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November 24, 2014

"Wonder Woman" Lands New Director Patty Jenkins

Updated: The director of the 2003 Charlize Theron thriller Monster replaces Breaking Bad director Michelle MacLaren, who left the DC Comics superhero movie due to "creative differences."

19 Reasons Matt Kemp Should Be The Only Man You Think About

Well, for starters, because he's Matt Kemp.

Iranian Foreign Minister Strikes Defiant Tone After Failed Talks

Javad Zarif says Iran's goal in the talks is to develop a "serious" enrichment program and win removal of sanctions. BuzzFeed News' Rosie Gray reports from Vienna.

A Bro Sang Into A Goose At A Football Game

A bro sang into a goose at a football game. Sportscasters lose it.

23 People Who Wish They Had A Time Machine

You can never find a flux capacitor when you really need one.

A Paper Called "Get Me Off Your F*cking Mailing List" Was Accepted By A Science Journal

The paper was accepted by the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology, a predatory open-access publication that scams scientists.

A Photographer Captures The Ghosts Of The Soviet Union

Photographer Rebecca Litchfield documents the mysterious and abandoned locations of the former Communist state.

You In High School Vs. You In College

Who knew you could change so much in four years?

13 People On The AMAs Red Carpet Act Out Their Favorite Emojis

We asked attendees of the American Music Awards to give us an impression of their favorite emoji, and here's what happened.

In America's Broken Immigration System, The Best Business To Be In Is GPS Trackers

President Obama's executive actions don't change the fact that thousands enter the country every year. And that means good business for companies like B.I. — which sells GPS trackers.

12 Gifs que muestran el poder de la adicción

¡Wow! Estos Gifs son realmente una locura.

This Picture Of A Baby Gorilla In His Mother's Arms Days Before Dying Will Destroy You

The four-day-old baby gorilla died Sunday at Como Park Zoo in Minnesota.

19 Signs Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Soulmate

As told by Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss.

Freya Newman Escapes Jail Time Over Prime Minister Scholarship Scandal

Newman hacked Frances Abbott's student records leading to the uncovering a dubious scholarship.

Watch The Super Cute Video For The 2016 Olympic Mascots

These little dudes are just so excited that the Olympics will finally come to Brazil.

22 Amazing Nails That Will Get You Into The Holiday Spirit

Not feeling very festive yet? These crazy cool designs will have you decking the halls............and maybe uping your nail game.

Animals Getting Revenge On People

You'll never put an animal in another sweater!

Can You Name This Famous Midriff?

The AMA red carpet was full of celebrities baring their bellies. Can you tell these tummies apart?

Ted Cruz Suggests Joe Lieberman For Next Defense Secretary

"I urge the President to give him full and fair consideration for this critical position."

Hedge Fund Manager Takes A Bold Stand Against Long Lines At Airports

Prominent investor Whitney Tilson did not like his experience with the Hertz counter at the San Francisco airport, so he did something about it. Here's a look at how a few complaint emails from a "well-known shareholder" gets results.

Black Friday Dead At The Hands Of Thanksgiving, "Super Saturday"

The sales really take place on Thanksgiving and Saturday now. But do you really want to go shopping on Thanksgiving?

22 Ridiculously Posh Moments From "Posh People: Inside Tatler"

The BBC Two documentary took viewers behind-the-scenes at Britain's most aristocratic magazine.

The Definitive Ranking Of Every Episode Of "The Wonder Years"

"What would you do if I sang out of tune?"

Cat and mouse

Cat and mouse

12 Reasons Rasputin Would Make The Perfect Winter Boyfriend

You can't spell "Put it in, you rascal!" without "Rasputin."

16 Gifts For Marvel Fans

These items are MARVELous.

12 Easy Ways To Have The Coziest Winter Ever

Winter is coming. Time to get your snuggle on.

Problems Only Campers Understand

Look, sometimes camping sucks.

15 Cards Against Humanity Combos All '90s Kids Will Appreciate

My soul is a Lunchables-covered Bop-It.

The 6 Iconic Rim Jobs Of 2014

No one was ordering a side of fries in 2014. This post is literally about anilingus, so obviously it's NSFW!

9 Adorable Kids Talk About Why Books Are The Best

We visited 826 NYC, an after-school program for kids in Brooklyn, and asked kids about reading.

