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November 8, 2014

What’s Behind Our Obsession With “Too Many Cooks”

Adult Swim’s surreal satire of sitcoms subverts our expectations of nostalgia. You might be able to go home, but it will never be the same.

Dumb Things Roommates Fight About

So you can pay for a movie, but you can’t pay for rent?

Democrats: "Our Party Has A Problem"

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz says Democrats can't make their case to the country when a presidential nominee isn't on the ballot. "We've got to do better."

Coalition Airstrikes Destroy ISIS Convoy In Iraq

Officials aren’t clear whether the top ISIS commander was part of the vehicle convoy.

21 caras que cualquiera que tiene novio puede reconocer inmediatamente

Tengo 99 problemas y mi novio es usualmente uno de ellos.

Low-Budget Milky Whites To Put A Smile On Your Face

In honor of the new "Into The Woods" trailer that was just released.

Video Of Israeli Police Shooting A Palestinian Protester In The Back Sparks New Protests

Palestinian leaders say "we cannot contain this" after video spurs violent protests across northern Israel. BuzzFeed News could not independently verify the authenticity of the video.

Dish Rack Cat Is All You Need In Your Life Right Now

This cat has it all figured out.

Childhood Snacks Taste Test

Push a Push Pop!

The Pros And Cons Of Living In Westeros (Game Of Thrones)

Either way you'll probably end up dying somehow. Read them in Jimmy Fallon's voice.

Nine Rookie Cops Fired After Drunken Graduation Party

The cops had been celebrating in New Jersey after graduating earlier that day.

The Definitive Ranking Of The Duggar Family

All Duggars are not created equal.

This Is How Much Your American Girl Dolls Might Be Worth Now

Did you own a Samantha, a Felicity, or another American Girl doll popular in the '90s? They could be worth hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars.

The 9 Smartest Cats In Iceland

Have you ever met a more intelligent Icelandic cat?

Pope Demotes Conservative U.S. Cardinal Critical Of Gays

Cardinal Raymond Burke has been a major thorn in the Pontiff’s side while he seeks to modernize the Catholic Church.

14 Beauty Hacks No One Asked For

Damn, girl. You look ...

16 luchas que sólo entienden las personas con ojos pequeños

♫ Ojos pequeños, ellos te observan...♫

Comedian Andy Dick Has Been Arrested On Suspicion Of Felony Grand Theft

Actor and comedian Andy Dick was arrested Friday night in Hollywood, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Why The Doctor Should Be A Woman

Think of all the possibilities.

17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Drew hit the subway, Beyoncé took to Paris and more!

Here Is An Amazing Aerial View Of The Berlin Wall Recreated With 8,000 Glowing Balloons

The installation is part of the 25th anniversary of the Wall's destruction. H/T: @schmidtsdorf

Macaulay Culkin Hasn't Died Despite What Everyone Is Saying On Facebook

The Home Alone star is the subject of yet another death hoax. And someone seems to be making quite a lot of money from the adverts on the site that supposedly "broke" the "story".

21 Things No One Tells You About Leaving The South

The place where the tea and accents are sweeter.

This Hot Guy Caught Dance-Cleaning In His Underwear Is Your Dream Roommate

Even if this is fake, it might actually make you want to clean all the things.

The Movie You Should See Instead Of "Interstellar"

Christopher Nolan's latest film is sprawling, huge, and proof that Danny Boyle's 2007 astronauts-saving-humanity epic Sunshine is sorely underrated.

22 Ways To Tell You're A 2000s Nickelodeon Kid

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Wigan Footballer James McClean Explains Why He Doesn't Wear A Poppy

McClean, who is Irish, has stressed that he has "complete respect" for veterans of the World Wars.

10 Ways To Know You're A Grad Student

You probably don't have time to read this.

9 Things Floridians Always Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

There are four seasons — hot, extra hot, super hot, and crispy. Featuring GloZell.

La gente sigue compartiendo selfies haciendo caca y nunca te volverás a sentir limpio

"Los lugares más oscuros del infierno están reservados para aquellos que mantienen su neutralidad en tiempos de crisis moral". - Dante Alighieri.

How Would Jennifer Lawrence React To Her Life-Size Cake Doppelgänger?

There's also a spectacular cake of Tyrion from Game of Thrones.

21 Texts You Only Get From Your Mom

"Hello I just called you and left you a voicemail. Are you alive."

The Most Fab And Drab Celebrity Outfits Of The Week

You voted — here are the results.

Americans Freed From North Korea Return Safely To U.S.

Americans Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller landed in Washington state after their sudden release from North Korean prisons.

As 10 Melhores Temporadas De "Malhação"

No ar desde abril de 1995, a novela mais longeva da Rede Globo conviveu com altos e baixos ao longo desses 20 anos. Quem foi adolescente no Brasil, entre o final dos anos 90 e início dos anos 2000, é quase impossível não ter acompanhado ao menos uma temporada, tenha sido ela boa ou não. Pensando nisso, de uma forma BASTANTE COERENTE, resolvi fazer uma lista das que MAIS MARCARAM E DEIXARAM SAUDADES em nós, ex adolescentes que saíamos correndo pra casa às 17:30 pra não correr o risco de perder sequer a abertura! rs Já deixo claro que não levo em consideração só a atuação do casal, triângulo ou quarteto amoroso, menos ainda se ele é feinho ou bonitinho, e sim a importância dramatúrgica, memória afetiva, audiência, trilha sonora, etc. Fonte do conteúdo: Memória Globo

15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "Sesame Street"

Cookie Monster has a first name! And more.

