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November 28, 2014

El mundo entero se une a darle un último adiós a Chespirito

El reconocido comediante mexicano es recordado con bellos homenajes y mensajes de amor. ¡Hasta siempre, Chespirito!

Ryan Knight Of "Real World: New Orleans" Dies Thanksgiving Morning At 29

Knight was found unconscious on Thursday morning after a night out with friends. The Kenosha, Wisconsin, police are investigating his death.

Beloved Mexican Legend Roberto Gómez Bolaños, "Chespirito," Remembered On Twitter

The Mexican actor/comedian suffered a fatal heart attack in Cancun, Mexico at the age of 85. Beautiful and sad messages flooded social media.

16 cosas un padre o una madre nunca debería enseñarle a sus hijos

¿Conoces esa sensación de cuando le enseñas una cosa a tu hijo por primera vez y luego te arrepientes hasta el final de los tiempos? Pues eso.

Fossil Friday: Pakicetus—The Original Whale

One small step for a mammal, one giant leap for cetacean-kind.

22 Times "Sweet Valley High" Covers Summed Up Sex In Your Twenties

You're a Jessica in the sheets and an Elizabeth in the streets.

37 Things You Already Forgot Happened In 2014

Yes, all of these things happened this year.

22 luchas internas que solo entenderán quienes siempre tienen hambre

Porque llorar de rabia cuando tienes hambre es una reacción totalmente racional.

Janay Rice Tells ESPN Her Side Of The Ray Rice Elevator Incident

Jemele Hill of ESPN of the story on the incident — and the history behind it — that shocked fans and the league.

How 'Disney Revival' Is Your Life?

When will your life begin?

20 Photos Proving That We Should All Be In Paris Right Now

France does that fall season thing correctly.

24 Times Quotation Marks Totally “Changed” The Meaning

Needless quotation marks "always" make things easier to understand.

If 5 Seconds of Summer Tweets Were Motivational Posters

Good tweets are just bad tweets that — oh, let's be honest: all of 5SOS tweets are golden.

Spicy Food Around The World Taste Test

“The spiciest thing I’ve ever eaten is pepper jack cheese.”

18 Personas que se merecen un golpe en la cabeza

Fe en la humanidad = perdida.

20 veces en las que los famosos te quisieron recordar lo ricos que son

Porque tener una mesa de dinero es completamente normal.

6 Reasons Why Manchester Is A Great Place To Study

As a born and bred Mancurian. I feel that I have the expertise to explain just why you should choose our great city to study in. Despite the all too often grey skies there lies educational excellence, fun nightlife and culture within.

Bill Cosby Exchanged Interview To Keep Sex Assault Charges Quiet

The comedian, who has come under fire by numerous women who said he sexually assaulted them, said in federal court records that he offered the National Enquirer an exclusive interview in 2005 in exchange for their not publishing an article.

Em quantas ciladas de fim de ano você sempre cai?


There's A New Tumblr Devoted To Getting Racists Fired

Someone's been watching Harriet the Spy.

We Found A Bomb Defusal Game That Requires Teamwork, Then Had Couples Try It Out

Could your significant other talk you through defusing a bomb?

29 regalos para los amantes del espacio que no son de este mundo

Encuentra algo para tu propio viajero cósmico de cualquier era u origen planetario.

Lost Masterpiece Discovered In Background Of "Stuart Little"

"I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Bereny's long-lost work on the wall behind Hugh Laurie."

Dozens Killed In Mosque Attack In Nigeria

The assaults, which included bombings and gunfire, are similar to those previously initiated by Boko Haram, police and witnesses told Reuters.

This Dog Standing For The First Time In Two Years Will Leave You Speechless

A few of our lucky, furry friends have been experiencing the miracle that is stem cell therapy.

12 Of The Cringiest Things

Things that will make your face contort in the cringiest of ways.

I Went To Old Navy At 3 A.M. This Morning, Because I Could

Old Navy is open for 31 straight hours this Black Friday. The only way to truly understand the reality of a 31-hour workday is to dive in at its darkest hour. So I did.

Sorry, But These Lemurs Totally Won Thanksgiving

There's no way your Thanksgiving was as cute as this. NO. WAY.

The Weirdest Canned Food Taste Test

For all your post-apocalyptic fine dining needs.

12 Reasons Cards Against Humanity Shouldn't Be Played With Family

Oedipus Complex: kid-tested, mother-approved.

Aldi Just Trolled The Hell Out Of Every Shop Offering Black Friday Deals

Supermarket shade is the shadiest shade of all.

17 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About "Bridesmaids"


Tu relación con tu madre cuando eres adolescente vs. cuando estás en tus veinte

Básicamente te das cuenta de que en realidad ella es la que más sabe.

These Two Tory MP Landlords Just Blocked A Bill Banning Revenge Evictions

There were 90 minutes allocated to the debate. Christopher Chope and Philip Davies talked through the whole allocated time.

Which Of These Basically Identical Films Is The Best?

Who says Hollywood is short of ideas?