Oklahoma High Schoolers Walk Out After Alleged Rape Victims Bullied

Three students from Norman High School in Oklahoma say they were raped by the same young man, who filmed one of the encounters and showed the video to friends. The alleged rapist has been suspended, but now his victims say they're getting bullied by other students.

17 Stages Of Pretending Your Life Is A Music Video

Why else were earbuds invented?

11 People On The AMAs Red Carpet Tell Us What Music Video Universe They'd Live In Forever

It's a tough choice, especially with Katy Perry's candy-filled dream wonderlands.

16 actores que se transformaron por completo en los personajes de sus películas

Desde perder peso hasta utilizar prótesis, estos actores lo dieron todo para habitar sus papeles por completo.

18 Feels Only Fangirls Feel

*clutches chest*

11 Moments That Make People With Tiny Heads Regret Being Born

This hat is not a fashion statement, it's the only way I can blend in with Normal Headed People.

27 Things That Will Never Make Sense To Type-A People

"Can't" isn't in your vocabulary.

18 cadernos que te levarão para um passeio pela sua infância

No final, tudo se resumia a um fichário.

Strange Things You Learn When You Don't Wear A Bra For A Week

I'm an E cup, and I haven't gone out in public without a bra in 18 years. So I wanted to see if anything bad would happen when I finally went without one.

Thanksgiving As Told By Competitive Food Eaters

How many pies can you fit in your mouth this thanksgiving?

Watch This Apprehensive Horse Get Over His Fear Of Water In The Most Adorable Way

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him stop splashing.

Rachel McAdams And Taylor Kitsch Confirmed For "True Detective" Season 2

The actors join Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn in the second season of HBO's anthology series.

If We Were Actually Honest On Facebook

I put my engagement on Facebook before I even called my parents.

Poll: Can Bud Win You Back?

After more than 20 years of declining sales, Anheuser-Busch thinks the way to revive the Budweiser brand is by marketing and advertising exclusively to 20-somethings with less Clydesdales and more Jay-Z. Will it work?

17 cosas que no sabías sobre Julieta Venegas

Hoy está de cumpleaños una de las cantantes latinas más reconocidas a nivel mundial. ¡Felicidades Julieta!

Which "How To Get Away With Murder" Quote Of 2014 Is The Best?

Or rather, which Annalise quote is the most badass? Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Florida Woman Who Fired Warning Shot At Abusive Husband Gets 3 Years In Prison

Marissa Alexander had been facing 60 years in prison for a firing a "warning shot" at her abusive husband, but will receive a much shorter sentence after pleading guilty.

Can You Name These Lesser-Known Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Characters?

You probably know The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and Mysteries, Inc., but can you name these other cartoons?

Here's Rare Archival Footage Of An Interview With Hae Min Lee, The Victim In "Serial"

The 17-year-old Baltimore student, whose murder is now the subject of the world's most popular podcast — Serial — talks about balancing school and a job in this archived interview released by ABC2.

16 Tylers Who Jumped Off A Roof

Please DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Nor at your friend Tyler's house.

15 True Stories Guaranteed To Give You Nightmares

Read them at night, if you dare...

Cet artiste Stéphanois transforme la rue en œuvre d'art

Bienvenue dans l'univers de Oak Oak.

This Lady's Instagram Has Earned Her Over $20,000 Because She Looks Like Rihanna

To be honest, this girl looks EXACTLY like Rihanna, though.

Taylor Swift Lyric Or Book Quote?

Do you know Taylor Swift "all to well"?

Royals And Russian Money Men Set To Mingle At London Conference

Figures linked to massive Russian fraud cases or connected to Russian state institutions on Western sanctions lists will speak at a Russian business forum at University College London this weekend.

A Guide To Hosting The Ultimate "Gilmore Girls" Thanksgiving

Because if there's one day to channel the champion eating habits of these fast-talking foodaholics, it's Thanksgiving.

Watch Lesbians Attempt To Explain Bi-Curious Women

Youtube personality Arielle Scarcella brings a group of women together to answer the tough questions.

25 Hilarious Little Gems From Yik Yak

The new messaging app is blowing up among college students and investors. Like most anonymous messaging spaces, it can be a cesspool of garbage; Other times, it produces these gems.

19 Things You Missed At The 2014 American Music Awards

In case you went to bed early last night, here's what went down!

20 Veces en las que el autocorrector trolleó la conversación con tu papá

Ese momento incómodo cuando "comer" se transforma en "coger".