29 Happy Animal Facts To Put A Smile On Your Face

Pigs are actually pretty excellent cuddlers!

19 Secrets Teachers Won't Tell You

You bet your ass teachers have favorites.

23 Annoyances All Impatient People Know To Be True

No, we don't like to wait. For anything.

23 Pregnancy Hashtags That Every Mom-To-Be Needs


21 Easy And Inexpensive Hostess Gifts

I know I sound like your mother, but it's bad manners to show up to a party empty-handed. Appropriately, this list is based entirely on suggestions from my mother.

19 Foods That Prove There's No Better Combo Than Cheese And Tomatoes

Sorry, carbs, but you're always gonna be the (delicious) third wheel in this relationship.

44 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks To Try Right Now

So pretty, so easy. Inspired by our collaboration with Birchbox!

20 Art Masterpieces Turned Into Selfies

It's hard to believe that humanity was without the forward facing phone camera for so long. From the Museum of Selfies Tumblr.

38 Couples Who Absolutely Nailed Their Winter Weddings

The cold never bothered them anyway.

27 Delicious And Hearty Soups With No Meat

Just make a pot, serve yourself a bowl, and stay in your house till spring.

24 Signs You've Found Your Work BFF

If your boss ever saw your emails, you'd definitely both get fired.

22 asombrosas fotografías antiguas de acrobacias erizantes

¡Deleita tu vista con estas audaces hazañas! Tragafuego, saltos desafiando a la muerte, actos en la cuerda floja y mucho más.

Interstellar Posters Reimagined As Dazed & Confused 2

In the not so distant future, David Wooderson is humanity's last hope. But there's only thing on his mind.

These Batman Fans Had A Comic-Themed Wedding And It Looked Absolutely Amazing

For some reason Wolverine and Mario turned up as well.

Anti-Sex Trafficking Activists In Ireland Are Using Disturbing Fake Tinder Profiles To Spread Their Message

Their campaign uses the popular dating app with images of actors made to appear abused, underage, and trafficked.

Doctor Who Sent A Heartwarming Message To A Boy With Autism Who Lost His Nanny

"It's nice to know that there's somebody like you out there, that's on our side, and you should know that we're on your side too."

Der peinlichste "Wetten, dass?" - Moment in der Geschichte der Menschheit

Featuring: Ursula von der Leyen & Hugh Jackman

Residents Believe A Cat Serial Killer Is On The Loose In Ipswich After 200 Cats Go Missing

Hundreds of people have reported missing cats, some of which have been returned with evidence of torture.

Which "The Walking Dead" Character Is Your Spirit Animal?

You yearn for Sunday nights. The comraderie, the life lessons, the squishing of zombie heads like grapes. But which TWD character embodies your true inner self? Take this quiz to find out!

12 Good Enough Reasons To End Up In Australia

Backpack your ass over here!

Ferguson Protesters Turn On Their Own, Leaving Student Hospitalized

Chris Schaefer said that he was attending a meeting at a local church in support of Michael Brown when five people attacked him.

How Big Of A George Clooney Fan Are You?

How much do you love George Clooney? Take this quiz and find out!

This Guy Turns Movie Typos Into Cartoons And It's Excellent

Drop one letter from a film title and it seemingly becomes more awesome. Austin Light has used his penchant for drawing to give us a treat with Movie Title Typos

Tensions And Fear In Ferguson Ahead Of Grand Jury's Decision

As rumors about an indictment reach a fever pitch, the St. Louis area grapples with rising tensions.

The CIA Spent An Entire Day Fact-Checking “Argo” On Twitter

"Letting Ben Affleck film here? Best bad idea we've had."

Mexican Gang Members Admit Killing Missing Students, Possible Remains Found

The victims were shot to death, and their bodies ground up and burned before being dumped in bags in a muddy river, Mexico's attorney general said.

27 Times "Buffy" Had The Best Thanksgiving Episode Ever

Season 4's "Pangs" is iconic, legendary, and flaw free.

Guys Try Yoga For The First Time

And they had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

Drinking In Your 30s Vs. Drinking In Your 20s

A look into how drinking changes in just a decade.

Twitter CEO Puts On A Brave Face For NYU Students

A Wall Street Journal article just raised questions about Dick Costolo's leadership choices. But speaking to a business school audience, he had nothing but praise for his finance chief, Anthony Noto, and head of revenue, Adam Bain.

With Hank, "Parenthood" Takes A Different Approach To Addressing Autism

After a two-season struggle to figure out if he has Asperger's, it seemed like Ray Romano's character finally reached a conclusion on Thursday's episode. But showrunner Jason Katims told BuzzFeed News it's still unresolved.

What Type Of Foreign Film Are You?

It's a big world out there, kid.

The Definitive Ranking Of The "Nightmare On Elm Street" Movies

"One, two, Freddy's coming for you..." To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Nightmare on Elm Street, here's a ranking of the iconic horror franchise.

7 Kids Who Have This Home Improvement Game Figured Out

Maybe you're afraid of power saws, stripped screws and heavy machinery, but these kids aren't scared of nothing. What.

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