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35 Perfect Personalized Gifts To Give This Year

Gifts as unique as they are.

1. House Illustration

2. DJ Turntable Necklace

3. Family Portrait Figurines

4. Soft Toy

Mariken of Trootoys is a master at creating toys inspired by children's artwork. Contact her to discuss turning one of your child's drawings into stuffed-form.

5. Baby Blanket

6. Owl Chair

This owl chair is amazing and the amazingness continues when you flip it around and see that it's personalized in the back.

7. Periodic Table Keychain

8. Moon Necklace

"Did you have an unforgettable night with a beautiful Moon that you would like to remember forever? Are you curious about how the Moon looked the day you were born? The day your parents met?" - Lorena of Gemagenta will make you a marvelous moon charm that depicts the lunar phase of any date you wish (with the date itself engraved upon the back of the charm). If you don't want a necklace, she also makes cufflinks, rings, earrings and bracelets.

9. Wooden Puzzle

10. Paper Dolls

11. Cycling Art Print

12. Doll

These custom dolls by Mandarinas De Tela "represent that childish soul we all carry within." You specify what you'd like for every aspect of the doll's appearance (from head to foot).

13. Pet Mug

A gift for someone who loves their pet as much as they love their coffee.

14. Print

15. Pillow

16. Stationery

If you give your friend personalized stationery maybe they'll use it to write you a letter. Snail mail forever.

17. Message In the Sky Airplane Necklace

18. Nude Portrait

For a very special recipient.

19. Love Token Necklace

20. Star Explorer Papercut

21. Dog Necklace

22. Children's Books

The book before bedtime ritual will become even more enjoyable when you add a personalized reading option into the mix.

23. Rubber Stamp Portrait

24. Cutting Board

25. Dog Bowl

26. Cross Stitch Wooden Pin

A sweet pin to give to a craft-appreciating friend.

27. Woodland Animal Family Plate

28. Tote Bag

For transporting books to and from the magical land that is the library.

29. Journals

Give your friend the gift of jotting notes in style.

30. Whiskey Barrel

31. Portraits

32. Signature Bracelet

33. Dog Pillow

34. Wooden Toy Camera

35. Illustrated Recipe

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