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30 Holiday Cards People Will Actually Want To Receive

IIIII'm dreaming of a white (wine) Christmas.

1. For the realist.

2. For the emotional rollercoaster.

3. For the pizza-lover.

4. For the llama-lover.

5. For the cheese-lover.

6. For the sloth-lover.

7. For the Drake-and-also-cozy-sweaters-lover.

8. For when you just cannot.

9. For the ones whose lives are...complicated.

10. For carb aficionados.

11. For the ones who escaped to the tropics.

12. For the partiers who go for eight whole nights.

13. For anyone who basks in the glory of the Cage.

14. For the person who loves their dog more than life itself.

15. For the living dead.

16. For the classy.

17. And the even classier.

18. For those who know the true meaning of "White Christmas."

19. No, the TRUE true meaning.

20. For people who celebrate the REAL holiday.

21. For the penny-pincher.

22. For the way-too-realist.

23. For the punster.

24. And the other punster.

25. For the rebel.

26. For the DIY enthusiast.

27. For the one who always gets ducked by autocorrect.

28. For the Chosen.

29. For the frisky.

30. For absolutely everyone.