Here's A Roundup Of Black Friday Mayhem In America

It was a bit more tame in 2014 then in previous years, when general mayhem reigned. Also retailers said they made a fortune.

9 Of The Most Magical German Christmas Markets Across The U.S.

Okay, so not all of us have the luxury of visiting Dresden or Nuremberg this winter to attend one of their amazing Christmas markets. Here are a few stops you can make in the US instead!

14 Times "The Powerpuff Girls" Spoke The Truth

THE CITY OF a very thought-provoking place.

Testing Legal Highs Would Save Lives – So Why Isn't It Happening?

The number of new drugs available is growing at an unprecedented rate. These novel compounds operate in a legal grey area, and the confusion around them is causing widespread illness and death. What happens when the solution to illegal drugs is worse than the problem?

11 Film Posters Improved By Mark Kermode's Scathing Reviews

BBC Five Live's film critic Mark Kermode is famous for his Kermodian rants at the worst cinema has to offer – so we added them to film posters.

Mouth-Watering German Christmas Traditions We Can't Live Without

Because it just doesn't taste like Christmas without Goose, Carp, and Glühwein!

This Is What The Kardashians Look Like Without Makeup

Proof they should go natural more often.

Two Army Officers Killed, 107 Demonstrators Arrested In Egypt

Two senior Egyptian army officers were killed ahead of calls for major protests by the Salafist Front, a group calling for a "Muslim youth uprising" to "topple military rule in Egypt."

34 Photos That Will Satisfy All Perfectionists

The end of this post has a peach getting peeled, and you're going to love it.

13 Menschen, die Dich morgens in der Bahn fertig machen

Als ob es nicht schon alles schwer genug wäre!

21 Fotos, die zeigen, dass Tiere Arschlöcher sind

Es ist ein kurzer Weg von Robben zu Mobben.

37 Awesome "Simpsons" Cameos You May Have Missed As A Kid

A guide to some of the guest spots you might have forgotten.

In Case You Missed Celebrity #ThanksgivingDanceWars

Who knew Duck Dynasty's Willie could twerk like that?

17 Dads Who Totally Won 2014

This was definitely the year of the dad.

Are You On Fleek?

Admit it, you've always wanted to know.

30 Gifts Anyone Obsessed With Food Will Love

Are you perpetually covered in crumbs? Is there pizza grease on your chin? These are the gifts for you.

POLL: What Do You Think About The New Lightsaber In "Star Wars"?

It's got a crossguard, and people have thoughts on that.

15 Adorable Pets Who Are Already Super Excited For Christmas

A few of the submissions from this week's Cute or Not were already in the Christmas spirit. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

26 Tiere, die ihren ersten Schnee erleben


21 bonecos de cera brasileiros que vão mexer com você

O que impressiona são os detalhes.

20 Emojis That Need To Exist In 2015

Here's hoping these are in next year's update.

17 Perfect Gifts For The Healthiest Person You Know

This health and fitness swag is so great you'll want to keep it all to yourself. And maybe even take up running while you're at it. The products in this post were updated in December 2018.

20 crianças que mereciam um prêmio Nobel pelos bilhetes que escreveram

"Multa por ter matado sua filha de vergonha: 1 real".

31 Photos That Will Enrage Every Single Chef

Fair warning, many of these are tickets. And they are the worst of tickets.

23 Productos para todos los amantes de los Post-It

Si te gusta escribir notas para recordar lo que tienes que hacer, esto es para ti.

Russian Ambassador To Britain Welcomes New Propaganda Channel With Bizarre Rant

"In true buccaneering spirit/style of host country they will tear down all walls and shatter every conventional wisdom of chattering classes."

Finland Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

"Feeling proud to be Finnish."

This MP Tried To Stop Children Being Corrupted By Space Invaders In The 80s

"The Bill seeks to control Space Invaders — of the terrestrial kind," said George Foulkes, then a Labour MP.

18 décorations de Noël pour tous les fans d'Harry Potter

Pour ajouter une touche de magie à vos fêtes.

Can You Guess Which Pen Name Belongs To Which Famous Author?

Up next on your reading list: A Tale of Two Names.

Saraiva dá desconto de um centavo em sua "Black Friday"

Reclamações de usuários levaram o nome da marca aos Trending Topics.

¡No vas a poder creer que estos 21 actores aparecieron en videos musicales!

¿Qué héroe de acción bailó en un video de Erasure? ¿Quién fue el rival de Michael Jackson en Bad? ¿Y el demonio de los Guns N' Roses? ¡Sigue leyendo y descúbrelo!

29 Times Everything Was Coming Up Milhouse

"My feet are soaked but my cuffs are bone dry! Everything's coming up Milhouse!"

Which Emoji Should You Be Reincarnated As?

We all know you want to be the dancing lady but you'll just have to wait and see.

This Screenshot-Deleting App Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

Screeny scans your camera roll for unwanted screenshots and allows you to quickly delete them, freeing up space on your phone.

Twitter Wants To Know Whether David Cameron Has A Moustache

About time the prime minister got into the Movember spirit.