Farewell, Chuck Hagel, Fashion Icon

The Pentagon is going to be a little more drab without the departing Secretary of Defense. BuzzFeed News talks to the photographer who most captured Hagel's fashion-forward ways.

Tommy Chong's "Mirrorbong" Trophy Is Now A Reality

All season long on Dancing With The Stars, Tommy joked that he'd turn his mirrorball trophy into a bong if he won. Well, he didn't win...

ISIS Is Really Happy About Chuck Hagel's Resignation

News of the Defense Secretary's exit from the White House inspired a gleeful hashtag among pro-ISIS Twitter accounts. WARNING: disturbing photoshopped images.

23 Things You'll Never Be Able To Do

No matter how hard you try.

How Well Do You Know Michael Jackson's Discography?

A test to prove if you are a connoisseur of the King of Pop's music legacy.

8 Times 7/11 Made You Think YOU Could Be Beyoncé (and Were Wrong)

I mean, I can get a hotel room and a selfie stick, too!

Apartment Hunting As Told By Gifs

Because still photos cannot capture the emotional coaster that is apartment hunting.

21 Questions That All TV Addicts Have Asked Themselves

"What would I even do without television?"

Which "Harry Potter" Creature Are You?

Are you more of a creature or Kreacher?

10 Things That Rhyme With Chuck Hagel

Some of these will make OK band names.

Fashion Police At The 2014 American Music Awards

So many celebs, so many dresses

15 Apps Your Drunk Self Needs And Your Sober Self Will Thank You For

Because tomorrow morning always comes too soon.

Is Your Family A Vomit Family Or A Shit Family?

The perfect conversation starter for your Thanksgiving dinner!

How To Bury The News That The Iran Nuclear Talks Failed

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's resignation was announced on Monday, amid reports he was ousted after an ineffectual tenure. (Also, the Iran nuclear talks will be extended seven more months.)

You Can Admit To Raping Someone At UVA And Not Be Expelled

In an interview with a student-run media organization, Dean Nicole Eramo said the University of Virginia hasn't expelled a student accused of rape during her tenure, even when individuals have confessed. The school's handling of sexual assault has been in the spotlight following the publication of a Rolling Stone article last week.

Can You Match These Famous Taglines To Their Movies?

Are you truly a film aficionado?

Watch This Amazing Low-Budget Remake Of The AVENGERS:AGE OF ULTRON Trailer

Sure, we might be getting STAR WARS and JURASSIC WORLD trailers this week but this might be better than both of those will be.

13 lecciones importantes para todo nuevo vegetariano

Esto hará que tu vida sea mucho más sencilla.

Legendary NHL Coach Pat Quinn Dies At Age 71

The former player and coach of five National Hockey League teams led Canada to an Olympic gold medal in 2002. He died Sunday.

Royal Mail Managed To Successfully Send A Letter With Just "Strickly" On The Envelope

This proves that you don't always need to include the postcode.

Watch This Incredible Timelapse Of What Happens When You Give A Homeless Dog A Makeover

For shelter dogs, a haircut can make the difference between life and death.

17 Must-See Performances From The 2014 American Music Awards

Watch the highlights from last night's show.

15 Things English-Speaking Filipinos Are Tired Of Hearing

The Philippines has two official languages: English and Filipino (Tagalog). It's not always easy being bilingual.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Mashup With Friends Intro

At its core Guardians of the Galaxy is really about friendship. Watch as Ross, Rachel and Joey...err...Peter, Gamora and Rocket overcome their pasts and learn about friendship and love as they fight to save the universe from their evil neighbor, Mr. Heckles...err...Ronan.

How To: Approach A Deaf Person

Deaf people don't bite! Here are a few tips to help you break through those pesky language and cultural barriers and make some new deaf acquaintances.

One Woman Is Beating All The Men At Movember And It's Glorious

Using makeup tricks and an array of mustaches, S. Van Lokey takes home the trophy for this year's No Shave November.

Here Are Photos Of The Fanciest Felines From The 2015 Supreme Cat Show

More than one thousand felines competed in Cat Fancy's Supreme Championship Cat Show, one of the largest in Europe. The event was held Nov. 22 in Birmingham, U.K.

35 vezes em que você só queria se informar, mas acabou morrendo de rir

"Chuva obrigou as pessoas a usarem guarda-chuva" CÊ JURA?!

