elections?

Do you think someone can vote for a political candidate and still report the news in an unbiased way?

21 Reasons Why Matthew McConaughey Is More Than Just All Right, All Right, All Right

The world would be a better place if we were all Matthew McConaughey.

Important: There Is A Third Franco Brother

No, this is not a joke about James Franco.

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): LeAnn Rimes

The singer, reality star, and actress takes our Q&A!

31 maneiras geniais de trazer o playground para dentro de casa

Nem chuva nem neve impedirão a diversão.

Alibaba Sells More Than Twice As Much Amazon And eBay Combined

The Chinese e-commerce site is just huge, with 307 million customers in the last year. Its Taobao mobile app has more users than the population of Texas.

8 Foods You'll Miss The Most After Studying Abroad In Florence, Italy

A gelato a day keeps the doctor away, right?

Seus personagens favoritos de videogame de infância no passado e agora

Talvez você se lembre como costumavam ser estes personagens do seu vídeo game favorito na infância, mas confira como eles se parecem hoje.

A Woman Did The Same Catcall Experiment In New Zealand And No One Catcalled Her

Walking down the street as a woman is so different around the world.

19 Fall Doughnuts You Need In Your Life Right Now

Sweater weather? More like WARM DOUGHNUT WEATHER.

Emoji Explained By Clueless Adults

"Emojis are like pictures to say what you don’t want to spend time saying.”

22 pensamientos que todos tienen mientras juegan un videojuego de terror

*Apaga el juego después de cinco minutos y se pone a llorar en un rincón*

18 Reasons Max From "A Goofy Movie" Made You Question Yourself

*I'm not attracted to a cartoon character. I'm not attracted to a cartoon character. I'm not attracted to a cartoon character.*

39 Delicious Things You Can Make In A Skillet

Need a reason to put your rusty skillet to use? Consider it done.

Les 20 luttes des personnes sarcastiques

Ce n'est pas tous les jours facile d'être allergique à la connerie.

10 Awesome "He-Man" Moments

I’ve done a lot of awesome things as the protector of Eternia. How about a quick list? What awesome moments did I miss?

"Big Hero 6" Is Disney's Most Diverse Movie Yet

With a biracial protagonist and brilliant women of color, the new animated film breaks down cultural and gender stereotypes in a groundbreaking way.

9 Times Nature Didn't Care About Your Human Feelings

Prepare to be traumatised. WARNING: Some readers may find the following images disturbing.

24 de las barbas y bigotes más extremos que jamás verás

Con la llegada de Movember, es el momento de dejarse barba. El fotógrafo Greg Anderson capta lo mejor de lo mejor en la Competición mundial de barbas y bigotes 2014 de la barba, en Portland, Oregon.

EPIC Cat Fight Compilation!

It's not the size of the cat in the fight, but the size of the fight in the cat!! Check out this compilation of Cole and Marm's fights! … It's adora-brawl … Be scared cancer, be very scared… Marmalion is gonna take you down!

In Case You Forgot To Vote Today

Vote on the REAL issues.

The Definitive "Serial" Obsessive Poll

Calling all armchair detectives. How do your opinions of the Adnan Syed case stack up?

23 Secrets Vegetarians Won't Tell You

No really, we don't miss bacon.

Do You Really Know "The Mindy Project" ?

Mindy fans put your skills to the test!

Kids Dancing To "Shake It Off" Music Video

Here's a music video of some of the most memorable kid dancing videos on the internet all synched to Taylor Swift's 'Shake it Off'

Are You Psychic?

Let's find out...unless you know already, because you're psychic.

This Guy's Extra-Long CVS Receipt Costume Is Literally Perfect

Why does CVS always do this? There's no need for a receipt that long!

23 Señales de que eres Milhouse Van Hounten de Los Simpson

Tu mamá es la única que piensa que eres súper.

How To Go from Hooking Up to Exclusive

The Delicate Art of Exclusivity

The Bushmen Don't Want Your Shit

American Attorney Erin Aebel Returns from Africa & Reflects Upon the Culture of Accumulation

19 London Foods That Will Ruin You For Life

Mind the gap that's been left in my heart.

Adrian Peterson Pleads No Contest To Misdemeanor Charge

The Minnesota Vikings running back appeared in court Tuesday afternoon, where he plead to reckless assault charges. The deal ensures Peterson will not serve jail time.

