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    29 Celebrities That You Find Weirdly Hot

    Weird crushes unite.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their weirdest celebrity crushes. Here's what happened.

    1. Alan Rickman

    2. Simon Pegg and Martin Freeman

    "I have always had a strangely strong attraction to Simon Pegg and Martin Freeman. Maybe it's because they are both funny or English. Either way it would be a hilariously polite three-way." — Submitted by annabananamerritt

    3. Adrien Brody

    4. Conan O'Brien

    5. Adam Driver

    6. Bill Clinton

    7. Bill Nighy

    8. Christoph Waltz

    9. Iwan Rheon

    10. Jeremy Irons

    11. Jason Segel

    12. Robert Irvine

    13. Tim Daly

    14. Jim Parsons

    15. Louis C.K.

    16. Paul Bettany

    17. Sam Smith

    18. Seth Rogen

    19. Elijah Wood

    20. Weird Al Yankovic

    21. Ed Sheeran

    22. Zachary Quinto

    23. Cillian Murphy

    24. Gordon Ramsay

    25. Kevin McHale

    26. Michael Cera

    27. Ryan Stiles

    28. James Spader

    29. Jeff Goldblum

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