Poll: Latino Voters Overwhelmingly Support Obama's Immigration Actions

The first poll of Latino voters since Obama's executive actions, first given to BuzzFeed News, shows that nearly 90% support his move, while 80% think it would be a mistake for the GOP to oppose them.

5 Lessons For Artists (And Fans) From Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer talked to BuzzFeed about her new book, The Art of Asking.

Turkish President Says Feminists Are Wrong And Men And Women Aren't Equal

Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the remarks to a group of women activists during a conference on women in democracy.

How Can A Snake Swallow A Human Being?

Discovery's new TV special Eaten Alive is about a guy in a custom-built suit getting eaten by a snake. Can this actually happen?

14 Photoshops Of Odell Beckham's Immaculate Reception

Because if he could catch that pass, he can catch just about anything. #ThingsOdellCouldCatch

19 Babies Who Take Cuteness To A New Level

Only click if you can handle the cuteness. You have been warned.

One Direction Fans Made A 50-Year-Old Dad Famous On Twitter

"How did One Direction fans find me, I'm just a simple man from New York who makes lamps."

21 Reasons You're About To Fall In Love With Luchino The Pug

There's nothing better than a pug in disguise.

19 Things Hedgehogs Are Not

"I am not motivational speaker. I am hedgehog."

13 Turkeys Having A Way Worse Day Than You

Thanksgiving? More like Angstgiving.

How Well Do You Know "You've Got Mail?"

Don't cry, Shopgirl. Don't cry.

Meet The Two Guys Who Ran 35 Miles A Day From Atlanta To Ferguson

"I had a reason to run, not to run from my problems, but to run towards a problem," said Londrelle Hall.

PRAISE BEYSUS: "Beyoncé" Is FINALLY Available On Spotify

Bey has finally made her self-titled 2013 album available on the streaming service, in its new Platinum Edition form. All of the project's videos are now available on Vevo.

28 Razones por las que tu mejor amiga es la MEJOR

Mi mejor amiga > tu mejor amiga.

26 Sad Realities Only Underachievers With Ivy Degrees Understand

Yes, Mom, I know that Mark Zuckerberg went to Harvard too.

16 Charts And Graphs That Perfectly Explain The British Pub

Because charts and graphs are what you need when you're a bit pissed.

"Walken In The Air" Might Be The Best Video You'll Watch This Christmas

You'll never been able to watch The Snowman in the same way again.

The 12 Most Insane Moments From Taylor Swift's AMAs Performance

"Don't say I didn't, say I didn't warn ya."

10 DIY Holiday Gifts For All Of Your Favorite People

Easy ways to give the gift of handmade this holiday season!

Watch The Latest In The "Serious Actors Recreate YouTube Comments" Series

Take the puerile comment wars inspired by Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" and One Direction's "You & I" videos. Add plummy-voiced actors. Hilarity ensues. Via Dead Parrot.

What Emoji Do You Wish Existed?

For when you're feeling emoji-tional.

27 Photos That Will Irritate Anyone Who Has Ever Worked In Retail

Sure, go ahead an unfold every item without any intention of buying anything.

The Official Thanksgiving Eve Drinking Game

Because you're going to be drinking anyway. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the official "see your high school friends at the bar" night of the year.

These Kristen Wiig And Bill Hader Bloopers Will Be The Funniest Three Minutes Of Your Day

In the exclusive gag reel from The Skeleton Twins DVD, the actors and SNL alumni improvise their way into a laughing fit.

How Well Do You Know "Elf?"

Son of a Nutcracker!

24 Cosas que nadie te dijo sobre mudarte a Estados Unidos

La tierra que vio nacer a McDonalds, es mucho más que eso.

The ABC Just Became "A Sick Version Of The Hunger Games”

Journalists given four weeks to achieve a higher “score” and keep jobs.

These Personal Stories Tell The Hidden Lives Of The Homeless In Nairobi

There's not a lot of help for homeless people in Kenya. But a Facebook project wants to make their voices heard.

50 tuítes históricos que levaram a internet brasileira a um novo nível

Aqui tem anos de Twitter. Alguns destes foram retirados da página Os Melhores do Twitter.

21 luttes que seules les personnes avec un double menton comprendront

Surtout si vous ne pouvez pas vous laisser pousser la barbe pour le cacher.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Resigns

It's the first cabinet-level departure since Democrats lost the Senate in the midterm elections. He will remain in his post until his replacement is confirmed.

10 sencillos proyectos "hazlo tú misma" para un viaje por carretera de fin de verano

Reúne a tus amigos, prepara el carro y ¡disfruta de un último viaje de verano por carretera!

