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November 16, 2014

Then Vs. Now: The Cast Of “Moulin Rouge!”

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?

What Is The Greatest "The Castle" Quote?

This is going straight to the pool room.

19 Annoying Things From The Original Animal Crossing Video Game

No doubt it's one of the best GameCube games, but there are some issues we need to discuss.

Solange Wore The World's Most Amazing Jumpsuit To Her Wedding

And now we're even more upset that she's taken. (JK, congrats Solange & Alan!)

13 asuntos que las personas que se quedaron con sus novios de la secundaria están hartos de escuchar

Protagonizada por Cory y Topanga de las series "Boy Meets World / Girl Meets World".

Designers Unveil Gun Range Targets Featuring Ordinary People

The "Innocent Targets" project is aimed at raising awareness about gun violence.

Australian Twitter Is Totally A Thing

Maybe you use Twitter for reading news dumps or Kim Kardashian dumps (ok that sounded wrong) but if you're not using it to read hilarious puns, CAPITALISED EXPLETIVES or other clever Australians... you're doing it wrong.

Protesters Stage A "Die-In" To Mark 100 Days Since Michael Brown's Death In Ferguson

Several hundred people joined the protest in St. Louis, Missouri. Residents of the area are waiting on a grand jury decision of whether the police officer who shot the unarmed 18-year-old will face charges.

The Stages Of The First Snowfall

"I love snow....wait never mind"

25 Things Self-Pitiers Say

This is just one of fifteen things I need to do, my life just sucks.

Napoleon’s Trademark Hat Sells For $2.4 Million

Hats off to the buyer, who definitely isn't short on cash. I’ll show myself out.

The Cast Of "The Hunger Games" Sang Taylor Swift On "SNL" Last Night

This was the best Saturday Night Live monologue in quite some time.

Do You Eat Like A Weirdo?

The bad news is that you’re probably a weirdo. The good news is that everyone else is, too.

Are You Secretely Taylor Swift?

Are you really Taylor Swift? If you say you're not, you're lying.

21 Tees That Completely Understand Your Winter Priorities

If you need me, I'll be over here hibernating until spring.

21 Things All Wannabe Screenwriters Know Too Well

"Oh, writing a script is easy, " said no one ever.

7 Reasons Babies Are Just Tiny Drunk Adults

Baby, go home. You're drunk.

27 cosas que sucederán en cualquier boda judía

¡La banda klezmer aparece, la pareja entra en una tienda de campaña, se rompe un vaso de vidrio y ya comenzó todo!

How To Have An Extremely Perfect Nap In 4 Easy Steps

It's as easy as one, two, three, snore!

If People Were Honest In College Application Essays

“I got this opinion off!”

8 Weird Animal Penises

All you’ve ever wanted to know about weird animal weiners!!!

Sweden Is Launching A New Rating For Sexist Video Games

Like "Rated M for maturity," but for misogyny. Last year, the country similarly introduced a "feminist rating" for movies that passed the Bechdel test.

Clean Up Of MH17 Wreckage Begins In Eastern Ukraine

Armed pro-Russian rebels were on hand to supervise the start of the clean up operation, four months after the jet was brought down. A new video of the immediate aftermath of the crash has also emerged.

How Well Do You Know Codename: Kids Next Door?

Kids Next Door... BATTLE STATIONS!.

The Problem With "Serial" And The Model Minority Myth

It needs a "bad" minority to balance the scales. Hello, Jay. (Spoilers for anyone who hasn't listened to Episode 8.)

The Moment All Delena Fans Of "The Vampire Diaries" Have Been Waiting For

After years of petitioning online, us "Delena" shippers finally got the moment we so-desperately asked for, wanted and needed... the #DelenaRainKiss. And it was just as epic, and reassuring to the fans, as we dreamed it would be (even if it came to us in flashback form).

Arbitrator Rules NFL Can Keep Adrian Peterson On Exempt List

Earlier today, Peterson was suspended without pay for the remainder of the 2014 season. He will be eligible for reinstatement on April 15, 2015.

David Axelrod: Jonathan Gruber Is "Stupid"

"If you looked up 'stupid' in dictionary, you'd find Gruber's picture."

11 New Artists You Need To Know Now

We break down VH1's new class of "You Oughta Know" artists — and why you're not going to want to miss them.

Bill Cosby "Won't Dignify" Rape Allegations With A Response

The comedian's lawyer says the allegations of rape are discredited and untrue.

18 Vegetarian Versions Of Your Favorite Fast Foods

Because everyone, no matter their eating restrictions, should be able to participate in the grand American tradition of fast food.

33 Harry Potter Gifts Only A True Fan Will Appreciate

"What a cool triangle lamp," says the unsuspecting muggle.

