12 "How We Met" Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In True Love

    A dozen meet-cutes better than a Kate Hudson rom-com.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their sweetest "how we met" stories. Here are the heartwarming responses.

    1. Love at First Beard

    2. A One-Way Ticket to Love

    3. Fainting in Love

    4. Wanderlust and Wander Love

    5. The Lhasa Apso and the Silver Fox

    6. Laughing With a Broken Car

    7. Karate Kick-Start My Heart

    8. Online Romance Outside of OKCupid

    9. The Couple That Sings Together

    10. The One With the Coat

    11. Do You Like Pie?

    12. True Love Lasts Forever

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