Hanley Ramirez And Pablo Sandoval Will Sign With Red Sox, Pending Physicals

The two power sluggers will reportedly find a new home at Fenway.

Another Former Model Accuses Bill Cosby Of Sexual Assault

"We may be looking at America's greatest serial rapist that ever got away with this," Jewel Allison told the New York Daily News.

Blink 182's Tom DeLonge Compares Music Streaming To "Killing Elephants"

"It's cool to put on your shelf but if you really think about what you're doing it sucks."

World Powers And Iran Fail To Agree On Nuclear Deal

Talks will be extended until June 30, with the aim of coming to a headline agreement within three months, says British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond. Rosie Gray reports from Vienna for BuzzFeed News.

26 indícios de que você é com certeza viciado em viagens

Porque o mundo realmente é a sua ostra.

Woman Gets Curry House Tattoo So Her Father Can Eat For Free For A Year

Wondering what to get your dad for Christmas this year? Look no further.

18 Reasons People Think David Cameron Must Go

Twitter users made #CameronMustGo a viral topic, saying his government had failed to deliver on promises and cuts had affected the poorest in the country.

12 Alternative Ways To Explore Belfast

Time to ditch the big red bus.

Taylor Swift Got Over-Excited And Danced At The AMAs And It's The Best Thing

Taylor Swift dancing at awards shows is the best Taylor Swift.

23 Celebrities Who Have Conquered The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Not even A-listers can escape the allure of the blue and grey jumpsuit.

As 10 melhores sugestões de nomes para os mascotes das Olimpíadas 2016

O trabalho de alguns usuários do Twitter também inclui sugestões de mascotes alternativos.

Bubonic Plague Outbreak Kills 40 In Madagascar

The World Health Organization said 119 people have contracted the disease in the country, and have warned of a "rapid spread" in the capital Antananarivo.

Watch As Palestinian Kids Do Parkour Even As Bombs Drop Nearby

Incredible footage of boys performing back flips and somersaults, even as air strikes hit just hundreds of meters away.

A Topless Woman Awkwardly Videobombed "The Xtra Factor"

This is why you don't take interview questions via Skype.

Katy Perry Will Headline Super Bowl's 2015 Halftime Show

After weeks of rumors, the NFL confirmed the "Roar" singer would be the big game's main entertainment.

10 Must-Have Items For Every Aspiring Indian Cook

The top ten best gifts for curry lovers and those who love experimenting in the kitchen. Just make sure you get a dinner invite in the new year.

This Is What Scotland's New Pro-Independence Newspaper Looks Like

The National will be published all this week. If it sells enough copies then it'll be around for much longer.

Jennifer Aniston's Come Up With The Perfect Idea For A "Friends" Reunion

You'll have to wait a long time to see it, sigh.

Dying Teenager's Ed Sheeran Video Helps Raise Crucial Funds For Hospice

Emmie Jade Bennett-Price, 14, was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2013.

This Is The Most Detailed Ever Image Of Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa

NASA has recreated a new high-resolution colour view of Europa using a mosaic of photos from the 1990s, showing how the moon would look to the human eye.

A Syrian Activist Plans To Behead An ISIS Fighter

“We’re at a stage in Syria where our principles aren’t going to help us."

Les 33 images les plus joyeuses de tous les temps

De quoi embellir votre journée.

10 Insane Gelato Messina Creations That Will Melt Your Mind

I scream, you scream, we all scream for white chocolate and hazelnut gelato with Frangelico soaked sponge and gianduja ganache.

This Love Letter From A Four-Year Old Is The Cutest Thing You Will See Today

His mum says the attention it's received has cheered her up while they're waiting for her son's final appointment with the oncologist after beating cancer.

12 GIFs qui montrent le pouvoir de l'addiction

Ces personnes ont été arrêtées pour possession, vente ou production de drogue. Voici les effets de leur addiction année après année.

22 Incredible Muslim Chat Up Lines

"Girl, you must be like shaytan, because you fell out of Jannah.

The Internet Has Very Strong Feelings About Zayn Malik's New Hair

Zayn's hair at the American Music Awards caused quite a fuss.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s Christmas Attraction Shut Down Following Complaints

The Magical Journey had only been open for a day before it was temporarily shut down.

This Is Why Feminism Does Not Need Rebranding

BuzzFeed poll shows majority believe in feminism in all but the name.