Ukrainian Rebel Leader's Inauguration Leaves Cease-Fire Deal For Dead

“Many Western countries would be jealous of elections like these.” Max Seddon reports from Donetsk, Ukraine, for BuzzFeed News.

Which "Veep" Character Are You?

All right, Veeple People. Time to separate the Selinas from the Jonahs.

17 Charming But Disturbing Children's Christmas Lists

"Santa Claus may struggle to find a real giant robotic dinosaur, darling." BUT YOU SAID HE WAS MAGIC.

19 Tips To Impress Literally Everyone You Meet

It takes between 34 and 100 milliseconds to make a first impression. Here's how to make it a good one!

Which Of Taylor Swift's BFFs Are You?

Lorde? Lena? Olivia and Meredith?

What Your Favorite Celebrities Look Like Without Photos

This is incredible and eye opening.

19 Things Every Bunny Lover Understands

Oh, what a surprise, your bun tipped his food bowl over again.

20,000 Baby Chickens Die In Pennsylvania Barn Fire

The chicks were five weeks old.

Do You Eat Normally?

The bad news is that you're probably a weirdo. The good news is that everyone else is, too.

Send This Kitten Snoozing In A Cherry Pie To Everyone You Know

You'll probably win a medal or something.

23 Problems You Face When You Have An Inner Fat Person

You try to be good but the fat you wants to eat.

There Is Another Fatberg In London And It Looks Utterly Revolting

This one is in Whitehall. [Insert joke about Westminster stinking here.]

Why Tom Brady Might Just Play Until He's 50

Medical advancements are helping players recover from injuries like The Wolverine.

Do You Know How Many Calories Are In These Alcoholic Drinks?

How much do you know about the energy content of your drinks?

102 Thoughts You Have While Cleaning Out Your Closet

::Channels inner Eminem and cleans out closet:: Not like that, though.

The Secrets Of Monty Burns' Office Have Finally Been Revealed

Now you know what's in that polar bear...

Black Emojis Might Finally Be On The Way

"People all over the world want to have emoji that reflect more human diversity." A proposal has been put in to the consortium that controls emojis that would allow for more diversity in the ubiquitous little icons.

The Story Behind This Haunting Photo Of A Yazidi Girl Fleeing ISIS

"I wonder what will become of her. I wonder what will become of all the others."

Can You Guess The Celebrity's Middle Name?

It may be harder than you expect.

You Won't Be Able To Watch "Elf" On Channel 4 Again This Christmas

Watching Elf used to be a Christmas tradition. Now, not watching Elf on free-to-air TV is a Christmas tradition.

Poll: Who Was The Best James Bond?

Let's finally settle this.

Tell Us Your Patronus And We'll Illustrate It

Dementors are no match for your powers.

19 Semi-Crazy Things You Do When You're Dating Someone New

:: Likes an Instagram picture from 52 weeks back. ::

16 Awkward Interview Stories That Will Make You Cringe

You'll definitely feel better about your own interview after reading about these.

Celebgate Accidentally Makes This New Hacking Thriller Super Timely

Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey play a fan and a star in the voyeuristic new film Open Windows. Thanks to Celebgate, it feels especially relevant.

26 Ways To Satisfy Your Granola Craving

Because breakfast should be just as sweet as you!

Premiere: Hear A Lost Lullaby By Paul McCartney

“Love My Baby” from the McCartney Archives Collection, premiering exclusively on BuzzFeed.

15 motivos para ter orgulho de ser gay

Tim Cook, o presidente da Apple se assumiu e afirmou: "Tenho orgulho de ser gay e considero um dos maiores presentes que Deus me deu", e a gente concorda!

14 Questions The Original "Friday The 13th" Forgot To Answer

Yeah yeah, Halloween's over, but these are important.

An Illustrated Guide To Writing People Of Color

(If you happen to be a person of another color.)

This Chaplain Has A Whole Bunch Of Tattoos And Comes To Work On A Skateboard

Meet Britain's most tattooed clergyman.* *Probably.

25 Reasons You Should Visit The Country Of Georgia Right Now

The views. The countryside. THE FOOD.

Oregon Boy Found Dead After Mother Says She Threw Him Off Bridge

The body of 6-year-old London McCabe was found in the waters of Yaquina Bay. His mother, Jillian Meredith McCabe, was arrested on murder and manslaughter charges.