21 Ways To Make Your Kid's Birthday Extra Special

Because you want your kid to have the best day ever.

30 Holiday Cards People Will Actually Want To Receive

IIIII'm dreaming of a white (wine) Christmas.

This Is What Food Banks Actually Need

Give generously to your local food bank this holiday season, and make sure you're giving the stuff they really need.

23 Emotional Stages Of Getting A Drastic Haircut

Pixie cut envy has its price.

20 Reasons Every Twentysomething Should Start Saving

if you aint got no money take yo' broke ass home!

How I Escaped A Kidnapping Attempt In Yemen

For a decade, Yemen was like a home away from home for me — until the day I was nearly abducted in broad daylight, and narrowly missed suffering a grim fate similar to other journalists drawn to covering, and living in, the Middle East.

This Man's Starbucks Cup Doodles Would Brighten Up Anyone's Day

Kudos to you, Josh Hara. BuzzFeed News spoke to him about his brew-tiful creations.

Almost Everyone In Ferguson Thinks Officer Darren Wilson Will Get Off

Ahead of the grand jury’s decision whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson for killing Mike Brown, cops are stockpiling weapons while organizers are trying to stop tensions from flaring into violence. Almost no one thinks things are getting better.

19 Grueling Stages Of Waiting For A New Pixar Film To Be Released

"Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."

A Student Has Designed An Isolation Pod So She Can Take A Nap Anywhere

The perfect item for every student. Not to mention stressed-out workers.

People Are Mad At "Hypocritical" Sainsbury’s For Planning To Demolish A WWI Memorial Site

The backlash comes after their winter campaign this year commemorates the Christmas Day truce between German and English soldiers in WWI.

Parents Of Aid Worker Killed By ISIS Ask For Time To Mourn

The White House confirmed that the terrorist organization beheaded Abdul-Rahman Kassig, formerly known as Peter Kassig, in a video posted online early Sunday. Kassig's parents spoke Monday and asked for "the time and privacy to mourn, cry — and yes, forgive — and begin to heal."

7 Fandom Themed Cocktails For Your Inner Geek

Perfect for a geeky party or just to have whilst watching your favourite show

Incredible Photos Show What It's Like On The Surface Of A Comet

A probe sent to the surface of a comet went quiet Saturday, but not before its mothership spent months taking dazzling photographs.

This Adorable Pug Spinning In Slow-Motion Will Make Your Day

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream. Make it a pug -- the cutest that I've ever seen.

Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Fall In Love With The Band Redlands

These guys may just be the next big thing. So be an Adventurer and learn who these guys are!

James Franco Spent An Hour Doing Whatever His Fans Ordered

James Franco's fans had an hour Saturday to give him whatever orders they could think up.

14 Times Tony Abbott Made Australia Facepalm

Tony Abbott is Australia's Prime Minister, or as others may call him "Tony Dumb Dumb". We're so lucky to have him as our PM.

The Definitive List Of Don Cherry's Suits

Because what would Hockey Night in Canada be without a good, bold print?

Bill Clinton: Obama Immigration Delay May Have Caused "Loss Of Hispanic Vote"

"It was a tough call for him," Clinton says. Immigration activists protested several of Hillary Clinton's rallies on the campaign trail this year.

Lifetime Horribly Casts The Aaliyah Biopic. Twitter Reacts With Hilarious Hashtag.

Twitter is clearly having too much fun choosing the casts of Lifetime movies that will probably never, ever, happen. #LifetimeBeLike...

At Clinton Reunion, Hillary Talks About Past With An Eye To The Future

Most speakers at the Clinton reunion in Little Rock reminisced about the White House years. At her event here, Hillary Clinton talked about women's issues, and how to move forward. “You’ve got to be willing to let go of what doesn’t work.”

23 Moments In A Typical College Bar Night

As told by American Horror Story: Coven.

The Ebola Outbreak In The Democratic Republic Of Congo Has Ended

The Congo outbreak was unrelated to the larger epidemic in West Africa. A total of 49 people have died from Ebola in the Congo since August.

The NSW Government Just Passed A Law About Same Sex Marriage And It's A Game Changer

Thanks to Alex Greenwich New South Wales has now passed a law allowing same sex marriages performed outside Australia to be recognised. Hooray!

Uber CEO: Obamacare Has Been "Huge" For Business

Health care frees drivers from "The Man."

A Chemical Leak Near Houston Kills Four People

A chemical used to odorize natural gas leaked at a DuPont facility in La Porte, Texas, Saturday. The leak sent a fifth person to the hospital.

Two Men Detained In Dramatic Search Just Metres From Obama's G20 Hotel

Both were stopped and had their bags emptied and shoes taken off after the U.S. President's motorcade exited the Marriott Hotel.

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