15 Of Australia's Most Breathtaking National Parks

It's time to go explore the great outdoors.

16 acteurs qui se sont complètement métamorphosés pour un rôle

De la perte de poids aux prothèses, ces acteurs ont sorti le grand jeu.

Ce que font les mecs quand ils sont seuls

L'homme, cet animal étrange et mystérieux.

27 Pieces Of Fan Art Signed By The Subject

Here's a really cool thing the folks at the AMAs did this weekend: they asked for fan art submissions — and then people in said fan art sign them! See the examples ahead.

Larry, King Of Twitter

There is nothing quite like one of Larry King's rambling twitter appearances. He didn't disappoint with this gem...

How Well Do You Remember Dr. Seuss Cover Art?

Try to guess the book with only a partial view of the cover!

7 Films To Help Transition From Noirvember To Christmas Movie Season

Noirvember is almost over, and Christmas movie season is around the bend. Here are seven picks to help make the transition just a little easier. Confession: two of these movies, I actually haven't seen myself!

23 Times Jennifer Hawkins Had The Best Legs On Instagram

In jeans or a skirt or nothing at all, Jen Hawkins' legs are slayin' the leg game.

Create Your Own Nicholas Sparks Story

Choose the right formula and generate your very own Nicholas Sparks plot.

Rapper Waka Flocka Endorses Cough Drops While In A Cloud Of Smoke

The American Music Awards featured a cough drops commercial with Waka Flocka making a lot of not-so-subtle references to getting high.

Photographic Proof Thanksgiving Can Get Weird

For more awesome family photos, check out

All Of The Winners From The 2014 American Music Awards

It's a great time to be One Direction.

Terrorists Shot This Journalist Twice And He Can't Get U.S. Asylum

Said Muse Dahir kept his newspaper and radio show going in Somalia, even as al-Shabaab militants wreak violence in the country. What happened after he crossed into the U.S.

Award-Winning Australian Novel "Jasper Jones" To Be Made Into Movie

The adaptation of Craig Silvey's masterpiece will be filmed in Western Australia.

5 Reasons Cyrus Beene Is Perfect

Cyrus Beene is arguably one of the most fascinating characters in TV history. The first gay Republican Chief of Staff who also turned down an offer to run Harvard; the ruthlessly ambitious, dangerously loyal, frightfully brilliant, and effortlessly funny persona brought to life by Jeff Perry on Shonda Rhimes's Scandal is one that everybody loves (and sometimes loathes, but mostly just loves).

Thanksgiving: Expectations Vs Reality

Expectation: This will be the best Thanksgiving ever! Reality: I ate too much.

Let's Talk About That Crazy Blow Job Scene On "The Comeback"

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Nov. 23 episode. Series creators, Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King, talk about how Valerie got into that mess with Seth Rogen.

This Old Tweet Of Tony Abbott's Is Particularly Embarrassing Now

"Don't think pol parties should say one thing before an election and a different one afterwards." How's that working out for you, Tony?

Where Will You See Sarah Herron?

Discover where you're most likely to run into The Sherron.

How Well Do You Know The "Hannah Montana" Theme Song?

Before twerking and wrecking balls, there was "Hannah Montana."

Harry Styles Looked Exactly Like The Quaker Oats Man At The AMAs

Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe (my eyes).

Best Podcasts Of November 2014 (So Far)

Podcasts are the new black, the new TV, and the new new. Here are the best poddies of the month of November.

Watch The Most Insane Touchdown Catch Ever

Even if you don't care about football.

App Developers Team Up With Apple For World AIDS Day

Pairing with popular apps like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and Monument Valley, the company plans to donate all global proceeds from downloads and in-app purchases to the Global Fund.

9 GIFs That Perfectly Describe How Anyone Who Loves The ABC And SBS Feels Today

More than 400 ABC staff will lose their jobs over the next five years as the station implements the $254m cuts the Government have demanded.

23 Incredibly Angry Reactions To The ABC Cuts

A sad day for many Australians.

9 Glorious Pie-Cakes To Make For Thanksgiving

Pie-cake - a pie baked into a cake.

10 Signs You Were Born In The '80s

If you had any of these, you were definitely an '80s kid!

Meet Simon Dunn, The First Out Gay Bobsledder

He's Aussie and he's bobbing down the slopes, straight into our hearts.

Fashion At The 2014 American Music Awards

So many amazing looks on the red carpet!