Los 25 momentos de más angustia en toda la historia

¿Puedes terminar de ver esta publicación sin tener un ataque de pánico?

20 vezes em que as empresas falharam miseravelmente nas redes sociais

Pela criação urgente do botão DESVER no Facebook.

21 Experiences That Every Twentysomething Has With Money

You use contactless because you're not brave enough to take out anything more than £10 at the cash machine.

21 Extraordinary Wedding Traditions From Around The Globe

Love is universal, but tying the knot is different everywhere.

Sean Rad Out As Tinder CEO

The 28-year-old CEO and founder of the hugely popular dating app was fired last month, Forbes reported. He was waiting to give a speech when he got the call.

A Scottish Anti-Poverty Group Is Advertising For Six Unpaid Baristas

The arrangement "seems perfectly appropriate", the director of Common Weal told BuzzFeed News.

36 Devastating Uni Problems All Students Will Understand

"Used all of my socks, now I have no socks to wear to go and wash my other socks."

21 Rules All Toddlers Live By

New foods are never to be trusted.

21 construcciones que se emborracharon y tomaron terribles decisiones

Estos edificios van a tener resacas horribles por la mañana.

19 Gelegenheiten, bei denen Du Emma Watson sein wolltest

Gibt es einen perfekteren Menschen?

Republicans Take Control Of U.S. Senate

The GOP picks up seats, holds on to key governors' races, and winning governors' races in some blue states.

Du wirst nicht glauben, welche die beliebteste "Friends"-Folge ist

Noch überraschender geht's WIRKLICH nicht.

How Filmy Are You In Real Life?

If you love Bollywood like Farida Jalal loves Rohan baba.

Here's Why A Bunch Of People Are Shouting "PARKLIFE!" At Russell Brand On The Internet

You'll be stunned to discover people have found a new and exciting way to take the piss.

New Planning Notices In Brighton

Here are some planning notices for exciting structures desired in Brighton.

8 Ways Animals Are Already Being Affected By Climate Change In The UK

As the UK's climate changes, animals are having to adapt to survive. Some of them are better at it than others.

27 Cosas que solo verás en España

Ocurrencias que te harán morir de la risa.

49 Reasons Tom Hiddleston Will Ruin You For Life

He's a life ruiner and you don't even care.

Two Men Arrested After Violent Anti-Gay Attack On Teenager

The incident happened in Surbiton in the early hours of Saturday morning. UPDATE: Two men have now been arrested.

What If Siri Could Be Jarvis?

Since iOS7, Siri became a little bit smarter. It has now male and female voices, speaks multiple new languages, and responds to some smarter commands, with sarcastic come backs. So, after "Her" premiered, everyone thought to transform Siri into Samantha, which lead to some funny Siri comments.

Emma Stone To Debut On Broadway As Sally Bowles In "Cabaret"

"Life is a cabaret ol' chum so come to the Cabaret!"

This Woman Met Her Anonymous Sperm Donor And They Fell In Love

Aminah Hart and Scott Anderson are both parents to Leila, but they didn't meet until well after she was born.

Where Are The Original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Now?

Because every 90's kid should know.

Two Horses Die Following Melbourne Cup Race

Favorite Admire Rakti collapsed following the running of the "race that stops the nation". Hours later, seventh-placed horse Araldo was euthanized following a freak accident after the race.

Ideology Quizz

are you a liberal, moderate or conservative. warning 40 questions

Powerful Reaction To The Lena Dunham Abuse Scandal

It really makes you think twice.

American Pick-Up Artist Who Teaches Manipulative Techniques Faces Australian Boycott

Julien Blanc teaches men to pick up women by literally choking them.

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

International Cheetos Taste Test

Cheetos vs. the world.

Are You A Good Roommate?

Or is it time for you to find a one-bedroom?

29 Reasons Why Living In Wanganui Will Ruin You For Life

By Sharla May

Which "Faking It" Character Are You?

Fake it till you take it. This quiz, that is.

This Video Sums Up Exactly Why You Shouldn't Pose For A Cool Photo Next To A River

This video ends exactly how you think it's going to end.

Should We Stop Using The Term "Bitch"?

One girl's musings on feminism and semantics

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