ERIEL INDIGO Unveils Controversial New Video

ERIEL INDIGO Galactivated Pop Princess

This Is How David Cameron Is Trying To Stop Immigrants Coming To The UK

EU jobseekers will need to have a job before they can come to the UK, they won't get "in-work benefits" for four years, and it will be harder for EU nationals to bring their partners to the UK. If the Conservatives win a majority at the general election, that is.

21 Dilemmas That Inevitably Happen When You Have Writer's Block

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

31 Faces Every Teacher Will Immediately Recognise

FINALLY THE WEEKEND... now I can catch up on all my marking.

19 Tom Haverford Quotes As Motivational Posters

"Warning: High levels of swagger coming through."

Gunman Killed After Firing At Buildings In Busy Downtown Austin

The shooter targeted multiple buildings in the downtown area, including the Austin Police Department's headquarters. Developing...

19 fois où les célébrités nous ont rappelé qu'elles étaient riches

Parce que se faire une table en billets de banque est tout à fait normal.

The Best Of The Internet's Reaction To Black Friday In The UK

It was bad enough when America gave us Kim Kardashian.

10 Toys That Should Be On Every (Big) Boy's Christmas List

The ultimate guy's Christmas list for 2015.

L'électro française en 16 tubes

De Daft Punk en passant par Phoenix jusqu'à Kavinsky, la France n'est pas que le pays du vin et du fromage.

If Historic Indian Paintings Could Speak They Would Probably Talk Like This

"Come on, Radha, just because he (Krishna) plays music and wears a lot of bling doesn't mean he's gay."

Priyanka Chopra Rehabilitated An Entire Slum As Part Of Modi's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Priyanka and her team took on one of Versova's dirtiest areas.

16 choses qu'aucun parent ne devrait montrer à ses enfants

Vous savez quand vous montrez une nouvelle chose à vos enfants et que vous le regrettez jusqu'à la fin de vos jours ? Bin voilà.

Scottish Nationalists Are Setting Up Their Own Pro-Independence Nightclub Called The 45

People who voted No will be allowed in, but the BBC is barred.

26 Things You'll Never Forget About Primary School

Crayons, PVA glue and so many book fairs - let's go back!

19 connards qui sont allés trop loin

Leurs actions donnent un nouveau sens au mot « connard ».

20 Essential Life Hacks That Are Straight Out Of The 1990s

TL: DR version: you can use Smash Hits stickers for pretty much anything.

18 Reasons Ceilidhs Were The Best Thing About School

They guaranteed a reel-y good time. Sorry.

20 robes de mariée vintage qui ne vous laisseront pas sur la paille

Sublimes et abordables, que demander de plus ?

How To Dress Like Solange This Summer

Let the coolest girl in N'Orleans inspire your summer threads. Afro not included.

On Thanksgiving, Ferguson Looked (Almost) Like Any Other Town

Ferguson took a break from protests Thursday after days of at-times violent clashes with police in the wake of a grand jury's decision in the Michael Brown case.

21 Crazy Future Cars From The L.A. Auto Show

I spent Thanksgiving at the 2014 L.A. Auto Show. This is what I found.

24 Thoughts We've All Had While Watching The Walking Dead

Enjoy, you Lil Ass-Kicker. WARNING: Spoilers Below.

9 Awesome DIY Mosaic Projects

Brighten up your house with these cute ideas!

Where Are The Best Hot Chips In Australia?

*Fries for American readers.

Burrito Bats Are A Thing In Australia

Actually, they're just normal bats dressed like burritos...but boy are they cute.

It Finally Happened! Australian Broadcasters Went To War And It Was Amazing!

If you were too busy watching Beauty and The Geek last night you missed quite possibly the best six minutes of Aussie TV, ever!

13 Things We Learned From CM Punk's Revealing "Art Of Wrestling" Interview

The former WWE superstar, who abruptly left the company in January, reveals why he left professional wrestling.

Yet Another Mass Grave Found In Mexico, President Says Country "Has To Change"

11 headless bodies were found in Guerrero State, the same place where corrupt police abducted 43 students in September. President Enrique Peña Nieto promised to overhaul Mexican law-enforcement.

19 cachorros que não fazem ideia do que estão fazendo

Finja até conseguir, estou certo?

18 inegáveis regalias de ser filho único

Nós somos o número um, somos o número um!

24 coisas que acontecem quando você tem vários grupos de amigos

Agradar pessoas, o dia todo, toooodo dia.

The Definitive Ranking Of 90s Number 1 Singles

The 90s. What a time to be alive. Enjoy this walk down Billboard chart memory lane with every single 90s number one ever. (The year in brackets is the year the song was at number one, not necessarily its release) Here's your 90s playlist.

How The Father Of Soviet Pornography Became A Crusader Against “Gay Propaganda”

“I was the father of the sexual revolution, and now I'm becoming the father of the sexual counterrevolution,” Vladimir Linderman told BuzzFeed News in the Latvian capital, Riga.

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